MAJNOON complet

MAJNOON Complet Mr smiles Ebook creator: Shuraih Usman @ [10/20, 10:33 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJ'NUN*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 1 and 2 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ *BISMILLAH* " MAHAUKACI !! MAHAUKACI!!! " Shine sunan da dandazon yara kekiransa yana tafiya suna binsa a baya Wasu daga cikin yaran dake biyarsa har rigarsa sukeja Matashin saurayine mai kimanin shekaru 30, gashin kansa duk ya kudun dune, Launin fatarsa ya chanza saboda dattin dake jikinsa rigarsa duk ta yage, Farine amma saboda tsabar datti har farin yafara dishewa, fatar jikinsa dukta jeme saboda zafin rana hakama tufafin dake jikinsa, amma hakan bai hana kyan fuskarsa fita ba, kyankywane duk da cikin sigar hauka yake** Tafiya yakeyi yaran kuwa sai binsa sukeyi suna masa ihu, wani lokaci idan yagaji da ihun yakan dan juyo yabi yaran da gudu sai su zura da gudu.. Hakadai yaci gaba da tafiya, idan yaga bola a gefen titi yakan tsaya yayi tsince2 sa kafin yaci gaba da tafiya, Wata waka naji yaran sun fara masa suna cewa "ga maj nun uban tanbele, ga maj nun uban tanbele " shikuwa sai dukawa kasa yakeyi yana tsintar ledojin pure water, yana kwasar rawa ga alama wakar tanai masa dadi.. *** *** *** A hankali take taku kamar batason taka kasa, matashiyar budurwace yar shekaru 20 cikin shigar kamala tufafin hausawa atamfa da zani sai kuma katon hijab data saka har kasa. Hannnun rike da 'Yar karamar kula ta abinci... Dai dai kwanar wani layi ta kunnu kai Tun daga nesa ta hangi yara sunai masa waka, "Ga maj nun uban tanbele" Wani zarr taji jikinta yadauka, dasauri takarasa gurin duk ta watse yaran sannan ta dubesa ta saukar da murya tace "haba ! Haba meye haka katsaya yara suna mai maka waka kana rawa" sai tayi shiru tana kallonsa kafin yadago kai ya kallesa, sannan tace "ko so kake na fasa aurenka kane ?" Maj nun yayi saurin girgiza mata kai "a a nadaina " yana gama fada yayi sauri yazauna ya langwabe kansa Murmushi tayi tadawo kusa dashi tazauna ta mika masa kular datazo dashi "ga abincika maza ka cinye kabani kular na wuce gida, tun kafin Abbana yadawo " Da karfi ya firgi kular yana kokarin budewa, da kyar yasamu ya iya budewa shinkaface da namomi akai, karkade hannunsa kawai yayi ya fara aikawa cikinsa sako. Kura masa ido tayi tana kallosa cike da tausayi, bata ankaraba tafara hawaye, wani iri takeji a zuciyarta akansa, tarasa sanin ko meye wata zuciyar tace mata sona wata zuciyar kuwa tace mata tausayine... ita kanta takasa baya kanta amsa, *so ne ko tausayi* Tana zaune tana tunani harya kammala canye abinci ya miko mata kula "ungo" maganarsa tafitar da ita daga duniya tunanin datake ciki, tadan zabura kadan, sannan ta kirkiri murmushi tace "harka cinye " yace "eh " yana wasa da tsunmar rigarsa, Mikewa tsaye tayi shima ya tashi ta dubesa tayi murmushi tace "nizan wuce gida sai nazo da dadare" Maj nun ya hada kansa da kafada yace "nibanason kitafi kitsaya, muyi fira " yakarasa maganar yana gunguni Dariya tayi kafin tace " to shikenan idan nazo dadare zamuyi firar yanzudai zan wuce gida" "Tohm.. toh yaushe zamuyi aure" maj nun yafada yana cizon rigarsa Murmushi tayi tana kalloso tace "gobe " Tsalle yayi yana ihu cike dajindadi yace "idan mukayi aure a jirgi zan daukeki nakaiki india" Dariya tayi sosai, saida taga yafara kuluwa sannan ta tsayar da dariyarta tace "tohm shikenan nidai na tafi sai anjima" tana gama fada ta fice tabar gurin, saida tayi nisa kan dashu saikuma tatuna da maganar daya fada takara saka dariya.. sai kace itama haukar takee Saita fara tafiya ta juyo ta kalle sa tagansa sai tsalle yake wani irin mugun tausayinsa takeji, Hakadai taci gaba da tafiya cike da tausayin maj nun daidai kwatar layinsu ta hangi wata bakar mota da karfi taja da baya gabanta ya fadi sosai "innalillahi wa inna ilaihin raju un " itace kalmar data subuce daga bakinta.. Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:33 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 3 and 4 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Tayi rau rau da ido kamar zatayi kuka, nan ta fara salati harta samu na tsuwa tadan wani lokaci sai kuma taci gaba da tafiya Takai dap da Motar taji ankira sunan " *Rumaisa* !!!" Gabanta yafadi ko juyowa batayiba taci gaba da tafiyar ta .. Da sauri yafito daga cikin motarsa ya tari gabanta sukayi ido hudu, ya marairaice fuska kmar zainyi kuka yace "haba rumaisa meyasa bakijin tausayin zuciyatane, plx kitsaya ki saurareni dan Allah koda na minti biyune " Hawaye sunka cinciko a idon rumaisa, a duk lokacin data gansa wani irin bakin ciki takeji ya ziyarci zuciyarta, Muryarta tafarasa rawa kalilan abu zai iya sakata kuka, bude bakinta kuwa sai kuka "wai menai maka kake bibiyana kahanani jindadin rayuwata dan Allah ka fita harkata" *Fahad* yayi shiru yana sauraron kukanta, zuciyarsa na masa kuna, kwata2 bayason ganin kukan rumaisa, idan tana kuka shima jiyakeyi kamar zai tayata, muryarsa na rawa yace " sonki nake rumaisa zuciya ta tsunduma a cikin kogin sonki, iduwana basa muradin ganin kowa saike, a koda yaushe kece a mafarkina, plx rumaisa dan Allah kisoni" Hawayenta ta share ta sakar masa wani irin tsaki tace " ko kai kadaine namiji a duniya bazan sokaba, daidai da dakika daya bantabajin ina sonkaba" kafita daga harkata, kabano hanya na wuce " tanakarasa maganar tana kokarin turesa, shikuwa sai binta yake a duk gefen dataje yana fadan plx rumaisa, Da taga bayada niyar bata hanya taturesa ta wuce, A karo na biyu yakara shiga gabanta yana fadan plx rumaisa, wlh ke kadaice a raina, nayi miki alkawarin zan chanza halina idan har kika amince da soyayya ta, kiduba fa kigani wannan ma kadai ai kinyi jahadii... Bata jira yakarasa kalmarsa ta jahadi ba ta wanka masa wawan mari tas kakeji kafin tace "bana son, kuma natsani ganinka " takarasa maganar tahuci ta zagaya ta gefensa ta fice.. Tsayi yayi a guri daya sai kace bushanshiyar bishiya Dafe gefen kumatunsa yayi yana mai jin zogin marin da rumaisa tai masa, Hartayi masa nisa kadan yak'wala mata kira tajuyo ya saukar da hannunsa akan kuncesa ya share hawayensa yace " bazan iya hakura dakeba, domin kece muradina, tunda nabiki ta laluma amma kinki aminta dani dan haka yau zan saceki" Yana gama fadan hakan yajuya ya shiga motarsa yabar unguwar "Mahaukaci" rumaisa tafada fuskarta a ya tsune sannan taja Tsaki taci gaba da tafiyarta harta isa bakin gidan su gabanta faduwa yake akan maganar daya fada mata nacewa nasaiya saceta... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:33 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 5 and 6 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Tana isa kofar gidansu tatura kofar tashiga a harabar gidan taga motar abbanta a gefe yayi parking, cak ta tsaya guri daya, gabanta yayi mummunan faduwa, bugun zuciyarta yakara karfi, duk tsoro yakamata, domin tasan dacewa da suci karo da Abba akan maganar majnoon to gwanda ta fada rijiya zaifi mata sauki, da kyar ta iya taka kafafunta takarasa bakin kofar falo, A hankali take tura kofar falo tashiga tare dayin sallama, jin sallamarta yasa ya mike tsaye yana jiran shigowarta.. A tsaye ta samesa fuskarsa a murtuke😑 Sau daya tadaga kai suka hada ido da sauri ta sauke kanta kasa, sum sum take tafiya kamar ba lanka ajikinta, gabanta sai faduwa yake tanufi dakinta... RUMAISA!! Cikin hargowa yakira sunanta saida ta kusan faduwa akan tsoro Hawaye suka soma zubo mata a hankali takarsa gurinsa, tas tas yadauketa da mari biyu kyawawa saida tasaki kara tayi baya tadafa kan kujera, Da gudu umma tafito daga dakinta cikin baccinta tajiyo karar mari, Alhaji lafiya" itace kalmar da umma take fada tana kokarin karasowa gurinsu, rumaisa najin muryarta ta tamike da gudu ta rungumeta tana kuka, cike da masifa yafara mata magana "bana hanaki zuwa gurin majnoon dinnan ba, wato kin maida maganata maganar banza, nizaki mayar karamin mutum, wannan shine karo na biyar kenan danayi miki a kansa amma kinki jih, to wlh kisani yau kinyi kuma kinkai karshe, gobe gaben nan zan daura miki aure da *faisal*, tunda nalura dacewa bakida hankali, meye abinso acikin mahaukaci, shashashar yarinya" Rumaisa takara fashewa da kuka jin yakira sunan faisal, kuma da furucinsa na cewa gobe zai daura mata, batajin zata iya rayuwa da wani da namiji a duniyar nan idan ba majnoon bane, tana manne a jikin umma tafito ta gurkusa a gaban abba tana kuka ta rike masa kafa " dan Allah abba kayi hkr wlh banason faisal" A fusace abba ya dukar da kansa kasa yana kallonta yace "idan bakya sonsa idan na aura masa ke ki kashesa" yana gama fada ya firgi kafarsa yabar falon yanufi dakinsa.. Durkusawa tayi kasan cafet tana kuka sosai, a lokacin umma takaraso gurinta fuskarta ba annuri tadafata tabaya " rumaisa" Dasauri tatashi ta rungume umma tana kuka tace "umma nashiga ukku, abba zaimun aure da faisal, kuma wlh umma bana sonsa" ..... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:33 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 9 and 10 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Da sauri abba yakarasa bakin kofar dakin yana dukan kofar dakin akan ta bude, amma taki bude wa, sai kukanta yakeji, Saida yayi mata barazana dacewa idan bata budeba yanzu zaije ya dauko sepia key yabude dakin kuma idan yabude zaiyi mummunar saba mata Sannam tatashi tazo tabude kofar, jikinta na rawa, ta shunkuyar da kanta kasa, Abba yashigo dakin ransa a bace yake kallonta " wlh idan kika fita a gidan nan bada saninaba, banyafe miki ba, kuma wlh zan iya tsine miki, akan wannan *Majnoon* din, kehar kin isa nahaifeki kuma kikibin umurnina" da sauri rumaisa tadago kanta a lokacin har hawaye sun fara ambaliya akan fuskarta, tana kallon abba takara fashe da kuka "kayi hakuri abba bazan jeba wlh bazan je dan Allah karka tsinemun" da sauri ta ajiye kolar dake hannunta takarasa bakin gado ta kwanta sannan tadago kai tana dube abba, muryarta na sarkewa saboda kuka tana cewa "kagani abba na kwanta wlh ba inda zanje yanzuma zanyi bacci, sannan ta hada hannayenta guda biyu tace "Dan allah abba karka tsinemin" takarasa maganar tana kuka, sannan ta noke kanta cikin filo, Abba yana huci yace " nidai na fada miki karkibar gidan nan bada saninaba" yana gama fada yajuya yafita yabar dakin Kuka take sosai zuciyarta har wani zafi take edonta duk sun kunbura, yazatayi da soyayyar majnoon datake sabuwar fill a cikin zuciyarta.. haka dai taci kukanta har aka kira sallar isha sannan tatashi taje tayi alwala, tazo ta dora sallah, bayan tagama sallar tafara kwararo adu a, saida tayi hawaye kafin takarasa adu' ar, tana kammala adu'ar sannan tanade sallaya ta takoma saman gado ta kwanta zuciyarta cike da tunanin majnoon komai zaici yau cikin darenan, a dai dai lokacin hawaye suka sauko kan kumatunta, koda tagama tunaninsa hawaye sharkaf a fuskarta, a hankali take fitar da sautin kukanta, tarasa gane wane irin sone takeyiwa mahaukacin nan, Sai a lokacin tatuna da bata rufe kofar dakin taba, da kyar ta iya tashe taje ta rufe dakin sannan tadawo tayi shirin bacci sannan takara komawa kwance, tana cikin tunaninsa bacci ya kwasheta... *2:39am Na dare* Majnoon yana kwance a gefen layin wata unguwa mai mota yabiyo layin, ga alama mai motar nan yayi mankas da giya tun daga nesa yake masa hoh amma Majnoon yaki ko motsawa dominshi baccinsa yayi nisah, mai motar na karasa wurinsa yatakashi ya wuce .... *Majnoon* ta furta Da karfi rumaisa ta farka daga mummunan mafarkin datake, da salati a bikinta, kuka yasoma zo mata, tayi jim tana tunani mafarkin, karde ace hakan tafaru da Majnoon, saitaji tanason ganin Majnoon a yanzu amma kuma saita tuna da maganar abbanta, hawaye suka sauko kan fuskarta a hankali ta sulale takoma kwance, tundaga lokacin bata kara komawa bacci ba sai sake2 take a zuciyarta.. *Asuba tagari* Bayan Rumaisa tayi sallar asubah tashiga bandaki tayi wanka sannan tafito har a lokacin bata dawo normal domin gaggar jikinta ce kawai a tare da ita amma zuciyarsa zakatakaf tana gurin tunanin Majnoon, Bayan taga shirinta tadauko littafanta tanufi dakin abba, zaune tasame saman kujera, nan ta durkusa har kasa ta gaidashi sannan tace "abba kayi hakuri da abinda yafaru jiya, kabani izini na fita, zanje makaranta" Abba yadago kai ya kalleta har yanzu fushi yake da ita yayi jim, sannan yace " ai fita kije makaranta yazama dole nabarki kije amma kisani bazan barki kitafi ke kadaiba zansa driver yakaiki, domin banason wata alaka takara hadaki da waccen mahaukacin, wai shin meyake dashi da sauran maza basa dashi, yaja nunfashi kafin yace " kuma maganar aurenki munyi magana da abban faisal yace na kara masa kwana biyu domin yanason yayi shirya2 amma badan hakan ba da yau dinnan zan daura miki aure, yasa hannu yaciro kudi ya mika mata yace "kije waje kicewa drive yakaiki makaranta kuma idan aka tashi yaje ya daukoki" Koda ta dago kanta idonta sunyi ja sosai takarbi kudin sannan tatashi tafita... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:34 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 11 and 12 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Tana zuwa tasanar da baba driver cewa abba yace yakaita makaranta, ba musu bb driver ya shiga mota suka lula makarantar, Yana ajiyeta a harabar makarantar ya juya, tun a cikin mota ta sanar dashi cewa idan suka tashi zata kirasa yazo yamaidata" tohm kawai yace, Bayan bayar makarantar Rumaisa tayi tsaye tana kallon makaranta kafin tad'aga kafarta tafara tafiya cike da yanga take tafiya harta karasa cikin aji, ganin kawayenta yasa takirkiri murmushi nan dai tadan waye fuska suka gaisa kafin malami yashigo a fara lecture, 1:30pm na rana Suka karasa lectures dinsu baki daya, kowa yafito nan tayi saida safe da kawayenta sannan tafito waje takira bb driver, bada jimawaba kuwa saigashi yakaraso.. Shiga motar tayi suka dauki hanyar gida, Rumaisa ta dube bb driver tace "baba dan Allah inaso naje nan layin kusa da namu wurin wata zanje" bb driver yace "tohm shikenan ba matsala" Bata kara maganaba saida suka kusa karasawa kusa dayin sannan tafara nuna masa hanya, dai dai inda tasan majnoon yana zama ta tsyar da bb driver sannan tafito tana dubinsa amma bata ganshi, danmm taji gabanta yafadi.. Mafarkin datayi jiya akansa shiya fado mata a zuciya gabanta yayi mummunar faduwa, hawaye suka cicciko mata edo, a zuciyarta take fadan kar dai ace abinda tayi mafarki yazamo gaskiya, Shiru tayi tana kallon gurin kafin tajuya A hankali take kokarin juyawa, ta gefen edonta tasoma hangosa yana d'aga mata hannu, da dasauri ta juyo batasan lokacin data kasance cikin murmushiba, da gudu yake zuwa gurinta, yana karasa yaja birki saida kura tatashi, yana cizon rigarsa yace " ke kuwa shine jiya baki zoba koh, saida nayita kuka" Rumaisa tayi kuru da ido tana kallonsa cike da tausayi, tabbas taga alamun hakan a idonsa domin gasunan duk sun kunbura nunfashi taja kafin tace "kaci abinci yau" ya girgiza mata kai, alamar a a Tayi shiru tana kallonsa tace "jiya dadarefa " haka yakarasa girgiza mata kai a a" Wani irin kallon tamasa saida hawayen dake cikin Edonta suka zubo, da sauri tashare sannan takasa hannunta cikin jakarta ta ciri kudi har zata bashi sai kuma ta makale hannu tace "nabaka kudi zaka iya sayen abinci da kanka" Ya girgiza mata kai yana Murmushi yace "eh zan iya, idan naje wurin talatuwa mai abince sainace tabani, nikuwa saina mika mata kudi" Rumaisa tayi murmushi tace yawwa, gashi kaje kasiya " tamika masa kudin, Karbar kudin yayi yana wasa dasu yace sannan yadago kai yana kallon rumaisa yace "kinsan wani abu, Rumaisa tace "a a saika fada " Ya sunkuyar da kai yace " jiya ina bacci wata mota tatashi takani" Dam taji gabanta yafadi, mafarkinta yafara dawo mata a kwakwalwa da sauri tace "amma dai bata taka kabandai koh" Ya girgiza mata kai yace " eh, yana gama fadan haka sai kuma yayi shiru yana wasa da kudin dake hannunsa, Rumaisa tace "kaje kasiye abincin nizan wuce nakoma gida" Majnoon ya tsuke fuska bayason tatafi yace " yanzu yaushe zaki dawo" rumaisa tace " sai gobe irin wannan lokacin" Majnoon ya kalleta saikuma ya sunkuyar dakai yace " bazakizo dadare " Rumaisa tayi ajiyar zuciya tace "bazan zoba Majnoon domin abbana yahanamun zuwa gurinka " Dasauri Majnoon yadago kansa yana kallonta yace " abba baya sonane" Rumaisa ta girgiza masa kai tana murmushi tace " yana sonka mana, kaida zaka aure 'yarsa mezai hana yasoka, tana kallonsa tace " kodai ka fasa aure nane" Da sauri majnoon ya Girgiza kai yana dariya yace "a a, ina sonki sosai" yana gama fada ya sunkuyar da kansa kasa yana wasa da yatsunsa, shi ala dole yaji kunya, Yanayinsa yabawa rumaisa dariya, Baba driver yana a mota sai mamaki yake me rumaisa takeyi a gurin mahaukaci gashi yaganta sai Murmushi take, ta mirror motar ya hangi wata mota a bayansa wadda tayi sanadiyar sakashi firgita fiye da kima, bakinsa na rawa ya iya furta "alhaji" Da sauri yafito daga cikin motar, yana kiran rumaisa, domin tayi sauri tazo sutafi, tana juyowa yayi daidai da lokacin da abbanta yafito daga cikin motarsa, sukayi edo hudu ko kashe motar bai tsaya yiba, yanufi gurinsu, Rumaisa kuwa tuni tayi mutuwar tsaye, Fuskarsa ba annuri kwata kwata, yakarasa gurinsu, kafin yayi magana saida yadauke Majnoon da wani irin wawan mari, rumaisa ta kanne edonta domin bazata iya ganin ana duka Majnoon ba, a dai dai lokacin Hawaye suka sauko kan kuma tunta, Kafin ta bude idonta itama taji saukari mari tas tas, saida ta ja da baya kamar zata fadi, Yana dafe da kumatunsa Ganin an mari rumaisa yasa yayi ihu cikin sigarsa ta marasa hankali yayi kan abban rumaisa ya kamo kwalar rigarsa, ya ware hannu zai mazga masa mari rumaisa tayi saurin rike hannunsa tana kuka tace " karka maresa abba nane " A hankali Majnoon yasaki wuyan abba yana huci, Abba kuwa gabaki daya ya tsorata, ganin yadda majnoon ya damkesa, indai baibar gurinsaba to komai zai faruwa, Majnoon ya rike hannun rumaisa, wannan shine karo na farko dataji majnoon yataba jikinta, wani zar taji, ta lumshe ido, tayi mamakin jin hannunsa da laushi, Abban rumaisa yagyara rigarsa yana huci yace "sakarmun 'ya" Uffan Majnoon baice dashiba, rumaisa kuwa kuka kawai take, tana fana dan Allah abba kayi hkr wallahi bazan sakeba, Da karfi da yaji abban rumaisa yashiga Firgar rumaisa daga hannun Majnoon shikuwa Majnoon yariketa gam saikace abarsa, Nan take mutane suka taru a gurin, da kyar aka iya b'amb'are rumaisa daga hannun Majnoon, mutane suka rirrikesa.. Abba rumaisa ya fincikota tana kuka, yanunawa majnoon yatsa yace "kaiiii dani kakee sa insa" sannan yayi kalci yaja hannun Rumaisa dakarfi yanufi mota da ita, Janta yake amma tana juyowa tana kallon Majnoon, wanda mutum sama da biyar duk sun rirrikesa, Rumaisa kuka take sosai, Abba na karasa bakin mota ya bude kofar motar ya jefata a ciki, sannan ya zagaya ya shiga motar yabar unguwar. Baba drive duk ya tsorata, tsoro yakeji kar ya rasa aikinsa... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:35 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 13 and 14 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Bb driver kuwa Cike da fargaba abinda zai tarar a gida yashiga motar yatada yabar unguwar.. **** *** **** *FAISAL* yana kwance saman gado ya tayar da edonsa sama yana kallon ginin dakin, edonsa sunyi ja sosai, da duk kan alamu kuka yayi sosai, kaman nunta yafara zayyanowa mai kyauce da fasali, bayajin zai iya rabuwa da ita, Kofar dakinsa yaji anturo da sauri yashare hawayensa, yana kallon kofar, Abbansa yashigo cikin shigar kamala, da jikar aiki makkale a kafadarsa, Basai an fada masa yasan halin da yaronsa yake ciki, domin zai iya kasan cewa shine silar matsalar, Kallo daya faisal yayi masa ya kauda kansa gefe, Karasowa abba yayi kusa dashi yana kallonsa, tabbas faisal yana cikin damuwa sosai, murya kasa2 faisal yace "daddy ina kwana" daddy yace "lafiya lau" yadan shiru nadan wani lokaci kafin yayi ajiyar zuciya sannan yace "meyasa baka fito mukayi break fast ba" "Daddy banajin yunwa" faisal yafada yana kokarin komawa kwnace, Daddy ya nisa yace " jiyafa bakaci abinciba yau ma haka zaka wuni, kawai aka na hanaka auren rumaisa, nifa cetonka ne nake akan bakin cikin da zaka shiga bayan anyi aure domin yarinyar nan ba sonka takeba, kayi hakuri kacire yarinyar nan a ranka domin ni banzan yarda ka aureta ba" Faisal yayi saurin tashi yana hawaye "daddy dan Allah kayi hakuri, wlh nakasa cire son rumaisa acikin zuciyata, ban taba tunanin zan iya bijirewa umarninkaba amma a yanzu zuciyata takasa hakura daddy" yakarasa maganar kamar mai shirin yin kuka , Daddy yayi ajiyar zuciya yana kallon tilon d'ansa faya susuce akan soyayya, Daddy ya furzar da iska yace "rumaisa bata sonka danme dazaka cewa dole saika aureta, nifa badan MAhaifinta yana amininaba da tuni na dade da tarwatsa wannan lamarin, look faisal, daddy yadafa kafadarsa sannan yaci gaba dacewa "hakuri shine jigon komai kasawa zuciyarka salama insha Allah wata rana zaka manta da ita, kaji faisal" yakarasa yana kallonsa ido cikin ido Shiru faisal yayi nadan wani lokaci kafin yace " daddy wlh inasonta plx dan Allah kabari na aureta, nikobata sona zan iya zama da ita plx daddy" yakarasa maganar cike da magiya Daddy ya girgiza kai yana mamakin almarin faisal shi ana gaya masa magana amma ko dauka bayayi, baice dashi komaiba, ya mike tsaye sannan yace "shikenan zanyi shawara akai tashi kaje kaci abinci, saina dawo zamuyi magana" bai jira me zai furtaba daddy yafice yabar dakin, sai a lokacin faisal yaji sanyina zuciyarsa, sannan ya mike tsaye.. soyayyar rumaisa itace a cikin kowanne bugun zuciyarsa a koda Yaushe. .. *_Waye faisal_* Faisal d'a daya tilo a gurin mahaifinsa Alhj nura(wato daddy)Yataso cikin gata da azriki, iyayensa suna matukar sonso domin shine kadai d'ansu daya tsaya a duniya, sun haifi wasu yaran kusan hudu amma duk sun rasu, faisal ne kad'ai yatsaya, Hakan yasa suka dauki son duniya suka daura masa, sun bashi tarbiya akan tsarin addinin musulunci.. Mahaifiyar faisal haj cima yar asalin mali ce, alhj nura kuwa dan 9ia ne, aikine yakaisa mali acen kuma yagano haj cima yanemo aureta kuma aka bashi, bayan andaura aurene yadawo da ita 9ja, Faisal farine amma ba iri farin nan sosaiba yanada tsayi daidai misali, yanada gwarjini sosai a gurin wadda baisaba dashiba, sannan kuma yanada fara 'a, Wata rana yaje karbar sako a gurin mahaifin rumaisa a lokacin yaganta kuma yaji yana sonta kuma yanaso takasance matarsa, bayan yakarbi sakon yadawo gidane yasanar da daddy cewa shifa yaga matar aure gidan amininsa, bakaramin jindadi daddy yayiba, domin ya kosa faisal yayi aure, Washe garin ranar tunda safe daddy yaje yasanar da mahaifin rumaisa cewa d'ansa yaga 'yarsa ynaso, abban rumaisa yajidadi sosai tun a gurin yace yabayar da ita ga Faisal kuma tana kare karatu za a daura musu aure, Daddy yayi godiya sannan yadawo gida yasanar da faisal cewa anbashi rumaisa, bakaramin jindadi faisal yayiba, yayiwa daddy godiya sosaii, A daren Ranar da faisal yafara zuwa gurin rumaisa babu abinda yaganewaa domin taki sake masa fuska, kuma taki yi masa magana, Shine daya dawo gida yasanar da iyayensa yadda sukayi da rumaisa, daddy ya tsorota sosai dominshi bayason dansa ya aure wacca bata sonsa, domin yasan illar auren dole Washe gari daddy yaje gidan abban rumaisa domin yaji gaskiyar lamari shin rumaisa nasaon yaronsa ko bata sonsa, Bayan yakarasa gidan a bakin kofar falon yajiyo hargowar abba yana yiwa rumaisa fada akan acewa dole saitaso faisal kuda kuwa ranta zaifitane, Hankalin daddy yatashi makura, baijira abba yazo yasamesaba yayi saurin dawowa gida yasanar da faisal komai dayaji tare da bashi shawarar cewa yadaina tunanin rumaisa a ransa domin shi bazai barshi ya aure wacca bata sonsa ba, Momyn faisal ma tabiyewa daddy akan itama bata yarda ya aure wacce bata sonsa ba.. _Wannan kenan_ **** **** *** Yajima a tsaye kafin yakarasa toilet yayi wanka sannan yafito ya kammala shirinsa yakarasa falo yagaida momynsa kafin yafara breakfast... **** ***** *** A harabar wani dankararen gida yaja parking ma'aiktan gidan sukawo kansa da gudu suka bude masa kofar motarsa, yafito cike da kasaita wani farin dattijone fuskarsa amurtuke, alamun tsufa sun bayya a fuskarsa makura, Farar shadda ce a jikin dakuma babban riga ga hula fara hakama takalmi farare, sai wata yar gajeruwar sanda dake rike a hannunsa, A hankali ya kalli ma aikatan yace "where is my son" daya daga ma'aikatan ya sunkuyar dakai domin sunsan halinsa ba a maganani dashi ana kallonsa "alhj wlh tun jiya daya shiga cikin dakinsa bai sake fitowaba kuma yahanawa kowa shiga cikin dakinsa, yanzu haka abincinsa na nan a kichin, sai kira yakeyi yace a akawo masa kayan maye" Farin dattijon yace "what!! Yakara kalon ma'aikatan ya rafka musu tsawa"kuna aikinme, meye amfaninku a gidan, dabazaku kirani kusanar daniba, wlh duk wani abu yasami d'ana saina kasheku baki daya, yana ina yanzu" Muryar ma'aikacin tasoma rawa domin ganin yadda ya tambayesa a hnakli yake cewa "yana ciki " Baijira yakara maganaba ya yanufi cikin gidann.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:39 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 17 and 18 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Rumaisa ta kwanta saman gadon duk jikinta ciwo, fatarta harta kunbura , idonta sun fito bulla2, Tunanin ummanta kawai take, tasan da ace yau ummata nan da bazata bari ayi mata wannan dukanba, sai a lokacin tasamu tayi kuka, Sosai takeyin kuka, bata ankarabba bacci yadauketa, zuciyartaa cike da bakin cikin halin datake ciki, Abba kuwa daki yakoma yayi wanka yagyara jikinsa domi duk yayi gumi a kan dukan dayaiwa rumaisa, Sannan yafita police station yanufa yafadawa yan sanda cewa yanaso akama majnoon, sukam sukace bazasu kama mahaukaciba, haka yayita musu magiya amma sukace sufa bazasu iyaba, Dolensa ya hakura yabar station din amma zuciyarsa takasa hakura akan abinda majnoon yamasa, kawai yayanke shawara aransa zaisa 'yan daba su narkawa majnoon dukan tsiya cikin dare... haka kuwa ya ajiye a ransa.. Sai 4 na yamma rumaisa tafarka, jikinta duk yayi tsami da kyar ta iya tashi taje tayi wanka d ruwan dumi, koda zataji saukin ciwon dake damunta, bayan tagama wanka tayi alwala sannan tafito, tadan shafa mai,, sannan takarasa bikin drower tadauko hijab, komai datakeji ba kama jiki, a hakan tayi salloli biyu azahar da la'assar, bayan taggama taci abinci, sannan taka dawowa saman gado ta kwanta, A hakadai ta yuni bawani kuzari a jikinta. Misalin karfe 9 nadare rumaisa kwance a tsakiyar gadonta, sanye take da rigar bacci,tunani kawai take tana hawaye, dukta fita hayyacinta, a yuni daya dukta soma ramewa, Majnoon dinta take gani a duk lokacin data rufe idonta, hawaye fal a idonta, ummata ta tuna sai kuka, kuka tasomayi sosai cikin kukan take fadan "haba umma meyasa zaki tafi kibarni, meyasa nakasa binki, umma na nisan nan kusa zanzo gareki cikin yan kwanakinnan domin nagaji da duniyarna... ummana zan mutu...." takarasa maganr tana kuka abin tausayi Allah sarki rumaisa, tayi rashin mahaifiyarta tun tana tanada shekara 12, tun daga lokacin da mahifiyarta ta rasu bata kara samun farin cikiba sai lokacin da ta hadu da majnoon, to gashi shima ana kokarin rabasu, Haka dai taci kukanta mai isarta har dare yafara nisa sannan tayi adu'ar bacci tabi lafiyar gado, har bayan bacci yafada daukarta tatuna bata rufe kofar dakintaba, Taso ta tashi amma saita kasa, hakura kawai tayi tashiga sharar baccinta... Karfe 2:00am nadare mutun biyu cikin baka ken kaya suka dirko ta ginan gidan su rumaisa a hankali suka karasa cikin falon bakowa hakan yabasu damar shigewa dakin rumaisa kai tsaye, kwance suka sameta saman gado tana bacci, Dayan yakarasa inda take yafitar da wata porda ya zuba mata a hanci, kadan tayi kara saikuma takomaba bacci haka suka daukotaa suka fice da ita daga gidan babu wadda yasani, _Washe gari_ Misalin karfe 8:30 nasafe abba yayi shirinsa zai fita aiki, amma yaji shiru yayi dubin rumaisa tafito zuwa skull amma sai yaji shiru, tashi yayi yanufi dakinta, yaduba bata ciki, sunanta yashiga kira a tunaninsa kotana cikin toilet hakan ma yaji shiru, tiolet din yanufa ya bude yaduba bata ciki fitowa waje yayi zuciyarsa cike da sake2 kala2, yadaisan rumaisa bazata guduba, yafi zargi saceta akayi, da karfi ya kalawa umma kira, dasauri ta kara gurinsa "gani alhj lafiya kuwa " Ina rumaisa " itace kalamar daya fara fada fuskarsa a murtuke Umma ta kallesa da mamaki tace " ni ina zansan inda rumaisa take rabona da ita tun jiya dadare " Cikin fushi abba yace " bazaki fito da itaba kenan, inafa sane daduk wata kisisina da kike shiryawa, jiyama najiki kina waya wato kinsa aje akasheta koh" abba yakarasa maganar yana kallon umma wacce tuni tafita hayyacinta tana mamakin kazafi, cikin tsawa abba yace "zaki fito da ita ko sai kin sha bakar wahala" Nan Umma tashiga yi masa rantsuwa akan wallahi bata san inda take ba, amma cewa yayi wlh bai yarda ba ita tasa ta aka dauke masa rumaisa, dan haka tajirashi yana zuwa Fita yayi yabar gidan yana huci, sai bayan yafita sannan umma ta tuntsure da dariya, tana fadan ruwa su iza harda matuka jirgi, ace akarata ... rumaisa anshiga duniya, tafada tana dariya.. *** *** A hankali take bude idonta tana kallon yanayin dakin wadda ya chanza mata kamanni kamar ba dakin taba, Da karfi tatashi zaune, caraf idonta yasauka kan fahad dake zaune a gefe yana kallonta yana murmushi, Firgita tayi ta tallatsa ihu mai matukar kara Dariya taga yanayi mata saida tagaji sannan tadaina ihun sai ta saka kuka tana fadan " dan allah kayi hkr kamaidani gida " Murtuke fuska yayi, yana kallonta yake fadan "aikuma keda fita daga gidan saikin haifemin yarana domin kinshigo kenan bake ba fita, naso ace munyi harkar azriki dake kishigo gidan nan amatsayin amarya amma sai kikaki, amma yanzu gaki kinshigo gidan nan a tsayin karuwa kuma bake ba fita, ya mike tsaye sai kuma yasaka dariya sannan yace "barka da zuwa sabowar alawa " yana gama fadan haka yafita yana dariya yamayar kofar dakin yarufe.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:40 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 21 and 22 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Rumaisa kuwa Kuka tayi harna fitar arziki itakam tata kaddarar a haka tazo mata, Data daiga kuka bazai kara sheta da komaiba hakan yasa tadan tsagaita kuka, tatashi tashiga neman bandaki a dakin, cen ta hangi kofa takarasa gurin kofar ta bude, taga ban dakine shiga tayi ta watso ruwa sannan tayi alwala tafito, kayan baccine kawai a jikinta tarasa yadda zatayi tayi sallah, duban dakin take gefe da gefe edonta duk sun kumbura, Babu abinda tasamu wadda zai suturtata a dakin, fara bincike daken tayi a kasan gado taleka tana dube2, wani farin kyalle tagani dasauri ta dauko tana kokarinn warware kyalle, Ware ido tayi tana mamaki a hankali bakinta ya iya furta "HIJAB" mamaki take meya kawo hijab din macce anan, gbanta yayanke ya fadi kardai ace fahad da gaske yake yana wiwa mata fyade, Hawaye tasoma tana tunanin makomarta, a tsorace ta karkade hijab din tasaka sannan ta karkade kasan cafet din dakin tafara sallah, bata jimaba tagama sallar sannan tarafa kwararo adu'a akan Alllah ya kubutar da ita yasa fahad yakasa aikata komai akanta, adu'a tayi sosai kafin tagama saida tayi kuka, Bayan tagama sallar tayi zamanta akan sallayar tana kallon dakin, yunwa takeji kamar yan hanjinta zs su fito, Tashi tayi tashiga nemi abinda zataci, kaf dakin bata samuba hakan yasa ta koma kan gado ta kwanta tana kuka, **** **** **** Tunda Abban rumaisa yafita gidan daddy yanufa yasanar dashi komai dake faruwa, lamarin yayi matukar girgiza daddy, saidai yanajin yadda zai fadawa faisal wannan lamari, Daddy ne zaune a falo shida momy sunyi jugum2 suna jimamin abinda yafaru da rumaisa, sake sake suke kala kala, Faisal yafito daga cikin dakinsa cikin shirinsa na fita office, farin yadine a jikin filtexs irin mai shara2 dinnan yayi matukar yimasa kyau, Cikin ladabi da biyayya ya durkusa yagaida momy da daddy, Ganin yanayinsu kamar da dadamuwa a tattare dasu yasa yakasa hakura saida ya tambaya, duk da shima kuwa tun yafarka yau da safe yakejin gabansaa na faduwa, "Daddy meya farune naga kamar kuna cikin damuwa" faisal yana kallon daddy yana jiran yabashi amsa , nunfashi daddy yaja yanajin nauhin yadda zai gaya masa maganar, daddy ya kalli momy, momyma haka daddy take kallon sai kuma sukayi shiru, Faisal kasa fahimtar komai yayi duk ya soma tsorata domin yanaji a jikinsa akwai abinda yafaru, Ya juya yakalli momy yace "momyna tambaya nake amma kuyi shiru meyake faruwane" momy taja nunfashi kamar zatayi magana saikuma tafasa, daddy ya dubeta yace "fada masa mana" Momy tayi jim kafin tace "Faisal, rumaisa ta bata, yanzu haka nemanta ake" wani irin tashin hankali yaji ya ziyarci duk ila hirin jikinsa, tuni hawaye suka soma fita a edonsa, kasa yadda da maganar yayi, ya dube daddy yace "daddy idan bazaka amince da aurena da rumaisaba basai kasa ammin karyaba domin karya bata kama cekuba, momy kufa iyayena meyasa bakoson farin cikina" Daddy ya sunkuwar dakai, wani irin bacin rai yakeji, koda yadagonkansa eedo sa sunyi ja sosai, ya daga hannu ya wankawa Faisal mari, yanaa huci zuciyarsa har wani zafi take cike da masifa yake fadan "so haukane, ko kuka so zai iya sakaka kafada iyayenka magana, idan mun maka karya meye" daddy yakasa yin maganar domin wani irin bacin rai yakeji, Faisal yana dafe da kumatu, yana mamakin wai yau daddy ne yadaga hannunsa ya maresa hawaye kadai ke fita a cikin edonsa, ya dube daddy da momy, muryar na rawa yasomma magana "yaune karo na farko daka fara dukana daddy, badan komaiba sai dan akan innason rumaisa, yadanyi shiru kamar zaiyi kuka, sai kuma yafasa sannan yaci gaba da cewa "bazan hanaka dukanaba domin kai mahaifinane kuma kanada incin dukana aduk lokacin dakasoz, amma bazaka iye cire soyayyar rumaisa a cikin zuciyata ba, idan kuwa kukayi yunkurin rabani da rumaisa ts karfi da yaji to tabbas kuna kokarin rabani da rayuwata ne, kuka yasomayi sannan yamike har a lokacin dafe yake da kumatunsa, kamar zai tafi saikuma yatsaya ya juya musu baya yana fda "idan har kuka rasa wani farin ciki a cikin gidan nan ni zanyi duk yadda zanyi nadawo muku dashi,, ammani abu daya kalilan kukasa cikamun, da kunsan irin yadda nakeji akan son rumaisa da bazaku hanani auren tabs, da kunsan yadda zuciyata kemun zafi a yanzu dabazakuyi yunkurin fadamun wannan maganarba, amma bakomai bazanga laifin kuba amma dai zance kunyi sonkai" yanaa gama fada yanufi hanyar fita, Momy tani zuciyarta tayi snyi, hawaye take cike da tausayin d'anta daya kasa fahimtar abina suka fada masa, daddy kuwa edinsa sunyi ja sosai yama rasa mezaiyiwa faisal, Faisal kuwa tunda yatashi tsaye yakejin jiri, yana dibarsa yana kai daf da kofor fita yaji bugun zuciyarrsa yasoma karfi, dafe kirrjinsa yayi yana jan nunfashi da karfi, a hankali ya sulale ya fadi kasa... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:42 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 29 and 30 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Tana tsaye a gurin tana kuka, a hankali ta sulale kasan carfet, Tana rokon Allah daya kara tsareta daga shairin fahad, Cike da mamaki Fahad yabar dakin, baitaba jin tausayin macce ba idan yazo kosantarba sai Rumaisa, Dakinsa ya wuce, ya cire rigarsa, daga shi sai singlet da wandon rigar daya cire, yayi zaune bkin gado, yana maida nunfashi, telephone kawai yakira yasa a odo masa giya, bada jima waba kuwa ma'aikacin gidan yashigo dakin da kwalabe a hannnunsa, ya zubesu a gabansa sannan yafita, fahad yabude kwalba daya yafara korawa yana lumshe edo, kamannin rumaisa kadai kemasa gizo, yarinyar kara shiga ransa take... Giyar yasha yayi mankas har kusan karfe 2 na dare baiyi bacciba, tunain rumaisa yahanashi bacci, tashi naga yayi yana tangadi kamar zai fadi, yana sambatu yafita, yana tafiya kamar zai fadi yanufi dakin rumaisa, yana zuwa ya tura kofar dakin yashiga.. A inda yabarta a tsaye anan ta sulala kasa, tayi bacci, tayi sharkar kasan carfet, yakarasa gurinta yayi tsaye a kanta, yana kallonta yana tangadi kamar zai fado mata, kakin amai yasoma yi hakan yayi sanadiyar tashin rumaisa daga bacci taganshi a kanta, da karfi ta zabura ta miki tana fadan innalillahi wa innalillahi raju un, Amai yafara kwararowa tana tsaye tana kallonsa, wani irin tashin zuciya takeji kamar itama zatayi aman wani irin kyankyami, tayi mamakin ganin fahad yanashan giya, a take cewa lallai kuwa wannan yana cikin bala'I ga nema mata kuma ga shan giya, Saida yagama kwara amansa sanna ya kalleta yana murmushi cikin salon murya irin ta mashaya yake fadan "rumaisa nakasa bacci saboda ke, com to me plx" yana kokarin fado mata da sauri takauce masa tana kokarin gudu, ya riko hannunta gam, kuka tasaka tana dukan hannun amma yaki sakinta, cizo takai masa, da sauri yasaki hannun yana wash, Tasamu tabar gurin, yakara daga kasan ya hengeta acen gefe tana kuka tayi wani kakkame jiki, Yanufi gurinta yana tangadi, yana fadan rumaisa com plx, com an hug me, I need u , rumaisa, Kokarin kai ga jikinta yake da karfi tasa hannu taturesa, rakafff kakeji yafadi kasa kansa ya daki gefen gado, jini kadan yafito, shiko ajikinsa bai damuba, kokarin tashi yake sai kuma yakasa, Rumaisa tayi tsaye tana kallonsa, lallai giya bala'ice, ace mutum yajiciwo amma shi baimasan anyiba, Kasa tashi yayi a gurin ya sulale ya kwanta a hankali bakinsa ke furta rumaisa, I need u rumaisa, " har bacci yadaukesa, Rumaisa tayi tsaye akansa tana kallon jinin dake fita akansa, tausayi yabata sosai, a hankali ta durkusa gurinsa cike da tsoro jikinta na rawa, ta kira sunansa cikin siririyar murya, taga ko motswa baiba, hannunta na rawa takai a jikinsa tadan dakesa kadan taga bai motsaba, gabanta yafadi, kardai ace ta kashe dan mutane, Sai kuma ta lura da kirjinsa na harbawa, hakan ya tabbatar mata da cewa yana raye, Mikewa tsaye tayi tarasa yadda zatayi, gajini yana fita a kansa, Jitayi tanason tataimaka masa , a hankali tashiga neman tissue, tsumma a dakin, tazagaye kaf dakin bataga komaiba, Rigarta ta bacci datazo da ita daga gida ita tatuna, dasauri tadaukota ta yaga sannan tadawo gurinsa har a lokacin jikinta rawa yake, ta daga kansa kadan tasa tsumman ta dauremasa kansa, sannan ta mayar dashi a kwance... Kamar daga sama taji ya cafki hannunta.. Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:42 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 31 and 32 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Cike da firgita taja hannun da karfi ta mike tsaye jikinta sai rawa yake, Hannun fahad kuwa ya sulalel kasa yafadi, har a lokacin bakin sa yana furta I need you rumaisa, Tajima a tsaye tana kallonsa, kafin taje tadauko sauran tsumman rigar data daure masa kansa, ta share aman dayayi, takara kallonsa ta girgiza duk tausayinsa takeji, sannan tajanye daga gurin, takoma gefe daya acikin dakin ta takure, jikinta sai kyarma yake, a hankali hawaye kefita a cikin idonta, tana tsoron kartayi bacci fahad ya farka ya farmata, soboda haka ta hana idonta bacci sai shanshekar kuka take, gangad'I tafarayi sai kuma ta farka da sauri, a haka dai bacci yagarara zomata tana zaune tafara jin kiran sallah, nan tamike tashiga toilet tayi alwala sannan tafito, Ba sallaya a dakin, ta karkade kasan carfet tafara sallah, Bayan tagama, tayi adu a sosai sannan tafara karanto alqur'ani mai girma a daidai inda ta hadda ce, reroshi takeji cikin murya mai dadi gaske, Sautin yakeji yana shiga masa kunne yarasa ko meye, jinsa yakeyi kamar ana rairai masa waka, amma dai ba waka bace, a hankali yasoma bude idonsa, a lokacin har gari yasoma wayewa, Kadan ya iya furta wash, a lokacin yadafe kansa, domin ciwon dayaji yanai masa, a hankali yake kokarin tashi yasa hannu yadafe kansa gefen da yakejin zafin, mamaki yake meya jimasa ciwo, kuma waya daura masa tsumma a kai, juya yayi gefen daya kejin sautin na fita, idonsa suka sauka kan rumaisa, baki ya saki yana kallonta ita kuwa cike da mamaki ita kuwa wannan metakeyi haka yafada a zuci, Kamar mai kowon tafiya yafara taka kafarsa yana kokarin karasa gurin Rumaisa, . Jin motsin mutum a bayanta baisa ta tsayar da karatun da takeba, idonta sunyi ja sosai sakamakon rashin bacci dabata samuba, Gabanta yazo yayi tsaye yana kallonta, kamar zaiyi magana saikuma yakasa, zaunawa yayi ya kura mata ido yana kallonta, sai yaji ta kara shiga ransa, Gaban rumaisa duka yake tara2 kanta a sunkuye ta kanne idonta, sai karatunta take billahakki, Ganin takai karsher sura yasa tadakatar da karatun, a hankali take bude idonta, tadago kanta sukayi ido hudu, tagumi taga yayi yana mata murmushi, cike da tsoro ta iya furta "ina kwana" sai kuma ta sunkuwar da kanta, tana jiran taji mezaice, murmushi yayi "lafiya lau, sai kuma ya tambayeta meya kawoni dakin nan" Duk da batason hada ido dashi amma a hakan tadaure ta daga kanta ta kallesa, tayi mamakin tambayar da yayi mata, sai kuma tatuna da cewa kodafa yazo dakin cikin maye yake, ajiyar zuciya tayi sannan tace "cikin maye kazo dakin nan" "Oh god, Allah yasa ban dakekiba" fahad yafada yana kallon rumaisa, Sai a lokacin tayi masa murmushi "bakamun komaiba, hasalima nicee..." saita kasa karasa maganar tana kallonsa , fahad yace ihum karasa maganar mana, Rumaisa tace " a a kabarshi kawai katashi kaje kayi sallah" Fahad ya zare ido da mamaki "sallah kuma, lokaci yayi ne" Cike da mamaki rumaisa tace "au bakamasan lokacin salla ba" Fahad yafada a kasale "nibanma iya sallarba, domin rabona da salla tun ina dan shekara 15. Amma tunda nagirma na daina" yana gama fada yamike yana kokarin fita daga dakin, rumaisa ta bishi da kallo harya fita, sannan tayi ajiyar zuciya tana mamakin rayuwar fahad ace mutum dan musulmi amma bai iya sallah ba, sai taji tanason zama dashi domin takowa masa sallah dakuma addini koda Allah zai saka mata da tukuicin abinda takeso wato majnoon, ( nace kekuwa rumaisa meya ganoki, nacewa saikin kowar dashi addini ko kin manta satoki yayi ) nidai nayi shiru naci gaba da rubutuna Yunwa tasoma addabarta a hankali ta mike tsaye, tanufi kofar fita tana leken falon, batasan gidanba, ai kuwa tana leka kanta sukayi ido hudu da wani bodyguard fuskarsa a murtuke ba imani, dasauri ta koma cikin dakin ta jingina jikinta a ginin dakin tana jan nunfashi... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:42 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 33 and 34 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Fahad nakarasa dakinsa yasa hannu ya warware daurin da rumaisa taimasa akai, sannan yaje yayi wanka, bayan yafito ya dauko wasu sabanbin kaya yasaka dominshi baya yiwa tufafi sawa biyu, Yadan zauna a bakin gado yana nazarin kalaman rumaisa, sonta yakeji yana kara shiga masa zuciya, bayajin zai iya rabuwa da ita, Ajiyar zuciya yayi Sannan Tashi yanufi dakinta yana shiga dakin yasameta manne a jikin ginin dakin ta sunkuwayar da kai, kallonta kawai yayi yana murmushi sannan yajuya zai fita, murya kasa2 rumaisa ta furta "yunwa nakeji" fahad ya juyo ya kalleta "to basai kije ki girkaba abinciba, aina gaya miki bazan kara siyo miki abinciba, domin ke matata ce" rumaisa ta tsuke fuska "to ai bansan inane kichin dinba" Yadda tayi maganar yabashi dariya, yace "muje nanuna miki " Rumaisa tazo gurinsa Tayi tsaye, riko hannunta yayi yana murmushi da sauri ta firgi hannunta cike da tsoro, fahad yace miye haka, "haramun me namiji yataba jikin macce idan har ba matarsa bace" rumaisa ta fada saikuma taja da baya, Mumrshi fahad yayi yakara kai hannusa "oya lez go" yana kokarin koma rikota, ta janye daga gurin, tasoma hawaye kuka na kokaron kubce mata, ganin zatayi kuka yasa fahad yadaga mata hannu "ya isa haka muje" fita yayi tabi bayansa tana share hawayenta, Nan yaje yanununa mata ko ina a gidan duk inda ta daga ido bodyguard take gani, a zuci tace wannan gidan ba wurin fita saidai taimakon Allah ko ina da mai tsaronsa, haka dai ya gama nuna mata ko ina sannan, yace shizai fita, sai ya yadawo, Kai kawai takada masa, Yana fita takoma kichin tafara dafa abinci... **** ***** ** Tun wayewar ake tursasawa umma akan tafadi inda takai rumaisa amma umma tace ita wallahi batasan inda rumaisa tajeba" tasha duka iya duka, duk jikinta ya kumbura, Abban rumaisa yana zaune a cikin police station din, domin anan yakwana tare dashi ake ganawa umma wahala, dominshi a yanzu yama daina jin sonta a zuciyarsa, baya mason ganinta, shidai kawai Rumaisa yakeson gani ko a raye ko a mace, Edonsa sunyi ja sosai domin bai samu bacci ba jiya, daya daga cikin police din ne yaoi gurinsa yana fadan "alhj wlh matar taki fada, nifa ina ganin kamar ba Hannunta a cikin batan wannan yarinyar" Abba yadago janjayen Idonsa ya kalli police din yace " taya akayi kasan babu hannunta aciki, kaine mijinta, ko kuma kaike tare da ita, ninasan matata kuma nina baku izinin kamata, dan haka idan zaku iya bincikenta ku binciketa idan kuwa bazakuniyaba tokubarta anan har sai zuwa lokacin da akacemun anga 'yata sannan kusaketa" police din zaiyi magana Abba yadaga masa hannu yana huci "karka kara mun magana, bana bukatar jin kowa a yanzu" Police din ya girgiza masa kai kawai ya fice yabar gurin, abba yajima a gurin yana tunani kala2 sannan yatashi yaje yaja motarsa yabar station din.. **** **** **** Nikaina bazan iya misilta muku iya kukan da faisal yayiba, a yunin jiya domin yunin jiya yakasance masa kamar ranar mutuwarsa, yakasa cin komai a haka yuni har dare, a daren ma bai samu isanshen bacciba, domin daya kwanta zai fara tunanin rumaisa, dolensa ya mike.. Wayewar gari Daga wanka yafito yana goge kansa da tawol, jikinsa duk ba kwari, yakarasa bakin mirror yana kallon kwayar idonsa sunyi ja sosai, Fusakar rumaisa ta soma yimasa gizo a bayansa tana masa Mumrshi ta jikin mirrorn yake ganinta, da sauri ya juya baya saikuma yaga bakomai, hawaye suka sauko masa, a hankali yasa hannu yashare sannan yakarasa gurin shirinsa, kananun kaya yasaka sunyi masa kyau sosai, sannan yasaka ta kalmi cover, ya janyo jakarsa saida ya kallmasa shirinsa na fita aiki sannan yafito waje.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:43 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 35 and 36 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Kwata2 fuskarsa ba annuri, a falo yasami momy a zaune tayi jim tana tunani, a lokacin daddy yafita suna cen gurin fafutukar neman rumaisa, faisal ya durkusa ya yagaidata, ba yabo ba fallasa momy ta amsa tana murmushi "har ka shirya fitar ne " Yace "eh, banason nayi late ne" Momy tace " toh amma ai baka karya ba, mutum na fita baici abinciba" Mikewa faisal yayi yana wunkurin barin wurin yana cewa "bana jin yunwa" yana kallon momy, momy tace "to shikenan Allah yakai lfy" Faisal ya amsa da ameen, sanna yasa kai yafita yabar gidan yanufi gurin aiki, Katuwar office ce mai matukar kamshi turaren airfrshn yake a ciki ga takardu birjin akan table, Faisal yana zaune akan wata lallausar kujera, tana juyi dashi, yayi kuru yana kallon kofar office din, edo sa sunyi ja sosai, tunani rumaisa yake, a ranar daya fara gininta, ba zato ba tsammani hawaye suka soma gaggarowa a fuskarsa, yarasa meyasa son rumaisa yakama zuciyarsa har ta yadda bazai iya mantawa da itaba, son rumaisa yazame masa wani irin tabo a cikin zuciyasa wadda bazai iya warke waba, amma duk da haka yana zargin kansa, ayya soyayya baso take ta horar dashiba, ayya ba alhakin soyayyane yake fita akansaba, Hawaye suka kara saukowa kan kuma tunsa, a zuci yake fadan DAMA HAKA SO YAKE lallai kuwa akwai babbar matsala da wadda yakamu da son maso wani, hausawa nacewa son maso wani, koshin wahala, a hankali naji sautin kukansa yafara fita, da karfi ya daki table dinda ke gabansa, yana kuka yake fadan " why! Why! Why lov, meyasa kamun haka, meyasa ka ingizani gurin da baa sona, plx lov I accpt my fault, nasan nayi kuskure plx...! Yakarasa maganar yana kuka, ya saukar da kansa akan table din yana kuka, Yajima yana kukan kafin yaji an fara knocking kofar office dinsa, da sauri yake kokarin share hawayensa tare da kokarin gyara kansa, Saida ya tabbatar daya saita kansa sannan yace "yes com in" murya a raunane, Tunda aka bude kofar kamshin turaren almiski yadaki hancinsa, yaji wata irin ni'ima tasaukar masa a jiki, ya lumshe edo, sannan yadago kai ya kalli kofar a lokacin da take kokarin shigowa, caraf suka hada edo tana murmushi, takaraso cikin office din ta zauna a kan kujerar dake duban tashi, kyankyawar maccice ajin farko ga kyau ga murmushi mai kyau, (to wacece wannan) nakasa bawa kaina amsa.. Shikuwa ya kura mata edo, gizon fuskar rumaisa yake gani akan fuskarta, Tayi shuri tana kallonsa, cike dajindadi taga yau ya kura mata edo yana kallonta, ashe dama akwai ranar da faisal zai kalleta haka, a zuci take fadan Allah yasa dai yafara sona, cike da farin ciki tayi gyarar murya, yadan zabura a sannu sannan yadawo hayyacinsa, cike da jindadi tace "kwalliyar ta maka ne" Sai a lokacin faisal yagane cewa ba rumaisa bace a gabansaba, janjayen edonsa yadago ya kalleta sai kuma ya sunkuyar dakai ya tsuke fuska, uffa bai furta mata ba, Murmushi tayi tana kallonsa tace " nasan haryanzu cikin tsanata kake, amma dan Allah kayi hakuri, yaufa kwanana ukku kenan bangan kaba, kullum sainaso gurin aiki nayita nemanka, lafiya dai kuwa meke faruawa?" Shiru yayi mata yamaa kasa dago edonsa ya kalleta, Yanayin fuskarsa take nazari ga alama kuka yayi cikin salon kisisina ta furta " meke damunka ne dear?, ko anmaka laifine?" A hankali bakin faisal yasoma rawa yasoma fadan "ZARAH plx liv my office, bana bukatar kowa a yanzu inaso na huta" murmushi naga wadda yakira da zarah tayi kafin tace "aini dama a kullum baka bukatar zuwana gurin ka, nikuwa gashi nadake sai zowa nake, kuma ni bana ganin laifin kaina domin nasan wannan ba komai bane face sonda zuciyata take maka... tadan marairaice fuska kamar zatayi kuka "dan Allah faisal ka aminta da...." Da sauri yadaga mata hannu yana huci, kalamanta haushi suke bashi, ya nuna mata kofar fita yace "ki fita nace" Zarah tayi murmushi takara gyara zama, tana kokarin yin magana, Faisal ya mike tsaye yadaka mata tsawa, I said liv my office" Da sauri zarah ta miki a lokacin harta soma hawaye muryata narawa kuka yasoma zomata, hannusa yana nunin kofar office din , tana kuka take furta " zan fita, amma wlh zandawo, kai wane irin marar tasaurayine wadda baisan darajar wadda yake sonsa ba, a kullum burinka bai wuce kaga kawulankatani a gaban kowa, amma ni zuciyata a kullum burinta shine na kyautata maka, kai ne muradina amma kakasa fahimtar haka... ina sonka faisal, takarasa maganar tana kuka tana fadan I love you faisal, yaji tausayinta sosai, domin a yanzu duk ciwonsa daya, amma yakasa nuna mata haka, kara tsuke fuska yayi "kifita nace " yafada yana hawaye, Zarah ta firgi kofar office din dasauri ta fita tana kuka, jin karar rufe kofar kakeji da karfi gaff, A hankayi yake sulalewa akan kujera yana kuka yadafe kansa, wannan wane irin sone yake a zazzalar zuciyarsa, son rumaisa yana kokarin haukatar dashi A haka dai yawuni a office din ba wani aikin kirki da yayi har yamma tayi baici komaiba, Karfe 6:00 na yamma time din tashinsa yayi, yatashi yabar office din yakoma gida, koda yaje gida yasami daddy zaune a falo yana kallon news, anan yake tambayarsa anga rumaisa kuwa ?" Daddy yace a a ba a gantaba, Bai kara furtawa daddy komaiba yatashi yabar falon yanufi dakinsa, Yana karasa ya cire tufafinsa yafada toilet yayi wanka, sannan yafito ya chanza kaya, yazaune yana jirar a kira sallar magriba, Baijima kuwa a zaune ba aka fara kira nan yatashi yaje yayi alwala, yafita yaje masallaci, bayan sungama sallar magriba yayi zamansa a masallaci saida aka kira isha sukayi sallah sannan yadawo gida, jikinsa duk ba kwari, yana kokarin saka jallabiya yana shirin bacci momy tashigo dakin"kafito kaci abinci" Faisal ya mutse fuska " banajin yunwa momy naci abinci a waje" Momy ta girgiza kai kawai tafita tabar dakin... ***** ***** **** Rumaisa kuwa kaf yunin ranar bacci tasha abinta, mai isarta, bawani kuka tayiba, amma aduk lokacin da ta tuna da majnoon saita zubar da kwalla, Tunda fahad yabar gidan bai kara dawowaba yana cen gurin sharholiyarsa, tayi jira yadawo amma taji shiru hakan yasa tabi lafiyar gado sai bacci, Misalin karfe 12 dare fahad yashigo gidan, yana tangadi da kwalbar giya a hannunsa, duk kofar daya karasa ma aikata ke bude masa, harya karasa cikin falo, dakinsa ya nufa haryakai bakin kofar shiga sai kuma ya fasa shiga dakin, yajuya yanufo dakin rumaisa, A hankali yatura kofar dakin, tana kwance a kan gado tana bacci ya kura mata ido, tayi bala'in burgesa, takara shiga zuciyarsa, sha'awarta ta kara yaduwa a jikinsa, cikin tangadi yakarasa bakin gadon, tunga kafarta yasoma kallo har zuwa kirjinta anan yatsalar da edonsa yana kallonta yana hadeye yawu, A hankali yakai hannunsa yafara taba kafarta, yana shafawa hankali..... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:43 PM] +234 905 395 7618: [7:22am, 08/08/2016] _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 37 and 38 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ A cikin baccinta takeji kamar ana mata sosa a kafa, dadin abin taji hakan yasa takara lafewa, Fahad kuwa sai karayin gaba yake, harya hauro ta saman jikinta, hannunsa na rawa yasoma kai ga kirjinta, yana kai hannunsa ta zabura da karfi suka hada edo, ganinshi tayi akanta, ihu tasaka tana kokarin turesa amma ta gagara, kuka tasomayi shikuwa a lokacin yake kokarin kai bakinsa acikin nata saboda yanin budewar bakinta tana kuka shiya bashi shaawar, bashiri taji saukarsa shi a jikinta lamkwaf, yana kokarin fara shafar jikinta, ihu take a daidai lokacin taji saukar bakinsa a cikin nata, uhim uhimm kawai kakeji, alamar tana ihu amma sakamakin bakinsa yana cikin nata ihun ya garara fita, hawaye kawai kemara sintiri akan kumatu, yaukam tashiga ukku, Fahad kuwa tuni yafita hayyacinsa, daddan ne mata hannaye yayi yana kissing dinta da karfi da yaji, wani irin nishadi yakeji, sabanin itakuwa rumaisa wani irin zafi takeji, Da karfi takai masa cizo a lips dinsa, saida yayi kara sannan yasaki hannayeta tayi saurin turesa gefe ta mike tsaye tana huci tana kuka, har a lokacin kwalbar giyar tana rike a hannunsa, ya soma saukimowa aka gadon yakasa tsayi guri daya sai tangadi yake, ya nunawa rumaisa dan yatsa " kifa tsayafa, domin naga kin rabemin gida ukku" Rumaisa sai bin ginin dakin take tana kuka, shikuwa sai binta yake yana kokarin kamota, Cikin muryar 'yan maye f yake fadan 'kifa tsayafa, Allah zan illataki" Kuka sosai rumaisa keyi tarasa yadda zatayi dashi a lokacin tafara karanta adu o inta, a cikin zuciya, Sai zagayar dakin suke ita dashi, harta soma gajiya, A angle daya na ginin dakin tasamu ta rakube tana kuka, Fahad yakai dubansa a gurin yaga ta rabe masa gida ukku, kallonta yakeyi kamar baisan taba, harya karasa gurin, Hannunsa daya rike da kwalbar giya, dayan hannun kuwa yadaga ya nuna rumaisa data rabe masa gida ukku, Cikin murya irin ta masu maye yace "yaushe kika zamo mutum ukku, wacece ta kwarai a cikinku" Rumaisa tayi shiru sai karanto adu oninta take, tasa hannu ta toshe bakinta domin kar saurtin kukanta yafito, Fahad yazo daf d ita yace "bari na fitar data kwaran a yanzu" Yad'aga hannusa dake rike da kwalbar yakai duka a gurin, Saukar kwalbar kawai taji akanta rakwasss , tunganan bata kara ihuba, ta sulale a gurin tafadi, Fahad ya kuramata da ido yana kallon ta, ya yarfa hannunsa "au bacci kikayi, toh shikenan bari nima na tayaki" A kusa da ita ya kwanta, hannunsa yadora akan cikinta.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [9:07am, 08/08/2016] _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 39 and 40 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Yana sambatunsa har bacci yayi ayon gaba dashi, 5:30Am na safe, A hankali naga fatar idonsa tasoma motsi sai kuma naga yana kokarin bude idon a hankali har idon suka yashe, Nisji yake kamar wadda yayi wani aikin wahala, har a lokacin rabin kwalbar giyar na hannunsa, dayan kuwa yana kan cikin rumaisa, A hankali yakai dubansa ga hannunsa dake rike da kwalbar giya, yaga kwalbar a fashe, da sauri ya zabura yatashi domin yasan yayi aika aiki baisaniba, Caraf edonsa suka sauka kan rumaisa dake kwance sharkar tamkar gawa, goshinta ya fashe kadan, Cike da firgita yakai hannusa yana jinjigata, yana kiran sunanta cike da hargowa, yaga ko motsi batayi, muryarsa na rawa ya furta "OMG , nakashe 'yar mutane, rumaisa!!!!" Yakara kiran sunanta cikin hargowa a daidai lokacin kuka yazo masa, Yadafe kansa ya gurfana a gabanta yana kuka sosai, ya riko hannunta ya murzawa a hankali " plx rumaisa karki tafi kibarni, dake na tsara rayuwata, ceke silar farin cikina, plx rumaisa com back 2 meeeee,( cry)...." Dubasa yakai gurin rabin Kwalbar giyar dake gefensa yakara dauka cike da jin zafi yakara tarwatsata a kasa duk tafashe a dakin, karar fashewar kwalbar yasa rumaisa taja nunfashi da karfi, tana tari, saikuma tayi shiru, Fahad dake kuka yakara kiran sunanta cikedajin dadin bata mutuba, da sauri ya ciro wayarsa yakira Doctor. . Yana rike da hannunta yana shanshekar kuka, akayi knocking din kofar dakin, da hanzari ya mike yakarsa bakin kofar ya bude, bodyguard dinshi yagani a tsaye, " likitane yazo, yana falo " bodyguard din yafada, Fahad bai furta masa koh uffanba, yajuya da sauri ya koma wurin rumaisa, hannunsa yakai yana kokarin daukoto, sai kuma ya tuna da magabar data masa jiya, (HARAMUN NE NAMIJI YATABA MATAR DABA TASHIBA) Yayi jim yana nazarin maganar ya kalleta, hawaye suna fita a edonsa, a koda yaushe kara jinson rumaisa yakeyi a zuciyarsa A hankali bakinsa ya iya furta "kai bazai yuyuba, noo" hannunsa yakai ya tallabo rumaisa, wani irin nishadi yaji ya ziyarcesa, da sauri ya lumshe edo, sai kuma ya bude, edon sunyi ja sosai, ya nufi waje da ita akan kujera ya saukar da ita, likita yafra dubata .... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:43 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 41 and 42 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Tare dashi ake aikin domin tsaye yayi yana kallon duk abinda likitan keyi, duk ya fita hayyacinsa, zuciyarsa cike da takaicin giya data sakashi yayi wannan aika2, gashi yanzu yayi yunkurin kashe a bar sonsa a banza da wofi, Dafe kansa yayi kafarsa sai rawa take yakasa tsayuwa guri daya, Bayan Likita ya kammal mata dressing, sannan ya juyo ya kallo fahad yace "ogaa komai ya kammala insha Allah nan bada jima waba zata sami sauki" Fahad ya girgiza masa kai, yana hawaye, nan likitan yayi sallama dashi yatafi, Da kyar ya iya karasa bakin kujera wadda take duban tata shima ya kwanta yana kallonta... jira yake ta farka, 7:52am Har safiya tafara bayyana, rumaisa ta bude idonta, zafi taji a kanta hakan yasa tasa hannu ta dafe kanta tana wasshh, jin bandeji a goshinta yasa tafara tuna abina yafaru jiya, da sauri ta mike tana kokarin tashi, nan kuma jiri yakara d'ibanta, tangal-tangal tayi zata fadi a lokacin fahad yakaraso gurin da sauri ya rikota tafada kirjinsa tana mayar da nunfashi, shikuwa ya kura mata edo, yana kallonta, Ita kuwa edonta a rufe yake domin ida ta bude edon gani take dakin na juya mata, Tajima a kirjinsa, kafin ta fara bude edon a hankali, caraf edonta suka sauka akan nashi, da karfi ta mike tana kallonsa, ranta a bace, wani irin haushinsa takeji, Harara ta auka masa sannan tanufi hanyar dakin datake, biyota yayi yana kiran sunanta amma ko juyosa bata yiba, tana karasawa bakin kofar dakin tashiga sannan ta turo kofar da karfi kamar zata game da hannunsa da sauri yaja baya, tasaka key ta rufe kofar, ta jingina jikinta a jikin kofar, kuka ta somayi mai sauti a hankali take sulalewa kasa tana kuka hartakai zaune, Fahad kuwa sai knocking kofar yake yana kiran sunanta amma taki budewa, jin sautin kukanta dayake yakara tayar masa da hankali, A hankali ya ke furta "plx rumaisa kiyi hakuri, wallahi bada sanina komai yafaruba, dan Allan kibude kofar" rumaisa tayi bnza dashi kuka kawai take, Fahad yaja nunfashi yace " nayi miki alkawarin daga yau nadaina shan giya, dan Allah kibud'e kofar" Duk da kukan datake amma saida tayi murmushin karfin hali, jin kalaminsa nacewa zai daina shan giya, Amma kuma saita gagara tashi ta bude masa kofar, Fahad yayi jim, yajita shiru, hakan yasa yajuya ba'ason ransaba zaibar kofar, Sautin karar budan kofar yatsayar dashi, yatsa cak guri daya, yana kallon kofar, Tana bude kofar takoma bakin gado tazauna ta dafe kanta tana hawaye, A hnkali ya turo kofar dakin yashigo, yakarasa bakin gadon, kusa da ita yazauna, yashare hawayensa, ya kalleta yace " wai garin yayi wannan abin yafaru, ni bnsan lokacin dana aika hakan agarekiba" Rumaisa tayi bnza dashi ko uffan tagagara ce masa, a lokacin ta tuna da batayi salla ba, Tana yunkurin tashi Fahad yace " talk mana" harara ta dalla masa tamike tanufi toilet, dasauri yatashi yabita baya, Takai bakin kofar toilet din taga yana kokarin binta hannu ta daga masa " karka kuskura kabiyoni" Tana gama fada bata jira yayi maganaba, tafada toilet din tamayar da kofar ta rufe,.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:43 PM] +234 905 395 7618: [8:12am, 09/08/2016] _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 43 and 44 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Shiru yayi yana kallon kofar ban dakin kafin yajuya yadaki ginin dakin, yana yajan nunfashi sannan ya koma bakin gado yazauna, yana tunanin rayuwarsa wai yau shine kebiyar macce, shida bai mayar da mace komaiba, amma yau gashi macci na wahalar dashi, A lokacine yaji kamar kafarsa na masa ciwo, kallon kafar yayi yaga jini, kwalbar giyar daya fasace yataka kuma harta fasa kafar, yadago kafar yana kallon, zafi yakeji sosai, A daidai lokacin rumaisa tafito daga ban dakin, yana jin fitowarta yayi saurin sauke kafarsa yana murmushin sai kaice wadda babu abin kedamunsa, Bata kulashiba, yana kallonta ta karkade kasan cafet din tafara sallah, yana zaune yana kallonta tana salla, Jiyayi yana sha'awar yayi sallah, Amma ya gagara tashi, yana zaune har rumaisa ta kammala sallar, sannan tazauna tayi adu oi, tana gamawa ta soke kanta kasa tana hawaye, "Harkin gamane " fahad yafada cike da fargaba, Rumaisa ta dago kanta amma bata juyo gurinsaba tace "meya dameka da sallana, aikai bakayi" tana gama fada saikuma tayi shiru, . Fahad yayi murmushin, yaji dadin data amsa masa maganar mike wa yayi yakarasa gurinta yazauna kafarsa namasa zafi sosai ya dubeta yace "fushe kike dani Rumaisa" yafadi maganar a marairaice , Sai a lokacin rumaisa tadago edota ta dubesa, ta share hawayenta sannan tace " dole nayi fushi dakai domin kasauka akan tafarkin addininka kakama addinin yahudu da nasara, Fahad takira sunansa, ths is th fst tmy data kira sunansa, sai yaji abin wani daban, the way yadda takira sunan yamasa dadi, yace "yes " Rumaisa tace "baka sallah, sannan kuma baka tunanin lahirarka, kadauki duniyar nan kamar wani gidan jindadi, kamanta cewa a koda yaushe zaka iya mutuwa kuma kakoma ga Allah, mezaka fada masa idan kaje garesa, zaka fada masa cewa shan giya da neman mata shiya hanaka yin salla, bazaka iyaba, a ranarma bakinka bazaiyi magana domin baki zai iya shirya karya, sassan jikinka sune zasuyi magana wadanda kasan dacewa kana aikata barna dasu, fahad kaiba yaro bane, kamallaki hankalin kanka, yakamata kagyara zamanka da uban gijinka" nadai tashiga karoro masa nasihohi daban-daban... Jikinsa yayi sanyi sosai, ajiyar zuciya yayi sannan yace "shikenan naji, zan daina komai, indai har hakan zai sakaki farin ciki, ya kara kallonta yana murshi kafin yace "amma namanta komai kikoyamun yadda zanyi" Dadi sosai rumaisa taji, Acen kasar zuciyarta tace yes my mission started,... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10:43am, 09/08/2016] _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 45 and 46 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ kallonsa tayi tay murmushin tace "shikenan zan koyama" Shima murmushin ya mata, Zafin kafarsa yakai masa ko ina yayi yunkurin tashi, sai a lokacin rumaisa ta lura da jinin dake fita a kafarsa, Tace "subhanallah, jin ciwo kayine" ya girgiza mata kai, Oh sorry" tafada tana kokarin taba masa kafa, da sauri ya janye yana kallonta yace "babu kyau macce tataba kafar daba ta mijintaba" Rumaisa ta kallesa tayi murmushin tajidadin maganar har cikin ranta tace "babu shamaki gaduk wadda zai tamakawa musulmi dan uwansa a duk lokacin da yake cikin neman taimako, dan haka idan har taimakonka zanyi babu laifi idan natabaka" Fahad yayi dariya yace "ok shikenan" ya miko mata kafar ta kama ta matse jinin daya taru a ciki sannan tamike taje toilet ta dibo ruwam zafi a heater tazo tana gasa masa kafarshi, tana dan kara yimasa bayanin akan addini, Haka dai harta kare, sannan tatashi taje tashirya musu breakfast, bayan sun gama suka dawo falo suka zaune tafara kowayar abubuwa, ranar tasaki jiki sosai dashi, A ranar babu inda yafita yana gidan har yamma tayi, kuma ya koyi abubuwa dadama daga gurin rumaisa, ****** ***** **** Allah sarki majnoon, Majnoon nagani a rakube a gefen tati yana kakkarwar sanyi, duk ya rame yakara fita hayyacinsa, Duk da babu hankali a tatare dashi amma dai yaji rashin zuwan rumaisa gurinsa, yashiga da muwa sosai amma babu wadda yadamu dashi balle yasan damuwa sa, yanzu yama soma daina yawan wasar nan da yara, burin shi kawai shidai yaga Rumaisa. .. ALLAH SARKI SOYAYYA... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:43 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 47 and 48 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ *Bayan kwana biyu* Zarah ce zaune akan gado, tadafe kanta tana hawaye, edonta duk sun kumbura, tasha kukanta mai isarta, Turo kofar d'akin nata akayi akashigo da gudu, bata d'ago kantaba ballema tasan waye yashigo, illadai taji shigowar mutum, Yarinyace yar kemanin shekaru 10 tashigo d'akin tana murna, tafada kan gado inda zarah take, "anty zarah, kingafa abbanmu yasayimun game boy" tafada tana nunawa zarah game din, Zarah ta d'ago edota ta kalleta tace "Feena kije nagani banason damuwa" tafada a kasale Feena tana kallon zarah, tagane kuka take tadan bata fuska tace "anty zarah kuka kike, me akayi miki, mamace ta miki laifi ko Abby" Zarah ta share hawaye ta tadan langawabe kanta kadan tana kallon feena "basu bane, kidai nace kije kibari anjima zamuyi magana" "Faisal ne koh?" Feena tafada tana kallon zarah, zarah ta zare ido tana kallon feena cike da mamaki, tayadda akayi tasan faisal, saikuma ai bazatayi mamakiba domin tana yawan bata labarinshi, bata san lokacin da data girgiza mata kaiba, feena ta tsuke fuska "waishi faisal dinnan duk lokacin da kikaje gurinsa saiya sakaki kuka, ni gaskiya anty zarah kidaina zuwa gurinsa, kima rabu dash.." bata karasa maganar ba zarah ta toshe mata baki, tana girgiza mata kai a lokacin har hawaye sunzo mata ta dora kanta akan feena tana fadan "bazan iyaba feena, wlh bazan iya rabuwa dashi ba, kee bakisan MIYE SO ba, shiyasa kike fadan na rabu dashi, I lov him feena, I lov him...." takarasa maganar tana kuka, Feena ta tausaya mata sosai. tasa hannu ta share mata hawaye sannan tace "anty zarah malamin islamiyarmu yace duk abinda mutum keso toh yakai kukansa a gurin Allah insha Allah allah zai shere masa hawaye, anty zarah mezai hana kifadawa Allah damuwarki" Zarah tayi murmushin yake tace "ngode sister na, nagode sosai, tashi kije inason na kwanta" feena ta mike daga kan gado tanufi hanyar fita tana tana juyo tana kallon antynta, harta fita tabar dakin, zarah takara fashewa da kuka.... **** **** **** **** Kwanan umma biyu kenan a station tayi baki dukta kode, tasha wuya sosai, Yanzu dai kam abba yagane ba umma bace ta sace rumaisa, domin da ace ita tasaceta data fito da ita kodan wahalar datasha, Abba duk ya fita hayyacinsa, 'yarsa k'waya daya tilo tabata, anyi nema har an gaji, dole akaje aka bawa malamai adu'a akan sutayasu da adu'a ko Allah zaisa aganta, tafito a duk inda take , Abba kullum yana station idan baya station to yana gida amma kwata2 yadaina aikin komai, komai nasa yatsata cak, tashin hankali yashiga sosai, zuciyarsa cike da danasanin abinda yayiwa rumaisa, Yauma Yana zaune a station yana tunani2 Zunbur ya mike kamar wadda aka tsigala, dasauri yafita yabar office din, yashiga motarsa, ya kunna yahau hanya gudu yake sosai, harya karasa unguwar da ya saba ganin rumaisa.... wace unguwaceee... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:44 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 49 and 50 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Unguwar da majnoon yake zaune, daidai gurin daya zo yasami rumaisa ranar anan yaja birki, yana tsaya yana kallon unguwar, yana jan nunfashi, A gefen wani gida ya hangi majnoon a rakube, yayi wani irin zama kalar tausayu.. Dasauri abba yafito daga cikin motar yanufi gurinsa, yana karasawa ya gurkusa yazauna kusa dashi edon abba sunyi ja sosai, yadube majnoon sai kuma yasaukar da kansa, yanayinsa yabashi tausayi cikn sanyi murya yace " ina rumaisa" majnoon yayi saurin dago kansa yana kallon abba, saikuma ya mike tsaye yana kokarin barin gurin, abba yayi saurin shiga gabansa " magana nake maka ina rumaisa" majnoon ya ture abba daga gabansa yacigaba da tafiyarsa, ran abba yasoma baci kara shiga gaba majnoon ya runtumo kwalar rigarsa yadaga murya sosai yace "kai inaima magana ka kashareni, ina kakaimun rumaisata, wallahi saika fito mun da ita saboda komai yafaru da rumaisa kaine sila, abba yakara jinjiga kwalar rigar majnoon yana fadan " ina rumaisa..." yafada yana hawaye, nan take mutane suka taru a gurin suna kokarin babbare majnoon daga hannun abba, shidai majnoon uffa baiceba, sai mazurai yake da edo, abin tausayi duk ya rama, Abba yana kuka yake fadan " karku barshi yatafi wlh 'yata yasacemun, 'yata tana wurinsa kuce masa yabani 'yata" mutane suka rirrike abba, wasu kuma wasu kuma suka rike majnoon.. daya daga cikin mutanen yace " haba Alhj yazakace mahaukace yasacemaka yarinya, meyasani waddama koshi kansa baisaniba ballema harwata 'yarka, kaidai kaje kanemi wadda yasacema 'yarka amma ba wannanba" nan kaji mutane gurin sunce "gaskiyane wannan bazai iya sace maka 'yaba " wani matashi yana rike da majnoon yace " wannan mahaukacin yau kwanansa biyu kenan ko wasa yadainyi da yara, kullun yana rakube a gefen titi ko agefen unguwa, gaskiya wannan bashi yasace maka 'yarka ba, kaje cen kanemi wadda yasace maka 'ya" Abba yace "wlh shine.. wannan ne " yanuna majnoon, mutane suka ce a fa bashi bane, abba kuwa yayi juyin duniya suka koki bashi gaskiya, mutane suka rikesa suka kaisa har bakin motarsa suka sakashi, sannan ya kunna motar yabar unguwar yana kuka, soyayyar 'ya da mahaifi kenan.... **** *** ***** Faisal kuwa duk ya rame abincima kadan yakeci bai wuce a yuni yaci abinci saudayaba, koshi dandai momy na matsa masa ne, ammashi kwata kwata bayajin dadin abinci, Faisal yana zaune a falo yana kallo bayan dawo daga gurin aikinsa dagashi sai singlet da 3cutr yadora kafarsa kan dani table dake tsakiyar dakin ya jingina jikinsa a jikin kujera, kallo yake amma hankalinsa kwata2 baya gurin yana gurin tunanin rumaisa, gaggar jikinsa ce kawai zaune a gurin amma zuciyarsa bata tare dashi, Momy ce tafito daga cikin dakinta, ta ganshi saune yayi kuru da edo yana kallon tv, tayi murmushi sannan takarasa gurin tazauna tana kallonsa takira sunansa har sau biyu taji yayi mata shiru, bubbuga kujerar tayi sannan ya zabura yana kallonta " momy" yakira ta yana kikarin yin murshi, yaushe kikazo nan " momy tayi ajiyar zuciya tana kallonsa tace " taya za'ayi kasan nazo, tunda kadauki damuwa kasaka kanka aciki, wai mekakeson kazamane faisal akan soyayya duk kabi ka susuce, jibi yadda karame sai kace bakaiba" Faisal ya tsuke fuska, shiko yawan magana yanzu bayaso, shidai yafison kummul abarsgi alone, yace " menayi kuma umma, nifa ba ita nake tunaniba, kawaidai ina kallone" Momy taja nunshi tace "duk yadda kaso kaboye damuwarka, bazaka iyaba domin fuskarka da jikinka zasu bayyana hakan, kiyi kokarin saita kanka faisal" Faisal yasaukar da kafafun daga kan dani table di yana kokari saka takalminsa, yace "nifa babu abinda ke damuna momy, ni baccima nakeji " yamike tsaye momy ta bishi da kallo haryabar falon, ta girgiza kanta zuciyarta cike da tausayin yaronta, akan soyayya duk yabi ya susuce... ****** ******** ****** _One day later_ Rumaisa ta koyawa fahad abubuwa sosai kuma sun shiga kansa, yanzu yasan yadda zaiyi sallaj aduk lokacin dayaji ankira sallah, hankalinsa yasoma dawowa kansa, rumaisa tasakashi harda siyo littattafan addini, (kujimun samun guri irin na rumaisa) yanzu kam tasake dashi sosai, Yauma suna zaune a falo, tana koya masa adu'oi, tasaki jikinta da gidan kamar gidansu, daman cen a gidan nasu ba wani farin ciki take samuba, yanzu kuwa tasamu freedom, Kallonta yakeyi kamar zai hadiyata ita kuwa kanta na kasa tana karan ta masa littafin dake gabansa, Saidai ta lura da hankalinshi baya gurin sannan ta dago kanta tana kallesa taga ita yake kallo, ta kida masa masa hannu da sauri ya zabura, yana murmushi, itama murmushin tayi tana kallonsa tace " littafi zaka kalla baniba" Fahad ya girgza kai "tohm malama" murmushi tayi sannan taci gaba da karanto masa, Shidaikam yagaga daina kallonta domin akoda yaushe kara shiga masa rai take, sha'awarta makil take a duk wani sassa na jkinsa..?...aha Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:44 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 51 and 52 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Da yamma fahad yakira duk wani ma aikacin gidan suka taru a falon, rumaisa tana zaune a gefen kujera tana jiran taji maizaice, kowa a falon yayi tsit yana jiran yaji me fahad zaifada, Fahad yayi gyaran murya yace "daga yau nabawa rumaisa damar shiga ko ina agidan nan amma banda fita, dan haka karkowa ya hanata zagaya gidan nan, yana kallonsu yace " ina mai gadi " mai gadi ya leko.kansa daga cikin taron ma aikatan yace "gani oga " Fahad yace "toh kaji abinda nace ba, karka kuskura kabarta tafita" mai gadi yace "toh" fahad yanisa yace "toh shikenan kowa yatashi yakama gabnsa" nan falon ya watse rumaisa dake zaune duk tasha jinin jikinta, a zuci take fadan watoshi wannan baya mada niyar sakina nan , lallai kuwa akwai matsala, bazan dawwama anan ba yazama dole inje inga majnoon, shima wannan zaman danake dan kaina nakeyi, kuma domin in gyarawa fahad rayuwarsa ta yadda zaiji dadin rayuwa koda bama tare dashi.. Maganar sace ta katse mata tunani yana fadan "yanzu kinsamu freedom a gidan nan dan haka saikiyi abinda kikeso" kai kawai rumaisa ta daga masa sannan tatashi tanufi dakinta yabita da kallo, tafiyartama burgeshi take, Sai da tashige dakin sannan ya furzar da iska, yatashi yanufi dakinsa, yazauna bakin gado zuciyarsa cike da wasu wasi kalla2 , dafe kansa yayi sha'awar rumaisa tasoma fin karfinsa ta yadda bazai iya hana kansa aikata abinda yaso akan taba, Yana zaune cikin wannan yanayin yaji anturo kofar dakinsa, dasauri yadago kansa yana kallon kofar, rumaisa ce tashigo dakin da littafi a hannunta, murmushi ta sakar masa suns kallon juna tace " kamanta da littafin nan ne a dakina shine nace bari nakawoma ko zakayi bitarsa, murmushi yayi yace "ok kawomin" Taku takeyi tana kokarin karasowa gurinsa, shikuwa edonsa na akan kirkijinta, tana karasowa ta mika masa littafin, da sauri ya cafki hannunta, ya lumshe edo, yana sosar hannun Jikin rumaisa yadau rawa, taga edonsa sun fara rikidewa, murya na rawa ta furta " sakeni na wuce daki " Fahad ya dubeta a lokacin duk tsigar jikinsa tatashi, dasauri ya mike ya tsaya daf da ita kamar zasu hade fuska yace " rumaisa kinunamin soyayya mana, a koda yashe kece muradain raina" Yafada yana kokarin sanyata jikinsa, rumaisa ta na kokarin kwatar kanta tana fadan "meye kuma haka Fahad ko kayi haukane" Fahad yace " eh rumaisa nayi hauka indai akan kine, rumaisa I need you, plcxx" k'akk'ameta meeta sosai yayi a jikinsa yana shakar nunfashin ta, rumaisa ta soma kuka " dan Allah kasakeni natafi" fahad yan nishi yace " rumaisa bazan iya bane sha'awarki zata illatani rumaisa kiyi helping dina plx dan Allah kosau dayene muyi sex" rumaisa ta tureshi daga jikinta, Tana kuka take fadan "bazan iyaba fahad, nayi zaton karatun damuke da zaman da mukayi dakai yasa kacanza halinka ashe bahaka bane, makeson zamane fahad, nidai wlh bazan iya baka kainaba amma nasan banada karfi dazan iya hanaka abinda kake sonyi dani, a duk yunkurina so nake naga na gyaraka koda Allah zaisa sonka yashiga zuciyata, amma kai baka gani wlh fahad tir dakai" ta tofar da yawu tana kuka, fahad yayi tsaye yana hawaye, bazai iya gujewa sha'awar dayake yiwa rumaisa ba, cikin muryar kuka yace " sau dayafa rumaisa, daga wannan wlh bazan karaba sai idan munyi aure plx" Rumaisa ta dafe kanta tana mamakin wannnan wane irin mutum ne, baya tsoron Allah ko kadan, baya tunanin makomarsa a gobe jiyama, cike da hargowa tace "bazan aminceba fahad, kuma walh bazan aureka matukar baka gyara halayen kab.. kuka ya hanata karasa maganar, kuka take sosai, cikin kukan taci gaba dacewa " matukar ina raye bazan barka kakusanceniba, ta nuna kanta da dan yatsa tana kuka tace " kazo kakasheni fahad, kazo kakashine dan ka sami abinda kakeso a gurina" takarasa maganr tana kuka sosai, Fahad ya fa juye2 a cikin dakin kamar wani mahaukaci yayi ihu yadaki ganin dakin yana fadan " bazan iyaba rumaisa, bazan iya kashe kiba Rumaisa, kece hasken idanuwana" yana gama maganar ya juya gefen gado ya hangi makullan motarsa karasawa yayi yaje yadauko makullan sannan yafice yabar dakin yana hawaye, Baifi minti biyu da fitaba taji kukan motar sa yafita yabar gidan, dasauri tatashi tana kuka tanufi dakinta, tashiga tamayar da kofar dakin ta rufe tasa key, saboda tana tsoron kar yaje yasha giyarsa yazo yasameta, Sannan tafada kan gado tana kuka, Zuciyarta cike da bakin ciki yanzu duk abinda ta koyawa fahad tayi abanza kenan, lallai kuwa wannan bazai taba shiryuwaba, yazama dole ta dauki mataki, tayi kokarin barin gidan tun kafin ya cimma mummunan kudurinsa akanta, Tambayar kanta take to ta inama zata fara ... Oho... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:44 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 53 and 54 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ A ranar kaf har dare fahad bai dawo gidan ba, haka ta kwanta tayi baccinta cike da fargaba, Washe gari Tatashi bataji motsinsaba, tafito taje har dakinsa bata ganshiba, hankalinta yasoma tashi, ta zurawa lamarin Allah edo, Haka har yamma tayi baidawo hankalinta yatashi sosai duk ta sukukuce, takasa yin komai, sai taji gidan duk baya mata dadi saboda baya nan, Misalin karfe 10:03 na dare tana rakube akan kujera cikin falo tana jiran dawowar fahad, amma taji shiru, gangadine yafara dibarta, bata ankaraba bacci yayi awon gaba da ita, 11:00 fahad ya dawo gidan, yanayin bude motarsa kawai nagani nace akwai matsala domin kuwa da karfi tsiya ya turo kofar, Sai kuma naga yana fitowa a hankali, yana tangadi kamar zai fadai ko ba a fadamin ba nasan giya yasha yayi mankas domin ko tsayi gagara yi yayi yana tangadi yafadi sai kuma yagagara tashi, Bodyguard dinda ke tsaye a bakin kofar suna kallonsa sukazo gurin, " oga lfy" Cikin murya irin ta yan maye fahad yace " kudaukeni kukaini ciki" Yadago musu hannayensa, ba musu suka rika hannayen suka dagashi sama suka sark'afahi suka nufi cikin gida dashi, A falo suka sami rumaisa tana bacci, duk da acikin maye yake amma hakan bai hanashi ganin rumaisa a kwanceba, yacewa bodyguard din "ita wannan metakeyi anan" dayan bodyguard din yace "bacci take oga" fahad yayi gyatsa kamar zaiyi amai sannan yace " bacci,,, bacci, ya fada cikin salon kasala, sai kuma yace "to kuma kuje kuyi bacci, ni kubarni anan nima anan zan yi bacci" sukace "toh oga" suka karasa dashi bakin kujera daya suka ajiyesa sannan suka fita suka wuce dakinsu, koba komai yau zasu Huta da tsaron wannan mashayin... Yadade a kwance kafin yayi yunkuri iya karfinsa sanna yasamu ya mike, tangadi yake sosai da kyar ya iya yakarasa gurin rumaisa, yayi gyatsa kamar zaiyi amai, Sautin gyatsar yaratsa kunnen rumaisa da sauri ta farka ta ganshi a kanta, yana mashalo, cike da zafin nama ta mike, edonta duk suncinciko da kwalla, tana kallonsa, wannan bazai taba shiryuwaba, a zuci tafad'a, duk ta firgita, yazu kam tsoron fahad take domin yazamo ibilis, mutum bayajin nasiha, fahad dake tangadi yace "zonan Rumaisa" rumaisa ta makale kafad'a tana shirin yin kuka, Fahad yace" bazaki zoba, toshikenan bara nazo ni" yayi taku daya zuwa biyu yana kokarin karasawa gurinta tangadi ya hanashi sandin cafet din yajasa yafadi rakwassss a gurin daidai dani table din da ke tsakiyar falon yafadi, dani table yarabu gida biyu, Rumaisa ta toshe bakinta takara tsorata ganin fahad kwance cikin glass, A hankali takira sunansa, taji shiru, dafe kai tayi ta rosa kuka tace na shiga ukku" Dasauri ta nufi hannyar fita domin yanzu ba bodyguard ko daya agurin, takara bakin gate tana kuka a lokacin mai gadi yafito, da fitila a hannunsa" hajiya lafiya, yana fada yana dalla mata fitilar Rumaisa tace " fahad zai mutu yana ciki" takarasa maganar tana kuka, Mai gadi ya tsorata sosai, dasauri yace " hajiya yana ina" rumaisa ta nuna masa kofar shiga falon " yana ciki" Mai gadin baijira takara magana ba ya zura da gudu yanufi cikin falo, harta daga kafa zata bisa, saikuma ta tsaya cak, zuciyarta na harbawa tara2, yau gata a bakin gate, kuma ita kadai, ai kuwa bazata watsar da wannan damar ba, dole tabar gidan da sauri takarasa wurin key din kofar tana kokarin budewa, cikin sa'a kuwa yabude, ta tura kofar tafita waje, unguwar shiru kake jinta, tsoro yakata jitakeyi kamar ta koma cikin gidan, wata zuciyar tace "ina ai komai tsoron da zataji gwara tatafi" tayi tsaye a bakin kofar tana kuka. tambayar kanta take, to ina kuwa zata je, kalaman mahaifinta ta tuna nacewa zai mata aure da faisal kotanaso kobataso, hakan yasa taji batason zuwan gidan, toh ina zataje, Kakarta tafadi mata a rai, mahaifiyar abba, gurinta zataje domin tana da tausayi sosai kuma tana son rumaisa, Tohm amma kuma ba'a garin takeba a sokoto take, taya za a yi tasamu motar sokoto a yanzu cikin daren nan, ta tsaya tana nazari... jin mai gadi yafito yana kiran hajiya! hajiya!! a cikin gidan ta kara firgita, mai gadine yana kokarin fitowa waje.. Rumaisa tace kafa menaci banbakiba, nan ta famtama da gudu tsiya tabar kofar gidan ta ratsa unguwar cikin duhun dare... Mai gadi na fitowa yaga babu hajiya, kuma kofar gidan a bude abin, yadafe kansa yafashe da kuka, domin yasan dacewa gudu tayi, yafito waje yaleka yaga babuta babu alamarta, kuka yafarayi.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:45 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 55 and 56 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ *NOTE* _ina mai baku hakuri, saida nayi typing ya goge hakan yasa nayi wannan a gurguje, sai kunyin hakurin ganin correcting mistakes, ngd_ "Nashiga uku, yanzu idan oga yatashi yasan dacewa hajiya ta gudu wlh zai iya illatani,wlh bazan zauna a gidan nan ba, dole inje innemota, idan kuwa ban sameta bazan dawo gidan nan ba" mai gadi yafada, Dasauri yashiga dakinsa yafara hada kayansa yana kuka, saida yagama hada kayan kaf sannan yafito, cike da tsoron kar wani yagansa, ya sulale yafita yabar gidan, Rumaisa kuwa sharara uban gudu kawai take, ita kanta batasan inda takeba, ballema harta samu hanyar zuwa sokoto, Daidai wani layi ta karyo kwana, karnuna na kwance a gurin sunaji gudun mutum, suka tashi suka fara haushi, a daidai kwanar tayi kicibus dasu, Cike da tsoro da fargita ta famtama ihu, daman dai tuncen rumaisa tsoron kare take, karnukan sukaji ihu ta, ai kuwa nan suka biyota, cab bata mayi guduba yanxu tafarashi domin wani masifaffen gudu danaga rumaisa nayi, nikaina banzaci zata iya yinsaba, gudu take tana kuka, Wani irin sabon karfi yazo mata, su rumaisa anga mutuwa... lol😝 Karnukan na biye da ita suna mata haushi, ita kuwa tana gudu tana kuka ratsa unguwar kawai take bata masan inda takeba, tana cikin gudun kawai jitayi tafada ciki wani rame fancamm!!! saida bakinta yadaki gabar ramen, bakin ya fashe da jini, duk jikinta ya goge, ta duke a kasan ramen tana maida nunfashi,ta toshe bakinta duk da zafin dayake mata amma a haka tadaure, saboda batason karnukan suji kukanta, Karnukan sukazo gurin sai haushi suke amma basu gantaba, suka yi tsaye a gurin suna sintiri, saida suka gama zagayensu sannan suka bar gurin, saida taji gurin yayi shiru sannan ta saki bakinta shanshekar kukanta kakeji sannu2, Sai a lokacin tasamu natsuwar duba ramen data fad'a, da kyal ta mike tsaye tana hawaye, duk jikinta ciwo, Irin ramun nanne na gefen titi, (lamba 2) tana daga kanta kuwa sai taga titi, wata irin ajiyar zuciya tayi tana nishi, Da gyar ta iya kama bakin ramen, tafito tahau titin tayi tsaye, tana kallon titin gefe da gefe, tsif kakejin tati babu ko motsin lade, a hankali tafara tafiya tana tangadi tare da hawaye, zafin ciwon yasakata kasayin kuka, ta dafe kafarta dai dai gurin dake mata ciwo, tadan jima tana tafiya kafin tafara jin kukan wani ubu a bayanta kamar motace ke shirin zuwa gurin, da sauri ta juyo, tana juyawa kuwa saitaga hasken fitilar mota, tayi tsaye a gurin ta d'aga hannu tana yiwa motar alamar ta tsaya, Motar bus ce taxi, tundaga nesa driver ya hangi mutum namasa hannu, hankalinsa yatashi duk jikinsa yadau rawa a tunaninsa irin yan fashin nan ne wadanda zasu nemi taimako, idan katsaya kataimaka musu sai kuma suyi maka fashi, tsoro yakashi sosai, yanayinta bai nuna tana cikin natsuba sannan kuma sai yaganta tana hawaye hakan yasa wata zuciyar tace masa yatsaya, Daf da ita dirver yazo yatsaya, ya kura mata edo yana kallonta, rumaisa tana kuka take fadan "dan Allah malam katai makamun walh saceni akayi" shidai yayi kuru yana kallonta kyankyawar gaskice, a zuci yake fadan "wannan ba mutum bace Aljanace" nan yafara kwararo adu'oi, naneman tsari Ganin baice mata uffan ba yasa tafara Taku takaraso kusa da motar, a lokacin driver ya dube bakinta yaga duk jini, yakara tsorata sosai, azuci yace "wayyo Allahna yau hadu da aljana mai cin mutane" muryarsa narawa yake furta "kukuke ganinmu bami muke gani kuba, dan Allah karki cutamun wlh ni taimakonki natsayayi" Rumaisa tace "wlh ni mutum ce kamar kai, idanma baka yardaba ga hannuna kataba kaji" ta zura masa hannun tana kuka, Jikinsa narawa yakai hannunsa saman jikin Rumaisa, sai yaji laushi, Yadubeta yayi ta maza yace "malama lafiya meya fito dake cikin wannan tsohon daren," Rumaisa ta fashe da kuka tana fadan "dan Allah kataimakeni kakaini sokoto, wanine ya saceni,na samu kubuta daga hannunsa, shine na gudu" Har a lokaci bai yarda da rumaisa ba leko kansa yayi ta glass din motar yana kallon kafar Rumaisa ko zaiga kofato, sai yaga kaface irin tasa a lokacin ya kara tabbatar dacewa itama mutum ce kamar sa, ajiyar zuciya yayi sannan yace "kwantar da hankalinki, Allah ne yakawo miki ni, domin ni yanzu haka Sokoto zan nufa, ya bud'e mata kofar motar sannan yace "shigo muje" Bakaramin dadi rumaisa tajiba, tace "nagode, nagode" tashare hawayenta sannan ta zagaya tashiga motar suka lula zuwa sokoto, A cikin motar yadauko wani tsumma ya mikawa rumaisa yace " ga wannan ki goge jini dake jikinki, kafin zuwa gobe idan mun sauka sai mu nemi clinic agubaki" Ba musu rumaisa ta karba, ta goge jikinta sannan tasa tsumman ta toshe bakinta dai dai gurin dake fitar da jini, Divern yadan kauda kansa daga tukin dayake ya dubi rumaisa yace " kekuwa garin yaya aka saceki daga sokoto zuwa abuja" Nan Rumaisa tashiga kwararo masa bayani, amma saidai tamasa karya, saboda bata gaya masa gaskiyar cewa ita yar Abuja bace, Bayan tagama gaya masa, Driver yayi ajiyar zuciya sannan " Allah sarki, sai kuma yayi shiru sai cen sannan yace " Allah yaka kareki daga shairinsa" Tace "ameen" sai kuma tayi shiru, bata mason yawan surutu saboda ciwon dake bakinta, dama zai kyaleta da yafi mata, Driver yace " nikuwa kinga lodi ne yakawoni garin nan, kuma nasauke shine zan kara komawa na dauko sannan kuma nadawo" Girgixa masa kai kawai rumaisa tayi, Nan dai yaci gaba da xuba mata suturu, sai kace bbc, Rumaisa kuwa banda toh da him babu abnda take ce masa, Daya lura dacewa bata son yawan magana, dolensa yakyale ya maida hankalinsa ga tukinsa Gudu suke tsalawa kamar sutashi sama koda akace maka asuba takusa sun kusa karasowa sokoto.. Karfe 8:30, na safe suka karasa sokoto, lokacin har rumaisa tayi bacci, Mutumen yatadata, tatashi yace " gamu munzo sokoto, ni a nan zan tsaya cikin gareji domin baza a barni na fita ba" Rumaisa Tace "tohm " tana kokarin fitowa daga cikin motar, Driver yasaka hannunsa cikin aljihu yaciro naira 200 ya mikawa rumaisa " ungo wannan kyasamu ki hau keke napep" Rumaisa ta karba tayi masa godiya, sannan yace "toni zan wuce " Rumaisa ta kada masa kai cikin yanayin tausayi, sannan ta sauko daga cikin motar, shikuwa ya rufe motar yafice yabar gurin, yabarta tsaye a gurin Zuciyarta tashiga harbawa 9-9, nan tafara zancen zuci yanzu gata cikin garin sokoto saidai kuma btasan inda zata jeba, daman duk zuwan dasuke a motar abba suke zuwa, kuma idan sukazo basa wuce wuni daya, sai kuma sukoma, hakan yasa ko sunan unguwar da kakar tata take bata saniba, shiru tayi tana kallon garejin, sai taga kowa harkar gabansa yake babu wanda yadamu dawani, a hankali tafara taku ta sami wani gefen acikin garejin ta rakube tana cizon labba duk ciwo takeji a jikinta, *** ** Wata babbar motace bus irin wadda tasauke rumaisa yanzu taja birki a cikin garejin, mutane sai fitowa suke, Yafito daga cikin motar zuciyarsa fal da farin ciki, a hankali bakinsa yake furta " alhamdulilla" Kallon daya nayiwa mutum daya fito daga cikin motar yanzu, naga kamar nasansa, tsaye yayi yana kallon garejin gefe da gefe, Caraf edonsa yafada kan rumaisa datake rakube a gefen gereji, zare edo yayi cike da mamaki, yakara furta " alhamdulilla" cikin sanda yake tafiya, kamar barawo yazo sata, ta yadda bazataji hayaniyar zuwan saba har ya karasa gurinta, da zuwansa ya cafki hannunta, cike da tsoro da firgita rumaisa ta daga kanta ta kallesa, gabanta yayi mummmunar faduwa, taje zatayi ihu ya toshe mata baki..... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:45 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 59 and 60 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Tsorata sosai abban fahad yayi a lokacin da aka sanar dashi cewa fahad yana asibiti, Bayama 9ja suna American shida umman fahad amma a ranar suka hawo jirgi suka shigo 9ja, Karfe 10:30 na safe jirginsu yasauka a airport dake garin abuja, tun a cikin jirgin mahaifiyar fahad take kuka, abban fahad sai lallashinta yake, da kyardai yasamu ta saurara, Suna saukowa cikin jirgi motoci suka dira a airport din, daman abban fahad yasa a kawo musu moter, nan suka shiga motar suka suka wuce asibiti, Suna karasawa bakin asibitin abban fahad ya dubi asibitin ya tsuke fuska "wht anan aka kawomin yaro" yafada a sanyaye, ransa a bace ya shiga asibitin a wulakance yake kallon mutane, yakarasa dakin da fahad yake, a kwance suka samesa duk ansaka masa bandej a jiki, umman fahad takarasa gurin fahad tana kuka, tarike masa hannu, Abban fahad kuwa ma'aikatan yahau da masifa, fada sosai yayi musu ransa ya bace daga karshe yake cewa "wannan wane irin kauyancine da gigadanci, zaku kawomin yarona wannan karamar asibitin me suka sani, asibitin da kowane talaka zai iya kawo d'ansa, abban fahad yayi huci ya dube ma'aikatan, duk sunkuyar da kansu kasa, sannan yace "duk na koreku daka aikin tsaron yarona, domin naga bazaku iyaba" ma'ai katan suka shiga bashi hkr, amma sam yaki hkr, mahaifiyar fahad itama fada tamusu sosai itama ta goyi bayan maganar mijinta, sannan abba yafita yaje yasami likita yace yanaso ya bashi transfer zai dauke yaronsa daga asibitin zuwa wani babban asibiti, ba musu likitan ya yanka masa, yakarba suka dauki fahad suka bar asibitin dashi, wata babbar asibiti suka kaisa, saboda har a lokacin bai farka ba. Duk glass yayanke masa jiki, Likitoci sukayi masa aiki sosai sannan suka bada yakinin cewa insha Allah daga nan zuwa gobe zai farka, Abban fahad yace "toh shikenan" anan suka wuni asibiti suna jinyarsa, mahaifiyar fahad ta tambayi abban fahad "waishin meya faru da fahad ne" abban fahad yace " nikuwa ta ina zan sani, bayan nidake duka bama kasarnar, mudai jira yafarka sai ya gaya mana da kansa" Haka suka zauna ko wannesu cike da bacin rai da kuma jimamamin rashin lafiyar yaronsu, basason komai yasami fahad... ***** ***** ***** Wani irin katon falone, yasha ado da kamshin turare, wata dattijuwar mata mai kimanin shekaru 45 ce zaune tana kallon tv cikin nishadi da kwanciyar hankali, Zarah tafito daga cikin dakinta tayi shirinta nafita tana kamshin, fuskar nan tasha make-up tayi kyau abinta sai murmushi take, takarasa bakin kujerar da matar take zaune ta zauna kusa a ita tana murmushi, ummana kallo kike" Matar data kira da umma ta dubeta tana murmushi " ey, ina zuwa kuma haka aka chaba wannan adon haka" Zarah ta sunkuyar dakai, tana sosar kanta, kamar marar gaskiya "umma gidan su maryam zance kinsan yau ake bikin antyn ta " Umma tace " haka nefa, toh shikenan amma dai kirki dade a gidan domin kinsan halin mahaifinki baya son fitar nan dakike, idan yadawo bak'ya nan babu ruwana" Zarah tayi murmushi tace " insha Allah bazaima dawo ba yatarar bana nan, da wuri zan dawo, nidai zan tafi saina dawo" Harta mike zata tafi umma tace "zarah naga kwana biyunan kindaina fita aiki lafiya kuwa" Zarah tadan langwabe kai tana kallon umma tace "ummana banga ribar fita aikin nan ba domin kona fita bana samun natsuwar zuci, ummana kawai kitayani da adu'a Allah yasa na iya jure bakin cikin dazan shiga nan gaba" Umma ta dube tadan zare ido da mamaki " wane irin bakin ciki kuma 'yarnan, meke damun kine a gurin aikin" Zarah tayi murmushi a lokacin duk kwalla sun cika mata edo, tana sauri tabar gurin kar umma ta gane kuka take shirinyi tana fadan " saina dawo zan fada miki umma " dasauri ta fice daga falon tafita harabar gidan, Umma ta tabe baki "toh" sai kuma tayi shiru tana kallon kofar da zarah tafita, sannan tace " Allah yakauta, ina jiran dawowarki" ita kadai take maganar sai kuma tajuya taci gaba da kallonta, Zarah na fita hawaye suka sauko mata, dasauri tashige motar ta,ta daura kanta kansitari, tana hawaye, zuciyarta har wani zafi take mata, rashin faisal a gareta ba karamin tashin hankali bane, a duk lokacin da suka hada edo dashi wani irin sonsa yake kara shiga zuciyarta, saboda ta sami salamar zuci yasa tadaina zuwa gurin aikin domin tagaji da irin wulakanci da faisal kemata, amma duk da haka haryanzu zuciyarta cike take da kaunarsa, Sitarin motar ta daka tana hawaye sannan tadaki kirjinta daidai gurin zuciyarta tana fadan "laifin kine zuciyata, kece kika sakani komai, kece kika ingizani inda ake wulakantani, inda aka daukeni marar zuciya mai nacin soyayya... kuka takeyi cike da tausayi, cikin kukan take fadan "meyasa kika kamu dason maso wani, tabbas kuwa kin sakani a koshin walaha,..." kuka ya kubuce mata, takasa karasa maganar ta saukar dakai kan sitiri, ta jima a hakan kafin ta dago kanta, tatsayar da kukanta sannan tashare hawayenta, ta sai-sai ta kanta, ta kunna motar tayiwa mai gadi hoh ya wangele mata kofa sannan tafice tabar gidan... *Wacece zarah...* Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:45 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 61 and 62 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ *Wacece zarah* Zarah heesham shine asalin sunananta, black beauty ce ga diri ga k'ira sonkowa kin wadda yarasa, Zarah ta kammala karatunta na degree yanzu haka tana aikine a wani company, a company ne suka hadu da faisal, tun farkon haduwarsu da ita tafara nuna masa so amma shi saiya rika basarwa, Hakan yasa tanace harsaida takai data furta masa, tun da ta furta masa cewa tana sonsa kuwa a take a gurin ya yi watsi da maganar tare da dayima wulakanci, ko da gargadin cewa karta kara bijiro masa da irin wannan maganar, Amma duk da haka zarah bata daina binsa ba tanayi masa magiya akan yakarbi soyayyarta amma faisal yaki, kullum wulakancinsa kara karuwa yakee. Zarah tayi masa kuka har ba iyaka amma kwata2 yakiji tausayinta, shi ace warsa baya kaunarta, shi bata yimasa baki daya, duk wulakanci na duniya faisal yayiwa zarah akan yaga yacire mata sonsa a cikin zuciyarta amma ina yakasa...hakadai zarah taketa hakuri dashi, tana kara lallashin zuciyarta akan ta dage wata rana zatayi nasara akansa, ( wace rana ce wannan ) oho Iyayen zarah ma'aikatan kwainatine, mahaifinta da mahaifiyar duk aiki suke, mamarta doc ce, mahaifinta kuwa librarian ne a wata university, Su biyune a gurin iyayensu daga ita sai kanwanta Nafisat wacca suke kira da feena... _Wannan kenan_ ***** ***** ****** Haj lubace zaune a daki tasaka rumaisa gaba tana tambayarta akan tagaya mata yadda wannan abin yafaru kuma ta sanar da itada meye silar faruwarsa, rumaisa kuwa bayan kuka babu abinda take, hajja luba tace "to nidai nagaji da wannan kukan naki, tunda bazaki fadamunba, ni zan koma waje idan kingama kukanki saiki kirani kisanar dani" tana gama fada ta mike tsaye, Rumaisa tayi saurin riko hannunta, tana shanshekar kuka tace "zan fada, dan Allah kizauna wlh zanfada " Haj luba tayi ajiyar zuciya sannna ta zaune tace "fadamun ina jinki, meye silal faruwar komai" ta fada ta kallon rumaisa edo cikin edo, Muryar rumaisa na rawa tafara fadawa hajja luba, komai daya faru, harda dukan da abbanta yamata akan saita aure faisal, tun bata karasa gayawa hajja luba, Hajja luba ta dakatar da ita, zuciyarta tadau zafi zanta yabace sosai cike da masifa take fadan "shi Usman (abban rumaisa) shine zai miki auren dole, harda duka, wato kenan badan Allah yasa kinzo nanba , dasaidai kawai naji auranki daga sama, to wlh bai isaba, yadda yake nuna ikonsa akanki nima haka inada iko akansan domin nice na haifesa, hajja luba tayi shiru tana huci, sannan ta kara kallon rumaisa tace "kikace kinada wadda kikeso koh" Rumaisa tace "eh inada" Haj luba tace "ya sunansa kuma d'an gidan waye" gab rumaisa ya tsinke yafadi, domin acikin labarin data bawa hajja luba bata sanar da ita cewa mahaukaci take soba, rumaisa tayi shiru tana kallon hajja luba, batasan sunan majnoon ba ballema hartasan sunan iyayensa, a wane gari yake oho, itama bata saniba, tsoro takeji karta fadawa hajja luba cewa wadda yakeso mahaukacine ne, domin tasan dacewa, zata dauki maganar tata ashirmen banza, Tayi shiru hajja luba ta tsureta da edo, bakinta na rawa ta soma furta " bansan..." Hajja luba ta dakatar da ita domin duk zuciyarta tadau zafi, wani irin haushin abban rumaisa takeji, tace " bana mason kifadamun sunansa ko sunan iyayensa, wlh babu makawa shizaki aura kuma nayi miki alkawarin indai ba mutuwa nayiba saikin auresa" sai kuma ta koma fada " maganar banza maganar wofi yanzu ai zamani ya chanza andaina yiwa mata auren dole, 'yar jikan tawa kwaya daya tak, za'a nemi amata auren dole salon idan aka kaita gidan mijin bakin ciki yanemi kasheta, toh bai isaba wollah" Rumaisa tayi shiru sauraronta kawai take, tasoma ganin nasara acikin lamarinta da majnoon, amma saidai tana fargabar ya Hajja luba zata dauki abin idan har taji labarin cewa mahaukaci takeso" Dafa kafadunta Hajja luba tayi hakan yayi sanadiyar fitowarta daga duniyar tunanin data shiga Hajja luba ta dubeta tace "kitashi kije kiyi wanka, kizo kici abinci, insha Allah gobe zamu koma abuja, kuma ina mai tabbatar miki dacewa zaki aure wadda kikso" Rumaisa ta rungumeta tana kuka " nagode inna" kukan farin take, Sannan A hankalin tafito daga jikin Hajja luba tana share hawayenta sannan ta mike tafita tabar dakin tanufi ban daki, Wanka tayi tafito koda tafito Hajja luba ta ajiye mata abinci, zaunawa tayi taci ta koshi, sai alokacin tasamu natsuwa, Daki takoma takwanta saman gado, tunina barkatai suka rika zomata, yanzu ya fahad yake oho itama bata saniba, sai dai har yanzu akwai sauran tausayinsa a zuciyarta, wannan me yake nufi *so'ne ko tausayi*, Majnoon dintafa yanzu wane hali yake ciki, tabbas tayi kiwarsa sosai, kalaman Hajja luba suka rika dawo mata a kwakwalwa nacewa dole saita aure wadda takeso, murmushi tayi cike dajindadi, a zuci tace "Allah yasa hakan nee" nan dai taci gaba da tunani kala kala, har bacci yazo mata... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:45 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 63 and 64 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ *Washe gari* Tunda sassafe hajja luba tazo tatashi rumaisa, tun agurin ta sanar da ita cewa, idan tagama salla tayi wanka tazo tasameta, domin motar safe zasubi suwuce abuja, Haka kuwa akayi bayan rumaisa tayi salla sannan tayi wanka ta shiya, tazo tasami hajja luba zaune a harabar gidan itama ta shirya, karin kumallo kawai sukayi, suka wuce tasha, basu dad'e sosai ba a tashar suka sami mota nan suka hau hanyar zuwa abuja, ***** ***** ****** A *Abuja* Fahad yana kwance kan gadon asibiti edonsa suka fara motsawa, sunana kokarin budewa, a hankali har edon suka yashe, kallon dakin yakeyi gefe da gefe, firgir ya mike zaune, yana mamakin wannan dakin inane, juyowar dazaiyi suka hada edo da ummansa, cike da farin ciki take kallonsa, Shikuwa mamaki yacikashi, abubuwan da suka faru jiya yarika tunawa, muryarsa na rawa yace " ina rumaisa" Abba yana tsaye ya kura masa edo cike da rashin fahimta, maganarsa, wace rumaisa kuma? Abba ke tambayar kansa, umma takaraso gurinsa ta rike hannunsa tace "wacece kuma rumaisa" Abba shima yakaraso gurin yana cewa "wacece kuma Rumaisa son" duk mamaki yacika su, Fahad ya dafe kansa dake masa zafi yana kokarin tashi tsaye abba ya zaunar dashi, tuni hawaye suka cinciko masa edo, nan yasoma kuka yana fadan "kubarni natafi gurinta abba, wlh banzan samu salamar zuci ba matukar banga Rumaisa ba, itace farin cikina, dan Allah kubarni natafi" Umma ta dube abba, abba ya dube umma sudukansa mamaki yacikasu, wace irin rumaisa ce wannan data rikita musu yaronsu, Ganin basuce dashi komaiba yasa Fahad yakara fashe da kuka yana cewa " nacuce kaina, na cuce zuciyata, ya dube abba sannan yaci gaba dacewa "abba daga yau nadaina shan giya, wlh duk abinda rumaisa bataso zan daina, zan dawo mutumen kirki sabida ita, dan Allah abba kanemamin aurenta, idan bansamu auren rumaisa ba wlh bazan iya rayuwaba, dan Allah abba kanemamun auren rumaisa..." yakarasa maganar yana kuka sosai duk ya fita hayyacinsa, Umma duk ta rikice, tunda take bata taba ganin kukan fahad ba akan macce sai yau, Abba kuwa tuni edonsa sunyi ja sosai, yana tunanin wannan wacece ita kuma 'yar gida waye, tabbas zai nemota kuma zai nemawa yaronsa neman aurenta koda kuwa dukiyarsa zata kare kaf akan wannan matsalar, Abban fahad ya sunkuwo yadafa gadon da Fahad yake zaune yana kallon fahad edo cikin edo yace "waye mahaifinta kuma a ina take" Fahad ya yashare hawayesa yana cewa "A nan garin take, bansan sunan mahaifinta ba amma nasan unguwarsu da kuma gidansu" Abba yace "toh shikenan mujira zuwa gobe idan kakara samun sauki, zamuji musami iyayen nata" Umma tana zaune tana kallonsu sai a lokacin tasamu damar cewa "bazamu jiraba har zuwa gobe, domin bazan iya jurar ganin yarona cikin damuwaba, sannan kuma banason yarona yayi asa'rar wannan yarinyar muje gidan nasu a yau kuma a yanzu " Abban fahad yayi ajiyar zuciya sannan yace "toh shikenan muje " Nan suka shiga hada kayansu, bayansun gama hada kayan, sukaje karbar takardar sallama a tare suduka ukku, Bayan sun karba suka fita motar suka shiga suka, abban fahad ne yaja motar har sun fara tafiya abba yace "mezai hana mutsaya mukarya kafin mukarasa, domin kunsan ni bana iya zama yunwa yanzun nan ulcer ta zata iya tashi" Umma tace "hakanefa, muje mukarya kafin muwuce" toh kawai abba yace suka wuce wata katuwar restaurant, Shidai Fahad ko uffan baice dasuba, shidai burinsa kawai yaga abar sonsa wato rumaisa, Nan aka ordo musu abinci kala2 suka fara ci... (ganin zasu batamin lokaci gurin kallon cin abincinsy yasa, nabar gurin, nace idan sun gama cin abinci nasu na 'yan gayu, ma hadu a gidan su rumaisa, nan na fece nakarasa tashar mota) ***** ****** ****** *TASHAR MOTA* _A Abuja_ A tasha mai motar ya jibgesu, bayan sun fito suka tare mai napep suka shiga, yakaisu har unguwar, suka biyasa sannan suka shiga cikin gidan, Abban rumaisa yana zaune a falo, lamarin duniya duk ya ishesa, duk ya kara ramewa, Sallama yajiyo a waje ana kokarin shigowa falon, ya kura kofar falon edo yana jiran yaga wazai shigo, Ummansa yagani saida gabansa yafadi, ya mike tsaye cike da mamaki, a zuci yace "kardai ace tasamu labarin cewa rumaisa tabata" Ganin yanayin fuskarta a murtuke, yaji tsoro sosai domin yana matukar tsoron ummansa, Abinda yakara firgitashi saida yaja da baya jiyake kamar mafarki yake, ganin rumaisa da yayi a bayan hajiyarsa, Hannusa yadaga yana nuna rumaisa cike da mamaki bakinsa ke furta "RUMAISA!!" Hajja luba tayi saurin karbe maganar, cike da masifa take fadan "eh rumaisa ce wadda kukayi yunkurin kashewa, to ta Allah bata kuba, ina muguwar matar nan taka take, toga rumaisa tadawo gidan ubanta saiki mutu, kina inane " hajja luba tashiga kiran sunan umma, Abban rumaisa wadda tuni murmushi ya mamaye fuskarsa, cike da farin ciki da jindadi yaga 'yarsa, Hajja luba taji shiru, bataji motsin ummaba , ta dube abba tace "ina matarka take" Abba ya sauke hannunsa ya dube hajja luba yace "barka da zuwa Hajiya, ya hanya " yafada cike dajin kunya, Hajja luba ta dalla masa harara "ni ba wannan na tambayeka ina matarka domin ni danta nazo garin nan" Abba yace "hajiya kiraso kuzauna mana sai muyi magana, ya dube rumaisa yana murmushi yace "rumaisa ta zoki zauna kinji" Rumaisa ta tsuke fuska, hajja luba taja hannunta suka karasa bakin kujara suka zauna Bayan sun zauna abba yayi dariya yace "bari nakawo muku ruwa" da sauri ya mike yaje yadauko ruwa a firij yakawo musu, rumaisa sai kallon abbanta take taga duk ya rame, saida yabata tausayi, kallon gidan take duk taga ya canza mata komai na gidan a hisgitse, Abban rumaisa shima ita yake kallo duk ta koma masa bakuwa, Hajja luba ta katse musu tunina da cewa " wai ba magana nake maka ba nace ina matarka, ko kafita yawon iskancin nata ne" Yanayin fuskar abba ya chanza zuwa bacin rai sannan yace "tana police station" saida rumaisa ta furzar da ruwan dake bakinta saboda razana akan maganar da abbanta yafada, Cike da mamaki hajja luba tace "meta keyi a police station" Abba yace "tun lokacin da rumaisa ta bata nasa aka kamata domin ni nayi zaton cewa akwai hannunta acikin wannan matsalar" Rumaisa tuni hawaye suka sauko kan kumatunta cike take da tausayin umma duk da ba itace ta haifetaba amma tanajin sonta har cikin zuciyarta, rumaisa ta marairaice fuska ta dube abba tace "Dan Allah abba kaje kazo da ita, wlh babu hannunta a ciki" sai a lokacin tayi magana, Abba yadube yaga yata hawaye tausayi ta bashi, yace "toh shikenan" da sauri ya mike, yanufi hanyar fita, Hajja luba tace "ina kuma zakaje" Abba yajuyo yace " zanje station din ne nazo da ita tunda rumaisa ta bukaci ganinta" Bai jira hajja luba tasake maganaba yafita yabar gidan, *Bayan minti 30* Falo ya cika umma da Abba Hajja luba da kuma rumaisa, duk suna zazzaune, sunyu jugum2, umma dukta galabaita tayi baki, ta wahala sosai, Abba yana zaune yana kallon hajja luba, Umma tatashi tazo gurin rumaisa kwalla duk sun cika mata edo tace " Dan Allahki rumaisa kiyafemin, Alhakinkine ke fita akaina, nasan dacewa na cuceki, na hanaki jindadi a gidan nan, amma wlh yanzu nayi nadama sosai, dan Allah kiyafemin" Kuka rumaisa takeyi ta d'ago umma ta rungumeta tana fadan " nayafe miki ummata, wlh nayafe mike har cikin zuciyata" Umma tana kuka tace " nagode rumaisa" suka kara kakkame juna, suna kuka, Duk haushi umma take bawa hajja luba, Hajja luba taja tsaki sannan tayi gyaran murya, domin ita har yanzu bata sauka daga dokin zuciyar data hauba, tace " ni ba ruwan da kukanki, kukan munafinci, mtsw, Hajja luba ta juya gurin abban rumaisa tace " kai kuma bara kaji, maganar auren dole dazakayiwa rumaisa na janye wannan maganar, kabawa rumaisa wadda takeso, idan kuwa ba haka wlh nida kaine" Cike da mamaki abban rumaisa yake kallon Hajja luba, wai kodai batasan wadda rumaisa takeso bane, mahaukacine fa, taya zai aurar da diyarsa ga mahaukaci, Cikin sanyin jiki abba yace "hajiya waddafa takeso dinnan mahau..." bai karasa maganarba sukaji an turo kofar falon aka shigo tare dayin sallama, Fahad ne shida da iyayensa... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:45 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 65 and 66 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Falon gabaki daya kallon kowa su yake kallo, abban rumaisa, da umma, hajja luba da basu san suba su na mamakin suwaye su, Rumaisa kuwa tuni jikinta yadau rawa, muryarta na rawa ta dube fahad cike da masifa tace "mekazo yi a gidanmu, meya kawoka" Abban rumaisa ya cika da mamaki ya dubi rumaisa yace "suwaye wadan nan kuma" Rumaisa ta fashe da kuka tanajin yadda zata gayawa abbanta cewa shine wadda yasaceta, sai tayi shiru kawai tana kallonsu taji dame sukazo, Tun shigowarsu fahad yake kallon Rumaisa sannan suka karaso cikin falon, suka gaisa da juna, Abban fahad yace "ni sunana Alhaji sani babba" abban rumaisa yayi saurin katsesa da cewa "ok nagane, Allah sarki, ban taba ganin ganinkaba amma inajin labarin sosai a garin nan" abban fahad yana murshi yace "eh hakane kasan ni bamai yawan zama kasar nan bane" abban rumaisa yace "eh hakane, lafiya kuwa " yafada yana kallon abban fahad, Abban fahad yanisa sannan yace "nine mahaifin fahad, wato wannan yaron" yajuya yana kokarin nunawa abban rumaisa fahad, sai yaga wayam babu fahad a gurin, Koda suka juya, a lokacin har Fahad yakarasa gurin rumaisa edonsa sunyi ja sosai, ya durkusa a gabanta, Falon gabaki daya saida kowa yayi mamaki, Ya dago kansa ya kalleta a lokacin har hawaye sun fara fita a cikin edonsa, murya a sanyaye yace "kada zuciyarsa tayi zargin cewa nazone domin na cuta miki a a, hakika rumaisa bazan taba mantawa dakeba a tarahin rayuwata saboda irin gudun muwar da kika bani wacca ita narasa tun a baya da rayuwata bata kasance a yadda kika tsinceniba, banada alkhairin dazan iya saka miki dashi sai dai ina rokonki Alfarmar abu guda daya agurinki" fahad yadanyi shiru yana kokarin share hawayensa, folon gabaki daya shi ake sauraro, sannan yace "Dan Allah rumaisa ki yarda ki aureni, ta wannan hanyarce kadai zan iya saka miki akan alkhairin da kikaimun" Gaban rumaisa yayi mummunar faduwa tabbas fahad yabata tausayi amma saidai idan tayi na am da kudurinsa to tabbas ta cuci kanta, domin bashine a cikin zuciyarta ba, hawaye ke fita a edonta tasa hannu ta share, cikin sanyin murya take Takira sunansa, yadago kansa ya kalleta, sannan taja nunfashi taci gaba dacewa "tarayyata dakai banayita tabe danna aureka saboda ni ban taba kaunar kaba, na kusancekanee kawai dan na fidda kai halin dakake ciki amma ni bantaba jin sonka a zuciyataba, kayi hakuri" Tunda tafara maganar zuciyar fahad tasoma duka tara2 , hankalinsa yayi mutukar tashi dajin kalaman rumaisa, hawaye suka kara sauko masa, yakara marairaice fuska yana cewa "amma rumaisa idan kikamun haka bakimun adalciba, dakinsan haka zakimun dakin barni naci gaba abubawan danake daya fimin, amma danme zaki dandanmun zuma a baki kihanani lasa, dan Allah rumaisa ki amincedani" Rumaisa tayi ajiyar zuciya tana kallonsa tace "fahad nifa bazan aure kaba, domin ni inada wadda nakeso" tana karasa maganar sai kuma tayi shiru, ganin hankalin kowa a falon yadawo kansu, duk taji ta tsargu, a hankalin sautin kuka fahad yasoma fita, jiki a sanyaye ya mike tsaye yana kallon rumaisa sannan yace "amma meyasa zakimun haka, kinkuwa san yadda zuciyata take bugawa ayanzu, wlh jinake kamar zata fasa jirkina tafito, karki illatamun rayuwa rumaisa, kece kadai wacca nakeso dan Allah rumaisa kiyarda ki ...." rumaisa ta daga mishi hannu tasauya yanayin fuskarta zuwa bacin rai cike da hargo tace "me kakeson nayi maka ne, nidakai munyi alkawarin aurene, ko kuma nace zan aurekane, nagaya maka bana sonka, kafita rayuwata mana aaaa" Abban fahad duk jikinsa yayi sanyi a hankali yakarsa gurin ya janyo hannun fahad, kuka fahad yake sosai, umman fahad ma haka kuka take tasa gyale ta toshe bakinta kar sautin kukanta yafita, tana mamakin rashin tausayi irin na rumaisa, Abban fahad yace "muje koh " ya riko hannun fahad, fahad ya firgi hannunsa daga rikon abbansa yamasa, ya juyo ya kalli rumaisa yace "baki taba yimun ba amma kin nunamin alama, bantaba tunanin imaninki da tausayinki a iya baki kadai suka tsayaba idan aka bukata bazaki iya yiwa mutumba, to Amma wlh inason kisani" fahad yanuna mata dan yatsaya kafin yaci gaba cewa "duk ranar da muka sake gamo dakee..." sai kuma yayi shiru yakasa karasa maganar ya yarfar da hannunsa yana kuka, cike da tausayi, Abban fahad ya kara janyo hannunsa suka nufi kofar fita fahad sai kuka yake yana fadan "karku rabani da rumaisa wlh itace muradin raina, dan Allah abba kubata hkuri ta amince ta aureni, dan Allah umma kubata hkr" haka yarika jiro kalaman magiya duk ya fita hayyacinsa, Hakadai suka jasa suka fita dashi, a mota suka sakashi umma ta zauna gidan baya a tare dashi tana lallashinsa, ran abba a bace ya firgi motar da karfi tsiya suka fice sukabar gidan... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:45 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 67 and 68 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Suna fita abban rumaisa yace "waye kuma wannan a ina kika sansa" Rumaisa tadan bata fuska kamar batason fada ganin falon kowa ya sakar mata edo, yasa tace " Sunansa fahad, shine wadda yasaceni, akan yana sona" tana karasa fadan maganar ta sunkuye kai, Falomln gabaki daya kowa yacika da mamaki, hajja luba ranta a bace tace " wannan ai haukane mugun mutum kamar wannan yashigo gidan nan shine bazaki fadaba, meyasa baki gaya mana tun farko shi bane da basai asaka police sukamshiba" Abban rumaisa yayi saurin cewa "hajiya amma dai bakisan kowauye alhj sani babba bako, ai wannan dakike gani duk kasar nan babu wadda ya isa yakamashi, saidai kawai muyi hakuri tunda Allah yasa rumaisa tadawo lafiya lau, mugodewa Allah" hajja luba tayi ajiyar zuciya sannan tace "toh shikenan, sai kuma ta dube umma tadan tabe baki kafin tace " ke kuma wlh nasake jin wani tashin hankali yashiga tsakaninki da rumaisa to ina mai tabbatar miki dacewa zamanki a gidan nan yazo karshe" umma tadan share hawaye, domin yanzu nadamce karara a kan fuskarta tace "insha allah babu abinda zai sake faruwa" tana gama maganar tayi shiru, Hajja luba ta dube abba tace "kai ma ina kara fad'a maka cewa karka kara dukanta kuma karika mata abinda takeso, yarinya karama saiku nemi kusa mata hawan jini" Abba yayi yake yace "insha Allah hajiya babu wata takura dazata sake shiga tsakanina da rumaisa, yanzu haka sonake tafadamum wata keso, duk wadda takeso to shi zan aura mata, abba yadube rumaisa kafin yace " rumaisa wa kikeso?" Yana tambayar rumaisa, Gaban rumaisa ya fad'i, ta dago edon tana kallonsu, tanajin yadda zata fadamusu cewa majnoon takeso, jin tayi shiru yasa hajja luba tace " kifada mana wakikeso" Rumaisa tayi rau rau da edo kamar zatayi kuka, muryarta na rawa ta soma furta " majnoon, abba majnoon nakeso" tana karasa maganar tasoke kanta kasa, Tunda tafadi kalmar majnoon abba yashiga tashin hankali, yafara tunano abinda yafaru kwanakin baya, Hajja luba kuwa mamaki yacika kasa hakura tayi saida tayi magana "majnoon fa kikace, mahaukaci kenan" Abban yayi saurin cewa "eh hajiya wani mahaukacine takeso, nayi kokarin rabata dashi amma taki rabuwa dashi" hajja luba tamike tsaye cike da masifa tace " wannan ai haukane, niko a tarihi bantabajin mai hankali yaso mahaukaci ba, nima ban goyi bayan a aura miki mahaukaci ba domin wata rana zai iya illataki, meye abinso a cikin mahaukaci mtsw, ni wlh nayi tunanin kinada hankali ashe ke baki hankali ko kadan" takarasa maganar tare dajan tsaki, Abba ya girgiza kai yana kallon hajja luba yace "kemadai kya fada, meye abinso a gurin mahaukaci, amma babu yadda zanyi tunda kince abata wadda takeso, dan haka shi a aura mata kawai" Hajja luba tace "ai ko bayan raina bazata auresaba, ni wlh dama nasan akan mahaukaci kike wannna kurciyar da wlh bakisa nabaro sokoto nazo nanba" Tunda suka fara maganar rumaisa tasoma kuka, hajja luba taci gaba da zabga mata fada, kamar ta daketa, taga rashin hankalin na rumaisa yayi yawa, daga karshe tace "wannan duk kurciyace, dan haka idanma kinada wanda kikeso kifito dashi amma ba mahaukaci ba, idan kuwa bakida kijira zuwansa amma bazamu aurar dake ga mahaukaci ba" tana gama maganar ta dube abba tace "tashi muje kamaidani sokoto, domin ni bazan zauna ina sauraron wannan tatsuniyarba, sanna tasake duban rumaisa tace "ke kuwa idan kika tanace akan cewa sai mahaukaci, to bani bake, karki kara daukata a matsayin kakarki" takarasa maganar tana huci tanufi kofar fita, rumaisa tayi saurin mikewa cike da tashin hankali tashiga gabanta ta durkusa a gabanta tana kuka ta rike mata hijjab " inna dan Allah kiyi hakuri akan abinda nafada, wlh na hakura dashi, zan iya barinsa amma ke bazan iya jurar ganin fushinkiba, saidai inna dan Allah kitayani da adu'a Allah yasa kar ciwon zuciya ya illatani" Tausayi tabawa hajja luba sosai, duk yadda taso tayi fushi da rumaisa bazata iyaba, idanhar tatuna irin hallacci da mahaifiyarta tamata, hajja luba tasa hannu ta dagota suna facing din juna sannan tace "na hakura rumaisa, kuma insha Allah ciwon zuciya bazai illatakiba, zaki dawo sumul kamar kowa zaki manta dashi a rawuyawaki" rumaisa tana kuka ta rungume hajja luba, hajja luba tarika suka wuce daki, akabar daga umma sai abba a falo, Abban yadube ya tsuke fuska yace "kitashi kigirka mana abinci" Umma ta girgiza kai kawai ta wuce kicin... ***** ***** *** Abban fahad kuwa tun a mota yaci fadansa mai isarsa, har suka karasa gida a faloma yakara dora wani fadan yana cewa "bazan barka a kasar nan ba, akan macce dukkabi ka susutaminkai, yau zamubar kasar nan tare dakai, yadube umman fahad yace " tashi maza ki had'o masa kayasan muwuce dashi" Umma tace " hakan ma yafi muje dashi cen yana gabanmu" haka kuwa akayi umma taje tahada masa kayansa, suka fita suka nufi airport, Fahad banda kuka babu abinda yake, duk yarasama mezai musu, duk da dai shima yanason tafiyar, domin yanason yamanta da rumaisa a yanzu, matukar yana ganinta bazai taba daina sontaba, Hakadai suka shiga jirgi sukabar 9ja, suka lula zuwa American... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:46 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 71 and 72 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Ummanta nazaune a falon taga ta fad'I cike da firgita ta karaso gurinta, tana jinjigata, tana kiran sunanta amma taji shiru, daman umma likitace, da sauri ta dube feena, wacca tuni tafara tana fadan wayoo anty zarah tamutu, umma tadaka mata tsawa tace "jeki daukomin ruwa a firij" Dasauri feena ta mike jikinta na rawa, taje tadauko ruwa tadawo, umma ta karba ta kwara mata, Firgit tafarka tana kuka, ta kakkame umma, umma tace "lafiya kuwa meyake faruwa ne" Zarah kuka take sosai da kyar da iya fadan "ammi dan Allah achanzamun gurin aiki, wlh matukar ina gurin aikin nan bazan taba samun kwanciyar hankaliba, zuciyata zata iya fashewa" Ammi ta sauke nunfashi tace "toh shikenan daman tun shekarar jiya da damukayi magana dake nakira abbanki na sanar dashi komai, kuma yace insha Allah za'a nema miki wani gun, ki kwantar da hankalinki, tashi muje nakaiki dakin ki kwanta" Nan zarah tamike ammi tarika sukabar falon suka nufi dakin zarah, a dakinta ammi takaita saman gado ta ajiyeta sannan tafice tabar dakin, Bayan fitar ammi kuka sosai zarah tayi, tare da yiwa zuciyarta alkawari cewa koda son faisal zai kasheta to dole zataja baya2 da lamarinsa domin yanzu yasamu wadda yakeso, bazataso shi ya shiga irin halin da ita take ciki ba'ayanzu, Haka dai taci kukanta mai isarta, hadisin annabi Muhammad S A W ta tuna inda yake cewa "kugusar da damuwarku dayin sadaka, Allah subhanahu wata'ala zai yaye muku damuwarku kuma ya doraku akan makiyanku" wannan ta ajiye aranta, takira feena tazo tabata kudi tace taje masallacin bakin layi takai musu tace sadakace, haka kuwa akayi feena taje takai kudin ta dawo..... A hankali tasoma samun natsuwar zuci, harda bacci yayi awon gaba da ita, *Bayan kwana biyu* Rumaisa tadan warware amma haryanzu takasa sakin jiki, akoda yaushe tunanin majnoon take, tama daina fitowa falo, kulum tana cikin daki saikace wata amaryar kulle, Batada aiki sai tunina sai kuma kuka idan taga babu kowa a kusa da ita, Yauma kamar kullum tana cikin daki zaune, abbanta yashigo, yana murmushi yazauna kusa da ita ya dube yace "rumaisa!!" Ya kira sunanta tadago kanta "naam abba" "Kirage yawan tunaninnan domin baya haifar da alkhairi kinji" rumaisa ta noke kai tace "toh abba zandaina" Abba yayi ajiyar zuciya yasake dubanta yace "daman abinda yakawoni shine, maganace akan faisal munyi magana nida iyayen sa yau zaizo gurinki, domin kufara fuskantar juna kafin ranar aurenku, dan Allah Rumaisa kibashi kulawa, karki sharesa, idan kikayimun haka zanyi matukar farin ciki" Hawaye suka cicciko a edon Rumaisa murya a sanyaye tace "shikenan Abba insha Allah zanyi kokarin yin haka" Abba yajidadi sosai yace "Allah yayi miki albarka" rumaisa tace "ameen" muryarta na rawa kamar zatayi kuka, Abba ya mike tsaye "kifito kici abinci, kafin yazo" yana gama fada yabar dakin rumaisa ta gagara yin magana domin a lokacin har kukan yasoma zomata, Ai kuwa abba na fita ta fashe da kuka, kuka mai sauti take amma a hanakali sautin kefita dan kar wani yaji, Kuka sosai tayi saida taji zuciyarta tafara zafi sannan tadaina, tashare hawayenta, tatashi tashiga toilet, wnka tayi sannna tafito, Bawani mekupp tayiba, porder ce kawai tashafa, sannan ta janyo wata doguwar gown tasaka tayi kyau abinta, amma dai fuskar a daure, Tazo gaban mirror tayi tsaye tana kallon kanta, sai lokacin ta lura da irin ramar datayi, har kansanta na wuya sunfito.... Allah sarki rumaisa😭 ***** ******* ****** Tunda yafito daga wanka yake cikin farin ciki, dasauri sauri yashafa mai, sannan yakarasa bakin akwatinsa ya janyo wani light blue yadi, yasaka yayi kyau abinsa, yazo bakin mirror yayi tsaye yana kallon kansa, yayi murmushi a lokacin yana kokarin daidaita hula akansa, bayan yazaunar da hular daidai, yakarayin murmushi, sannan ya janyo turare yafeshe jikinsa kaf nan take ya kwashi kamshi, Sannan yakarasa wurin ajiye takalminsa, yajanyo wasu takalmi masu ratsin blue a cikinsu, yasaka, sannan yafita falo, Momy naganinsa ta washe baki tana fadan " a a lallai wannan shirin saidai zuwa gurin rumaisa" Faisal yayi murmushi sannan yakaraso gurinta, har zai zauna sai kuma yafasa, momy tace "zauna mana" faisal yayi murmushi yace "a a momy bazan zaunaba domin banason nayi leti zuwa, kidai jirani idan nadawo zaki sha labari" yana karasa maganar ya nufi kofar fita, cikin zumuri da jindadi momy tace a dawo lafiya" nan dai yafita yaje yashiga motarsa, yayiwa mai gadi hoh yabude masa kofar, yana fita daga gidan yasaka wakar Soyayyace tafito dani, ta ko ina ansan dani kizo muje muza gaya, Alkawarin so murike,) wakar umar m sharif, cike da nishadi sautin wakar ke fita ta speakers na motar, wakar tana ratsashi sosai domin harya haddace wakar wani baiti naji yana rairowa kamar haka "tarkon so yakama zuciya, gidan sarauta da sarauniya, natabbata banishan wuya dan adalcinta da gaskiya na tabbata nafad'a a hannnu nagari bata cutar dani, dan lele nazamo a guntane, bazatasoni insa wuya" haka dai yaci gaba da suburbuda wakarsa yana tafiya, Misalin karfe 7:30 na yamma abba yadawo daga masallaci yana zaune a falo, umma kuwa tana kicin tana hada musu girki, hajja luba tana dakin rumaisa saman sallaya tana lazumi, Yaro yashigo gidan, yayi sallama abba ya amsa, yaron yace "wai ana sallama da rumaisa a waje" cike da farin ciki abba yace "kace tana zuwa " Yaron yace "toh" yafita Yana fita abba yatashi dasauri yaje yasanar da rumaisa, Bata tsaya bata lokaciba gurin yin mekup, tadan kimtsa jikinta sannan tafito hajja luba tayi mata magana akan tadan saki fuska mana, hakan yasa tadan waye fuskarta kadan sannna tafita, A jikin motarsa ta samesa a tsaye, tun daga nesa yake kallonta yana mata murmushi, rumaisa takaraso gurinsa ta gaidashi ya amsa cike da farin ciki, suna gama gaisuwar tayi shiru, shima yayi shiru ganan fuskarta a murtuke yasa yayi murmushi yace "rumaisa kibani dama nanumiki irin sonda nake miki, a koda yaushe muradina shine naga kin kasance tawa" Murmushi kadan rumaisa tayi kafin tace "ai banice zan baka damaba, zuciyatace, domin ni ai nagama baka dama tunda har nazo gurinka" murmushi faisal yayi yace "toh shikenan nikuwa zan nunawa zuciyarki cewa duk duniya babu wadda yake sonta kamar yadda nakesonta" Hmm kawai rumaisa tace masa, haka dai sukaci gaba da firarsu, duk yayi magana saita bashi amsa, amma dai ta gagara sakin fuskar, Shikam dai ko a haka suka tsaya yaji dadi sosai, koda ace duk yazo zaginsa take to shikam babu abinda zai damesa, Sun kusan awa daya suna magana, rumaisa dukta tsargu, wani irin zafi takejin zuciyarta nayi, nan take kanta yadau ciwo, jiri tasoma gani, Ta mike tsaye kamar zata fadi, tace "banajindadi jiri nake gani,kaje saida safe" bata jira yayi maganaba, tabar gurin dasauri, Faisal ya mike cike da farin ciki, yadan tabe baki, yace "any way! Gobema zan dawo" Abba yana zaune a falo umma ta kawo masa abinci yana shirin fara ci, Rumaisa ta shigo falon, ta dafe kanta da kuma zuciyarta, abba yace "lafiya kuwa " Kala bata ce masaba takarasa dakinta, da sauri yabiyo bayanta, tana shiga dakin jiri ya kwasheta ta sulala a kasa tana tari da karfi ta dafe gefen kirjinta daidai gurin zuciyarta, tana kuka, hajja luba dake zaune akan sallaya tayi saurin karasawa gurinta tana fadan rumaisa lfy kuwa, koda taduba taganta tana aman jini tsorata sosai hajja luba tayi dasauri ta kwalawa abba kira, a daidai lokacin ya turo kofar dakin yashigo... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:46 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 73 and 74 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ yana shigowa dakin yaga halin da rumaisa take ciki dasauri yasa aka daukota suka nufi asibita, Sa isarsu asibitin Aka kaita emergency room, aka bata taimakon gaggawa, Umma, abba , hajja luba duk sun tsorota da ciwon rumaisa, ace yarinya harda aman jini, Bayan wasu yan mituna likita yafito daga cikin da rumaisa take ciki a hargitse, dasauri su hajja luba suka karasa gurinsa, tun basuyi maganaba likitan yace "tana bukatar karin jini da gaggawa domin jini yafita a jikinta sosai" Abba duk ya firgice da sauri yace "toh yanzu likita yaza ayi kennan" Cikin gaggawa likatan yace "kuzo muje a gwada jininku mugani ko za a samu wadda yadace danata" haka kuwa akayi suka bi bayan likitan akaje aka gwada jininsu, na umma ne yayi daidai danata, aka kuwa d'ibi roba daya akaje aka sakawa rumaisa *BAYAN MINTI 50* likitan yakara fitowa daga cikin da rumaisa take ciki a karo nabiyu, sun abba sukayi saurin karasawa gurinsa, Hajja luba hawaye take tana cewa "likita meya faru da itane" Likita ya dube abba sannan yaja nunfashi yace "'yarku tana daf dakamuwa da cutar hawan jini, domin tunani da damuwa sun mata yawa, meyake damunta?"yakarasa maganar da tambaya Abba ya dubi umma, umma ta dube hajja luba, sukansu basusan meye damuwarba, abbane yayi saurin cewa "muma bamu saniba likiti, saidai idan zata iya magana mezai hana a atambayeta" Likita yace "ba yanzu, domin yanxu munsamu munyi mata karin jini kuma yanzu haka bacci take bazata samu farkawaba sai nan dazuwa awa daya" Abba yace " to shikenan zamu jirata, yadanyi shiru har likitan zaibar gurin sai kuma yayi saurin cewa "likita yanzu ya jikin nata" Likitan yajuyo yayi ajiyar zuciya sannan yace "tasamu sauki, sosai" yana gama fada yabar gurin, abba yadube umma duk jikinta ya mutu yace "mungode da bayar da jini" murmushi kawai tamasa shima yamata sannan suka samu guri suka zauna suna jirana farkawar rumaisa, BAYAN AWA DAYA DA RABI Umma tana zaune kusa da rumaisa, rumaisa ta tafarka tana kallon dakin a hankali, Umma ta dubeta tace "sannu rumaisa ya jikin" bata iya cewa komaiba saikawai bin dakin take da kallo, A daidai lokacin abba da likita suka shigo dakin, abba yace "alhmdulillah ta farka" da sauri yakarasa gurinta ya fadan "ya jikin" suna hada edo da Abba rumaisa ta fashe da kuka mai sauti saida hankalin kowa a dakin yatashi, hajja luba takaraso ta rike mata hannuwa tana cewa "rumaisa kigaya mana menene damuwarki, meye matsalarki" Cikin kuka rumaisa tace "inna bazan iya sakaku kumin abinda baku soba, haka nima bazan iya hana zuciyata tunaniba, bazan taba samun salamar zuciba matukar bana tare da majnoon, ta dube abba sannan taci gaba dacewa "abba majnoon shine farin cikina shine kadai wadda nakeso Dan Allah abba kabarni naganshi koda saudayane...." takarasa maganar tana kuka sosai, Dakin yayi shiru nadan wani lokaci, Abba yashiga tunanin maganar rumaisa, tabbas 'yarsa ta susuce akan soyayya da majnoon Likita ya katse mata tunani dacewa " waye shi wannan majnoon din, daman tanada wadda takesone" abba yasauke a jiyar zuciya yace "eh tanada amma kuma ai mahaukacine, ni banga ribar auren mahaukaci ga mai hankaliba " Likita yace " idan har yana raye yakamata azo mata dashi, idan har kunason tasamu lafiya, yakamata ace kacece rayuwar 'yarka, ka ajiye maganar hauka gefe, domin hauka zata iya warkewa matukar ba mugun asiri akayi masaba, wasu iyayen suna bani mamaki, duk da sunsan matsalar yayansu kuma sunada maganinta amma saisu kafe da nuna iko da isa, wannan kwata2 bai daceba, nidai shawarata anan itace kanemawa 'yarka lafiya ka ajiye maganar hauka a gefe, ai ko mahaukaci mutumne" Abba yayi jim yana nazarin maganar sai cen yadube likita yace " yanzu kana ganin zai iya warkewa kuwa " likita yace " insha Allah zai warke, indai har ba asiri akayi masaba, kagama idan har kayi haka kasamu riba biyu kenan ga ribar taimako, kuma sannan kanemawa 'yarka wadda takeso" Abba yayi ajiyar xuciya yace "to shikenan zanje yanzu nazo dashi" yana gama fada yanufi hanyar fita Likita yiyi saurin cewa "yasan fuskar kane, domin kasan yadda suke, basa yadda da sabuwar fuska" Abba yadan tsaya kafin ya juyo ya dube likita sannan yace "eh yasan fuskana, domin nataba zuwa mukayi hatsaniya dashi sau daya" Likita yace "tare zamuje domin banason yaganka yafirgita " abba yace to shikenan muje, Tare suka fita Nan suka fita sukabar asibitin sukanufi unguwra da majnoon yake, Suna zuwa kuwa suka ganshi kwance yana bacci duk ya kara hargisewa, jikinsa har wani tsamin datti yake, likitan yatoshe hancinsa, sannan suka suka karasa gurinsa, Abban rumaisa yadan dakeshi kadan, ai kuwa da karfi yafarka, Cike da firgita suka hada edo da abban rumaisa, da karfi yatashi yana ja dabaya, Abban rumaisa yace "tsaya kaji munzone mutafi dakai asibiti" Majnoon yanajin zancen munzone mutafi dakai, ya zura da gudu, abban rumaisa da likita suka mara masa baya suna kiransa amma ko juyosu baiba, Kan titi yahaura babu ko duban motocin dake zuwa , ai kuwa yana kai tsakiyar titi, naji abba na fadan katsaya mota ga banka, kafin majnoon ya ankara kaji wani karrrrrrrrrrrr...... Note" Aslm, ina mai baku hkr akn gaskiya bazaku jini kwana biyu ba domin banada lfy kuma gobe zamu fara exam, nagode da nuna kaunarku akan novel dinnan" Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:46 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 79 and 80 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Abba yadan zabura kadan dominshi harya shiga duniyar tunani, gyaran murya yayi sannna yafara dacewa "bansan yadda zakaji maganarba, amma yazama dole ingayamaka ita, soboda koda ban sanar dakai ita yauba to tabbas gobe ko jibi zan sanar dakai komai, wannan daka tambayeni waye shi, nikaina bansan waye shiba, kaddarace ta had'ashi da rumaisa, kuma shi mahaukaci ne, tayi mugun kamuwa da sonsa, nayi kokarin naraba dashi amma nakarasa yin haka, sanadin hakan yasa kaga komai yana faruwa ba daidaiba, kamar yadda nasanar dakai a waya cewa muna asibiti, jiyane bayan faisal yabar gidana, rumaisa tashigo gidan a hasgitse, ina zaune a falo naga shigowarta, nake tambayarsa meya faru amma tagagara mun magana, abin ya tsoratani, shine nabi bayansta tana karasa dakinta tafadi kasa a cikin dakin nan fa saita fara aman jini... abba yayi shiru yana kokarin goge wasu gajerun hawaye dake kokarin saukowa kan kuma tunsa, Daddy yayi saurin cewa "subhanallah" sai kuma yayi shiru Abba yayi ajiyar zuciya sannan yaci gaba dacewa "to shine muka kawota asibiti, bayan mun kawota asibiti, likita yake sanar damu cewa tana daf da kuma da cutar hawan jini matukar bamu nema mata abinda take soba domin tunani da damuwa sun mata yawa, shine bayan ta farka aka tambayeta meye matsalarta anan take sanar damu cewa ita mahaukacin nan takeso, naso nadauki maganar tata a shirme amma Likita yace bai dace nakasa ceton rayuwar 'yataba akan wani banza kudiri nawa, Likitan ne yabada tabbacin cewa zai iya warkar da mahaukaci matukar ba asiri akayi masa ba, nikuwa shine nabi shawararsa mukaje aka daukosa, a garin daukosa kuma mota takara kadesa, yanzu haka likita yasanar dani cewa bayan cutar hauka dake jikinsa, kwakwalwarsa tayi losing wasu abubuwa wadanda koda yasamo lafiya bazai iya tunawaba, abba yadan shiru yana share hawayen dake zubo masa, jikin daddy duk yayi sanyi tausayin majnoon yaji sosai aransa, bayan abba yashare hawayensa yaci gaba dacewa "alhj kayi hakuri, kuma kabawa yaronka hakuri akan maganar aurensa da rumaisa, domin bazan zamo mai sonkaiba akan abinda 'yata kesoba, ni a yanzu farin cikinta kawai nake nema" Daddy yayi yasauke nunfashi edonsa sunyi ja sosai, shima shirin yin hawayen yake, sai dai yadanne aransa, domin tunba yauba yaso faisal yadaina zancen auren rumaisa amma yaki, to yanzu dai komai yazo karshe, daddy yace "alhj bazan taba kamaka da laifi ko cin amanaba domin wannan hukuncin daka yanke ko nine hakan zanyi, fiyema da hakan zan iyayi domin kawai in nemawa yarona farin ciki, amma wannan shawarar daka yanke itace mafita mai kyau, mukanmu munsan dacewa rumaisa batason faisal, saidai munyi amfani da ikon mune na zama iyayenta zamu aura mata shi a dole, gaskiya bazanga laifin kaba, kuma najidadi sosai daka taimakawa yaron nan Allah yasaka maka da khairan" Murya a sanyaye abba yace "ameen" Sai kuma sukanyi shiru, kamar kurame saicen daddy yace "saidai wani hanzari ba guduba, abba yayi saurin dago kansa yana kallonsa "menene " Daddy yace "sai dai akwai matsala daya, matsalar kuwa itace manta komai dayayi, domin zai iya tunawa da komai aduk lokacin dayaga abinda yataba faruwa dashi abaya, to idan yatuna ya kake ganin kenan zakayi idan yakasa amincewa da auren rumaisa, kokuwa yagudu yabarku" Abba yadanyi shiru kamar bazaiyi magana, sai cen kuma yace "idan ma hakan zata faru tosaidai a bayan auren su, domin ana sallamarmu a asitibin nan zan fara shirye 2 aurensu, kaga kenan idan daga baya yatuna zuwa lokacin zai iya kasancewa sun samu haihuwa ita dashi, kaga kuwa bazai iya guduwaba yabar iyalansaba" Daddy ya girgiza kai yace " kumafa hakane, Allah dai yasa shiyafi zama alkhairi" Abba ya amsa da ameen , sannna yace "mukoma ciki koh" Daddy yace "eh muje, yanzu ma zamu wuce gida, domin inaso naje wani gun, zuwa gobe insha Allah zamu dawo mukara dubata, Abba yace "to shikenan Allah yakaimu goben" Nan dai suka dan daidai kansu kafin sukoma cikin asibitin amma dakaga yananin daddy zaka gane cewa baya cikin farin ciki, domin edon nan nasa sunyi jajir.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:46 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 81 and 82 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Dakin jinyar rumaisa suka karasa, momy tana zaune akan kujerar roba, suka shigo, daddy yadanyi murmushi karfin hali ya dube umma sannan yace "toh mu zamu wuce, Allah yakara bata lafiya" sai kuma ya juya ya dube momy yace "tashi muje koh" momy ta mike itama tana kallon yanayin fuskarsa kamar marar gaskiya, saidai ta basar ta juya gurin su umma da hajja luba "Allah yakara bata lafiya yasa kaffarace" su umma suka amsa da ameen, Sannan daddy yasanar dasu cewa gobe zasu dawo, yana gama sanar dasu, sukafice daga dakin, Suna fita abba yasamu guri yazaune, anan yafara bayyana musu komai da yafaru tundaga zuwa dauko majnoon dakuma mantawa da abubuwan da yayi dama komaima saida yasanar dasu, daga karshe dai yace musu yanzu an cire haukar dake kansa, Bakaramin dadi rumaisa tajiba, umma ma haka, hajja luba kuwa tsoro lamarin yabata itamadai tana tsoron kar yaje yatuna daga baya ya gujesu, Tayiwa abba magana akan wannan dalilin kawai saiya nuna mata cewa bakomai. Shidai kawai 'yarsa tasamu lafiya, edonsa ya rufe baya ganin komai sai lafiya 'yarsa ,,, ******** ******** ****** Tunda suka shiga mota daddy bai furta uffaba haka zalika momy, har suka karasa gida, itadai ta lura da yanayinsa yana cikin damuwa, Suna karasa gida a falo suka dire, daddy ya zaune akan kujera ya furzar da iska, Momy tadan dubesa kadan, bayan tazauna ta kasa hakura tanason tasan matsalar mijinta "abban faisal wai meke damum kane naga tunda muka baro asibitin nan baka cikin hankalinka, yana yinka gaba daya ya chanza, wai meke faruwane" Daddy ya dago edonsa ya kalleta, yajima yana kallonta kafin yace "zan iya bawa faisal kowane gata da d'a ke samu agurin mahaifinsa, amma bazan iya saka soyayyarsa a Cikin zuciyar dabata sonsa ba, ni mahaifinsane zan kara umartarsa akaro na biyu daya fita harkar rumaisa, idan kuwa yaki magana to wlh zamu samu sabani dashi, domin ni bazanyi sonkai irin nasaba na kashe 'yar aminina" Tunda yafara maganar momy ta tsorata sosai domin tana fargatar ayya kuwa faisal zai iya rabuwa da rumaisa, cike da mamaki da fargaba take tambayar daddy" meya farune ko wata matsala takoma taso wane" Nan daddy ya fede mata biri har wutsiyarsa kamar yadda abba yamasa bayani, itama ta gamsu sosai kuma ta tausayawa rumaisa bakaramar girgiza tayiba dataji labari saida tayi hawaye, Jikinta duk yayi sanyi, murya kasa2 tace "nima na goyi bayan maganarka domin nina bazanso araba wannan soyayyarba ta rumaisa da majnoon ta hanyar faisal ba, kawai fatana Allah yasa shiyafi zama alkhairi" daddy ya amsa da ameen, sannna yace tatashi taje tahada masa ruwanka zai fita yanzu" Momy ta mike taje tahada masa ruwan wanka, sannna tazo tasanar da shi yatashi yaje yayi wanka ya shirya sannna yafita, ****** ******* **** Daga dawowar abban zarah daga dubai yasa akayi mata transfer aka maida wani company, Daya daga cikin nasa, ta samu natsuwa sosai, kuma ta daidai kanta ta rage tunanin faisal a kai kai, daman ganinsa ne kesa tana yawan tunaninsa, to yanzu kuwa tadaina ganinsa, Tafito daga wanka tana shirin fita aiki feena tashigo dakin, zarah ta dube "yan mata lafiya kuwa" Feena tayi saurin haurawa kan gadon ta kwanta tana dariya "lafiya lau anty zarah kawai fira nazo muyi, yau surutu nakeji" Zarah tadanyi dariya sannna tace "nikuwa gashi yanzu fita zanyi, sai dai idan zakimun tatsuniya toh zan saurareki" Dariya feena tayi kafin tace "toh shikenan anty zarah zan miki, badai kinason ta gizo da koki ba" Zarah tace "eh inaso fara muji" zarah tahaura kan gadon tana kallon feena cike da farin ciki, Feena tace "wata rana gizo...." sai kuma ta tsaya tana kallon zarah Zarah ta daga mata gira "yane yan mata naji kinyi shiru" Feena tace "anty zarah, sonake na tambayeki" "Uhim ina jinki" zarah tafada tana kallon Feena Feena tace "anty zarah wai naga yanzu kindaina kuka ko kindaina zuwa gurin faisal ne" Zarah ta tsuke fuska tadakawa feena tsawa "tashi kifita daga dakin nan" ta nunawa feena kofa Feena ta mike sum2 kamar wacca kwai yafashe mata a ciki, tana tafiya tana juyowa tana kallon zarah, Zarah tace "idan kika kira sunan faisal a gidan nan Allah saina yankaki" Feena tashe da kuka tafita da gudu tabar dakin, Tana fita zarah ta dafe kanta ta furzar da iska "bazan iya manta dakaiba faisal kaine farin cikin zuciyata kaine muradin zuciyata" duk a zuci take wannan zancen, A fili kuwa tsaki taja " nifa dole na cire sonsa a cikin zuciyata" tafada tana hawaye, (kujimun zarah wai dole ta cire sonsa, sai kace wani cire takalmi, hmm sone fa) .. Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:47 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 83 and 84 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Da yamma faisal yadawo daga gurin aiki, tun a gurin aikin yayi kudurin daya dawo zai shiryane yaje gurin rumaisa, domin shi haryanzu bai samu labarin rumaisa batada lafiyaba, Haka kuwa akayi yana dawowa yafada toilet yayi wanka, bayan yafito yafara shirinsa, yana cikin shirin yaji anturo kofar dakin, yad'ago kansa yana kallon kofar momy yagani, washe baki yayi yana murmushi "momy yanzu nake kudurin da nakammala shirin nan nazo nasameki, tund'a nashigo naji gidan yayi tsit, kamar bakowa" Momy tayi murmushi tace "eh ina daki, ai naji shigowar motarka, tashi kawai banba, yanzun nanma abban kane yafito dani, yace nazo nafadama yana nemanka" Gaban faisal yafadi, cike da mamaki ya dube momy yace "nemana kuma momy, Allah yasa dai lafiya" Momy tace "koma dai meye zakaji, karkayi jinkiri yana dakinsa yana jiranka" tana gama fada tajuya tabar dakin, Faisal yabi kofar da kallo harta fice, yana yin dayaga momy a ciki bai gamsu dashiba, yanaji a jikinsa kamar akwai matsala, furzar da isaka yayi a bakinsa, yaci gaba da shirinsa, tunani kala2 yarika zo masa, Yakasa samun sukuni, ya kosa yaji me daddy zaice masa, Kasa kammala shirin yayi, ya tashi ya nufi dakin daddy, Yana karasawa ya tura kofar dakin yashiga, zaune ya sami daddy saman wata 'yar karamar kujera dake d'akin, Momy kuwa tana zaune bakin gado, ko wannen su yayi shiru, fuska ba annunuri, Yana shigowa dakin yaji gabansa yafadi, ya sunkuyar dakai kamar marar gaskiya, yakarasa kusa ga daddy ya durkusa sannan yace "daddy gani" cikin ladabi da biyayya Daddy yayi ajiyar zuciya yana duban faisal "faisal kana son farin cikina kuwa" Cike da mamaki Faisal yayi saurin dago kansa ya dube daddy yace "sosai makuwa daddy, fatana akoda yaushe naganka cikin farin ciki da kwanciyar hankali, sai kuma yayi shiru yana kallon daddy Daddy yakara cewa "kana tausayin 'ya macce kuwa" Faisal duk ya rikice da tambayoyin da daddy kemasa, kuma yarasa dalili yin tambayoyin, girgiza kansa yayi "eh daddy inajin tausayinsu sosaima" Daddy yasauke nunfashi yana batun zaiyi magana, Momy tayi saurin katsesa dacewa "nifa banga amfanin tsayawa yimasa wad'an nan tambayoyin ba, kawai kafito fili kafada masa abinda yasa kakirashi" Daddy yayi shiru, yana jin nauhin yadda zai fadawa faisal cewa yafita harkar rumaisa, Jin yayi shiri yasa momy ta dube faisal ta kira sunansa, Faisal ya juyo gefen momy duk ya tsorata, shima dai yakosa yaji mezasu fada masa, Momy tace "tun bakiyi wayoba kakejin labarin matan da suka illata mazajensu akan auren dole, kayi tunani da nazari bisa akidarmu ta addinin musulunci, kazamo mai tausayi a zuciyarka, faisal! Takara kiran sunanshi yakara dago kansa edonsa sunyi ja sosai, sannna taci gaba dacewa "ba so bane mutum ya tilas tawa wanda baya sonsa akan dole saiya sosa, taya zakaji abin idanhar akace yau gashi za'a yiwa kanwarka aure dole, za'a aura mata wadda bataso, bata muradin gani, a lokacin tasauke nunfashi sannna tace "faisal! Takara kiran sunansa a karo na ukku, ykara dago kansa a lokacin harya soma hawaye, domin ya fahimci inda maganar momy ta dosa, momy tace "gabar auren dole bata taba gushewa a cikin zuciyar wasu matan, kalilan ne a cikinsu zasu iya manta dashi, duk wacca kuwa kaga tamanta to katabbatar koda akayi mata aure batada wadda takeso, amma muddi tanada wadda takeso akayi kokarin rabata dashi toh akoda yaushe bazata taba mantawa dashiba, duk wani dadi daza kabata, duk wata kula dazaka bata, duk wani so dazaka nuna mata, hakan bazaisa ta sauke akalartaba naganin ka cuceta, mazaje da dama sun fuskanci rashin zaman lafiya a gidajensu sakamakon auren matayen da basa sonsu, faisal kanasone kakasance daya daga cikin wad'an nan mazajen..." tana karasa maganar da tambaya tana duban faisal Hawaye sosai faisal keyi duk ya fahimci maganganun momy, kuma jikinsa duk yayi sanyi, amma shikansa yarasa ta yadda zaiyi ya manta da maganar rumaisa, taya za'a yadaina sonta, Hawayensa yashare yana sharbar majina yad'ago kansa ya dube momy sannan ya juya ya dube daddy sannna yace "rumaisa bata sona koh, wannan shine abinda kuka kasa fadamin ?" Daddy yace "kafahimci maganar momynka faisal, rumaisa bata son....." Faisal yadaga masa hannu yakatse masa magana, yadanyi shiru kamar bazaiyi maganaba, dakin yayi tsit nadan wani lokaci, kafin faisal yace "basai kakara maimaita kalmarba, dumin itace kalma mafi girma dana tsani naji anfurta akan soyayyata da rumaisa, nikaina nasan hakan kuma inajin hakan a jikina, tabbas so ya rufemun edo ta yadda bazan iya hango matsalar da zata faru dani nan gaba ba, ba karya mutane suke fad'aba da har sukace so makahone, nazubar da *HAWAYEN MASOYA* bila adadin a kan rumaisa, to amma a yanzu komai yazo karshe indai nine kadai wadda zai iya gushe farin cikin gidan nan to banyiwa kaina adalciba kuma! Kuma bansaka muku da alkhairin da kuka yimunba, nasan dacewa koda na aure rumaisa to tabbas nabar *BAYA DA KURA* domin akoda yaushe zan iya fuskartar barazana daga gareta" yad'anyi shiru, yana kokarin share hawayen sa, Sannan yaci gaba dacewa "daddy indai nine matsalar ku to kusa aranku Matsalar ta kau, daga yau nabar rumaisa koda kuwa ita kadaice macce a duniya bazan aure taba, koda kuwa idan ban aureba sonta zai iya illatani a shirye nake dayin hakannnn...." yakarasa maganar yana kuka, Momy itama hawaye take, kamar zata masa kuka tausayinsa takeji har cikin ranta, a hankali tafara magana bakinta na rawa "ba abinda zai faru dakai faisal, idan kasa natsuwa a zuciyarsa, komai zai wuce zai zamo kamar komai baitaba faruwaba" Faisal ya mike tsaye da kyar duk jikinsa rawa yake, kuka yake marar sauti, har yakai bakin kofar fita sai kuma ya juyo ya dube daddy yace "inaso kamun uzuri naje naga rumaisa koda sau dayane" Daddy jiki ba kwari yace "na amince kaje, yaushe zakaje " Faisal yace "yanzu" Momy tashere hawayenta tace "yanzu kuma kabari zuwa gobe ..." Daddy yayi saurin cewa "a a kibarshi yatafi yanzun, shikedai yasan meyakeji a zuciyarsa," Faisal ya juya yana kokarin bude kofar dakin yafita, daddy yakara kiransa, yajuyo, daddy yace "idan kadawo zan shirya maka tafiya zuwa Kogi (lokoja) kaje cen ka samu hutu zuwa kwana biyu kadawo" Kai kawai faisal ya girgiza masa sannan ya fice yabar dakin, Dakinsa ya nufa ya karasa kammala shirinsa, sannna yadauki keys na motarsa ya nufi asibiti..... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:47 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 85 and 86 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Note* ina mai baku hakuri akan rashin jina daba kuyiba kwana biyu,haka yafarune sakamakon muna exam ne amma yanzu mungama, insha Allah yanzu bakuda shamaki da labarin majnoon kullum zaizo muku, nagode da kulawarku, kuma ina baran adu'a agareku Allah yabamu sakamako mai kyau, nagode Fans😘 Muje zuwa...😊 Koda faisal yakarasa asibitin duk yad'an saki jikinsa, a mota yatsaya yakara daidaita kansa sannna ya nufo cikin asibitin, Umma tana zaune a kusa da rumaisa tana mata fira cike da farin ciki, domin a yanzu rumaisa takara samun sauki, Faisal yashigo dakin tare dayin sallama, suka amsa masa a tare, Yakaraso gurin yagaida umma cike da ladabi da biyayya, Umma ta amsa masa cike da fara'a, Rumaisa kuwa tunda suka hada edo dashi sau daya taji gabanta yafadi, ta kauda kanta daga kallonsa, Faisal yayi mata ya jiki, ta amsa masa da cewa naji sauki, Ganin yayi tsaye yaki magana sai mazurai yake da edo yana sosar keyarsa, yasa umma ta fahimci akwai magana a bakinsa daya keson yayi da rumaisa, Hakan yasa tamike tabar bakin tafita waje, Faisal yakaraso kusa da rumaisa yana kallonta suka kara hada edo, da saurin rumaisa ta kauce edonta akan nasa, Ya sauke ajiyar zuciya yace "rumaisa karkiyi tsammanin nazone akan maganar soyayyarmu! Aa, wannan karon nazone akan neman gafararki akan tilastaki danayi akan dole saikin soni, kiyafemun" Rumaisa tayi rau rau da edo duk kwalla tacika mata edo muryarta na rawa tace "nibakamun komaiba, sannan kuma ni bana ganin laifinka domin *DAMA HAKA SO YAKE* bai cika kai kansa inda ake sonsa ba, yafison yaje inda zai sha wahala, tayadda daga baya koda yasamu mai sonsa yarikeshi da daraja, ina mai baka hakuri abisa Rashin karbar soyayyarka dabanyiba, kayi hakuri zuciyatace takasayin hakan " Faisal yasauke nunfashi ya share wasu guntuyen hawaye dake makkale a gefen edonsa "shikenan, Allah yazabawa kowa abinda yafi zama mafi alkhairi agaresa" Ameen " rumaisa ta amsa masa, Sai kuma sukayi shiru, tunani barkatai suka rika zoma faisal, duk yaji bayajin dadi, Zuciyarsa duka takeyi tara2, yanzu shikenan an rabashi da abarsonsa, abar alfaharinsa, kai ina bazai yuyuba ace zai iya rabuwa da rumaisa, to idanma ya rabu da ita wazaiso, shifa ita kadai yafara so, duk a zuci yake wad'an nan maganganun, Da karfi sukaji anturo kofar dakin, hakan yayi sanadiyar fitowarsa a cikin duniyar tunanin daya shiga, Umma ce tashigo dakin cike da fara'a batama tsaya tunanin mesukeyiba, ta takarasa kusa da rumaisa tana murmushi tace "abbanki yace majnoon yafarka, kizo muje idan zaki iya tashi" Da karfi rumaisa ta mike zaune tana dariya, duk farin ciki ya cikata "umma zan iya tashi, harda guduma zan iya, muje " tafada cike da zumudi tana kokarin tashi Umma tayi murmushi sannan tataimaka mata takarasa tashi tsaye, Faisal dake tsaye a gefe duk mamaki yacikashi waye shi wannan majnoon din dahar fadar sunansa zai saika rumaisa dariya da farin ciki haka, kodai shine wanda takeso? Basu kula Faisal ba har suka fita daga cikin dakin suka nufi dakin jinyar majnoon, Faisal ya tsaya turus yana mamaki, zaiso yaga wanda rumaisa takeso, yaga dame yafishi, Kasa hakura yayi dole yabi bayansu, A tare suka shiga dakin umma da rumaisa, sai kuma ga faisal a bayansu, Hajja luba, likita , da kuma abban rumaisa duk suna cikin dakin, Majnoon ya dube mutanen dake zagaye a dakin yana mamakin suyawe su, Edo kawai ya kura musu yabisu da kallo Likita yakarasa kusa dashi yace "ya jikin naka, me kakeji a yanzu" Majnoon ya dube likita yana mamaki, muryarsa na rawa yace "miya samenine " Likita ya sauke ajiyar zuciya, a lokaci yatuna matsalar ciwon mantau da kedamun majnoon, sannna yace "kasamu hatsarine akan titi" Cike da mamaki majnoon ya ke maimaita maganar "nasamu hatsari" ya dube likitan yace "a ina nayi hatsari, kuma a yaushe, suwaye wa dannan" ya nuna su abban rumaisa, Likita ya dube su abban rumaisa yayi murmushi sannan ya juya gurin majnoon yace "wadan nan yan uwan kane" Majnoon yakara maimaita maganar " 'yan uwana kuma?, ni harda yan uwa nake dasu" Likita yace "sosai makuwa " Majnoon duk komai yadaure masa kai a hankali ya dube likita yace " Waye ni ?" Gaban kowa dake cikin dakin saida yafadi... (Nimadai mamaki likitan yabani, sai kace ya manta da dacewa majnoon ya manta komai)... Likita ya juyo ya kalli abban rumaisa, cike da tsoro wace amsa zai bawa majnoon, Dakin yayi tsit, majnoon sai kallon su yake, rumaisa kuwa duk jikinta yadau rawa, tana fargabar kar majnoon yakasa fahimtarsu, Wata idea tafadowa likiti, dasauri yace "amm wannan sunansa abba, ya nuna abban rumaisa yana murmushi Sannan yajuya gefen umma "wannna kuwa sunanta umma" ya nuna umma, Sai kuma yakara juyawa gefen hajja luba "wannan kuwa sunnan ta kaka" ya nuna hajja luba, Yana kai ga rumaisa sai kuma yayi shiru, taya zai yiwa majnoon bayanin cewa wannan itace masoyiyarsa mutumen dako kansa baisaniba, Likita ya nuna rumaisa yace "wannn kuwa itace matarka" Gaban majnoon yafadi, da sauri yamike zaune yana kokarin tashi, likita yamaidashi kwance yadafe kansa, har saida yayi kara kadan, wani irin zafi yaji kwakwalwarsa tafara dauka, yana nishi kadan kadan, edonsa suka rikide zuwa jan launi, Likita yace "lafiya kuwa, meke faruwa" Majnoon ya dago kansa da karfi ya kalli rumaisa yace "ina yarona,,,," Tashin hanakali ya ziyarci zuciyar rumaisa, jitakeyi kamar ta zube a gurin, tambayar kanta take, me yake nufi da ina yaronsa, kardai ace majnoon yanada aure, Daf taji gabanta yafadi... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:50 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 87 and 88 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Rumaisa tasoma ganin jiri, habar bakinta tasoma rawa kamar zatayi magana, likita ya kifta mata edo, alamar tayi shiru, Likita yayi saurin yin mumushi ya dube majnoon yace "ai bakuyi auren ba tukunna kafin kusami yaron" Majnoon yayi shiru kamar mai nazarin wani abu, sai kuma yajuyo yaci gaba da kallon mutane, Kan abba kallonsa yatsaya, yakurawa abba edo sosai, cikin saukankiyar murya yace "abba naji kowa an fadi sunansa amma ni banji anjira sunanaba, meye sunana" Abba da duk ya tsorata da lamarin majnoon, cikin inada2 yace "amm ...umm..sunanka....ammm." Likita yakarbe maganar dacewa "sunanka *KABIR*" Majnoon yayi dariya yana maimaita sunnan sai kuma yayi shiru, ya koma kwance, Likita yayi ajiyar zuciya sannan ya juya ya dube abba yace "muje waje zamuyi magana" yana gama maganar yafita yabar dakin, abba yabi bayansa, A office suka karasa, bayan abba yazauna likita yace "saidai kuyi hakuri domin shi a yanzu komai sabone a gurinsa, saikun dinga nuna masa abubuwa, sannan kuma kusaka rumaisa ta shiga jikinsa sosai ta yadda zai saba da ita, kafin ranar aurensu" Ajiyar zuciya abba yayi ya duban likita " toh shikenan likita insha Allah zamu kiyaye" Likita yace "yawwa, zuwa nan da kwana biyu idan yakara samun sauki zamu iya sallamarku" "Tohm" abba yafada yana kokarin tashi, yafita yabar office din, A harabar asibitin sukayi kicibus da faisal yafito yana kokarin gita daga asibitin, Kala baicewa abba ba, yasa kai yafice abinsa, Abba yatsaya yana kallonsa cike da mamaki, girgiza kai kawai yayi yakara dakin jinyar Kabir (majnoon), ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Koda faisal yafita zuciyarsa cike da k'una da kuma wasu wasi kala2, Daman akan wannan ne rumaisa takasa karbar soyayyarsa, Toh me wannna yafishi, Motarsa yashiga, ya kunna, Sannan ya hau hanyar komawa gida, amma duk hankalinsa yana kan majnoon, duk sai yaji garin yafita ransa, zaiso ma ace a yanzu yabar garin, Tun acikin mota yayanke shawarar bazai kwana a garin abuja ba, domin yaga abin yazo masa wani iri, daman duk akan mahaukaci ne Rumaisa take wannan abun, Yana komawa gida yashiga hada kayansa, Saida yagama hada kayansa kaf Sannan yaje dakin daddy yasanar dashi cewa yanzu zai wuce kogi (lokoja), Daddy bai hanashi adu'a kawai yamasa yace Allah yakaisa lafiya, Sannan yajuya zai fita momy ta kwalla masa kira yajuyo, tace "dan Allah faisal karka saka damuwa da tunani a cikin zuciyarka idan kaje cen" yayi murmushi yace "insha Allah momy bazan yi hakanba, kudai kawai kutayi da adu'a" Nan dai sukayi bakwana cike da kewar juna, sannan yafice yabar dakin Yana fita harabar gidan yakarasa bakin motarsa yasaka kayansa a but sannan yashiga motar yatada yafice yabar gidan, Tafiya takeyi yana hawaye duk tunanin rumaisa ya hanashi sukuni, tukin kawai yake amma hankalinsa gabaki daya baya kan tuki, A hakan yaketa tsala uban gudu akan titi, yafi rabin tafiyarsa dare ya raba sosai, Ta hasken motarsa yake hango kamar Mutune kwance cikin jini, babu nunfashi a tattare dashi, a yashe a gefen titi, sassauta gudun motarsa yayi harya karaso gurunsa, yatsaya yana kallon mutumen, kamar bazai fitoba, Jin wurin yayi tsit babu alamar motsin mutum, ko dabba hakan yasa ya bude kofar motar yafito amma har alokacin jikinsa rawa yake, Yakarsa kusa da mutumen yana kallonsa, babu alamar harbi ko alamar sukar wuka a jikinsa, Durkusawa yayi a gaban mutumen yadora kunnensa akan kirjinsa, sai yaji kijirin na duka a sannu2, zuciyar mutumen tana harbawa, Da sauri yamike yana mamakin meya sami wannan mutumen, Jiyayi yanason yatai maka masa domin yabashi tausayi, kuma mutumen yana bukatar taimakon gaggawa, Tallabosa yayi yasakashi a motarsa sannan ya shiga motar yatada yabar gurin, Gudu yakeyi yana juyowa yana kallon mutumen, ko zai farka amma sai yaji shiru.. haka dai yaci gaba da tafiyarsa Kusan asuba yakarsa cikin garin kogi, Da shigarsa bai tsaya ko inaba ya zarce asibiti, Cike da tsoro yakarasa cikin asibitin, A nan yayi kicib'us da wani doctor yana kokarin fitowa daga wani daki, Dasauri yasha gabansa, doctor yace "malam lafiya" Faisal yace "ina tare da marar lafiyane, tun jiya yake a some har yau bai farkaba" Dr bukar yace "subhanallah yana ina" Faisal ya nuna kofar waje sannan yace "yana cikin motana " Dr bukar yace "to yanzu zan saka nurses subiyoka da gado aje a daukosa kafin naje nadauko wani abun a office" Kai kawai faisal ya kad'a masa Da sauri Dr bukar yasaka nurse suka janyo gado aka biyo bayan faisal Suna karasawa bakin motar yiya sauri ya bude musu kofar motar, Suna ganin wadda ke cikin motar kwance cikin jini suka zare edo, suna mamaki, daya daga cikin nurse din tace " wannan ai Prince Adnan ne " dasauri kaji sauran suna fadan eh wlh shine, Dasauri suka daukesa aka dorashi akan gado, suka kaisa emergency room, Dr bukar nafitowa daga cikin office dinsa, wata nurse cikin wadanda suka dauko prince Adnan ta karaso gurin a tsorace, ta sanar da dr bukar cewa ga Prince Adnan cen a emergency room, bayi wata2 ba yabi bayanta suka wuce dakin, Faisal yana zaune a kujera dake cikin harabar asibiti, har alokacin hankalinsa bai kwantaba duk tsoro yakeji, Yana zaune har gare ya washe, sannan likita yfito yana dube2 shi yake nema, dasauri yakaraso gurinsa, "Doctor meye faradu dashi " Dr bukar yace "dimuwace da firgita, sai yan wasu kananun raunuka dake jikinsa, amma yanzu komai nomal" Faisal yace "alhmdullah" yana fara'a Dr bukar yayi saurin katse masa fara'a dacewa"a ina kasamu sa ne" Nan Faisal yamasa bayanin komai tayadda yasamu Prince adnan, Dr bukar ya girgiza kai yace "yaron chief ne na garin nan, kuma shine kadai yaronsa daya rage masa a duniya, gaskiya zaiji dadi idan yasamu labarin kaika taimaki yaronsa, kuma nasan zai maka alkhairi sosai" Faisal yayi murmushi yace " hakane, amma ni yanzu bashine a gabanaba, inason naje masaukinane na huta domin agajiye nake" Likita yace "bakomai zaka iya tafiya, amma yanzun nan zan kira gidan chief domin susan halin da ake ciki, mezai hana kabayar da number ka koda mai chief yanemi yasan wanda yatai makawa yaronsa" Murmushi faisal yayi sannan yadauki numbersa yabawa dr bukar, Sai kuma yafita yabar asibitin.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:51 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 93 and 94 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Mamaki yakeyi me photon majnoon yakeyi anan, Haj zainab tayi gyaran murya Haka yayi sanadiyar dawowar mai martaba da faisal duniyar tunanin dasuka shiga, mai martaba ya juyo ya kalli haj zainab, Haj zainab tace " kullum kazo gurin photon nan saikayi hawaye, yakama murika manta abunda yawuce, tunda wannna yaron ya mutu adu'a itace kadai abinda yake bukata" Mai martaba yashare hawayensa sannna yace "nima naso nayi hakan amma bazan iya mantawa da Mubarak ba, yatafi yabarni a lokacin da nake bukatarsa, Allah yajikansa da rahama" Duk falon kaji an kwashi sautin ameen, Shikam faisal jukum yayi yana mamaki, to idan wannan ya mutu, toshifa wancen daya baro abuja waye shi, kuma shin taya akayi wannan ya mutu, kuma a ina" duk a zuci yake wadan nan tambayoyin, yana so yasan amsar wadannan tambayoyi kafin yabar gidan nan, A duk lokacin dataga mai martaba yana yiwa photon Mubarak kuka, jitakeyi kamar ta mutu saboda bakin ciki, amma bata nunawa mai martaba hakan, kullum cikin lallashinsa take, hannun prince adnan taja sukabar falon suka wuce sashensu, Bayan haj zainab tabar gurin mai martaba yasa aka kai faisal masaukinsa... ***** **** **** Suna karasawa sashensu, dasauri haj zainab tasa makulli ta kulle kofar dakin ta zaunar da faisal kan gado tana dubansa tace "jiya kana gayamun magana saikuma wayarka ta tsinke, meke faruwane" Cike da tashin hankali, a lokacin datayi masa tambayar a lokacin ya tuna da yadda yaga fuskar majnoon cikin jini, saida gabansa yafadi sannna yace " umma Mubarak nagani a grin abuja" Mummunan tashin hankali ya ziyarci zuciyarta, tuni gumi yafara karyo mata, muryarta na rawa tace " Mubarak fa kace, daman bai mutuba " Prince Adnan ya fashe da kuka cike da tashin hankali yace "ina gudu a mota zan dawo gida, akan titi wani mahaukaci ya hauro titin da karfi,ni kuwa ban anakaraba saina kad'esa, bayan nakadesa nafito domin na dubasa, shine naga Mubarak kwance cikin jini ga dukkan alamu yanzu yamutu, yadan yi shiru yana shanshekar kuka kafin yaci gaba dacewa " tashin hankali dana shiga yasa nabar gurin, tsoro da firgita suka kamani, bayan na shiga mota nakara gudu sosai domin nayi saurin isowa gida ina cikin gudu kuma wata dabba takara karamun akan titi, nayi yunkurin na kauce mata amma nakasa, kukan dukan danayi mata kawai naji amma dagashi bankara jin komaiba, bansan meya faru daniba farkawa kwai nayi naga kaina a cikin ciyawa, da kyar na iya fitar dakaina nasamu nahauro titi , ina haurowa kuma sai jiri yafara dibana naga duniya tafara juyamun nan nazube kasa, tun a lokacin bansan meya sake faruwa daniba sai kawai farka nayi nagakaina a asibiti" yaja majinar data cika masa hanci, yana kuka yashare hawayensa, haj zainab duk tafita hayyacinta, tsintsar fargaba ce karara akan fuskarta, tama rasa mezatace, duk jinin jikinta ya tsaya, Prince adnan yana kuka yace " yanzu umma idan yaya Mubarak yadawo shikenan nayi asarar sarautar nan, saida komai yazo karshe yanzu kuma kOmai na neman jagulewa..." Haj zainab tatoshe masa baki ta hanashi karasa maganar, tana girgiza masa kai itama hawaye take "bazamu rasa sarautaba adnan, kaine sarki a wannan masarauta, ai ta yadda muka kawar dashi tsawon shekaru biyu hakan kuma zamu kara karashi lahira, mudin bokana yana raye to insha Allah babu kai babu asarar masarauta, gobe zanje nasami boka zamuyi magana dakai idan nadawo tashi kaje dakinka, karka nunawa kowa kana cikin damuwa" Prince adnan ya mike jiki bakwari yafita yabar dakin, haj zainab tabishi da kallo harya fita sannan tayi ajiyar zuciya ta share hawayenta, a hankali bakinta ya furta " tabbas akwai lauje cikin nadi, Faisal kuwa yana zaune yana tunanin lamarin majnoon yaji an turo kofar dakinsa, anshigo, Wata ma'aikaciya tashigo da farantin abinci a hannunta tazo har gabansa ta jibge masa abincin, sannan ta juya tana kokarin fita, da sauri yace "kee" Matar ta juyo tana kallonsa " yallabai kada matsalane " Faisal yayi murmushi yace " a a bakomai" "Toh shikenan" tafada sannna tajuya tana kokarin fita, Yakara kwala mata kira tajuyi akaro nabiyu "yallabai kodai da matsalane" Faisal yayi dariyar karfin hali, duk alamar rashin gaskiya ta bayya a fuskarshi yana inda2 yace "amm ammm daman tambayarki naso nayi" Tajuyo tana kallosa tace "uhim ina jinka meye tambayar" Faisal yace " wai dan Allah wane d'an sarkine ya mutu " Matar tayi murmushi tace "yarima Mubarak kenan, yaron kirki maison jama'a Allah yajikansa da rahama" takarsa maganar tana hawaye, Faisal yayi mamakin ganin hawaye a idonta, cike tasauyi yace " meya silar mutuwarsa" Matar ta tashe hawayenta ta dube faisal tace "koda biyana kudi zakayi bazan iya fada maka abinda yafaru da yarima Mubarak ba dimin saurauniyar gidan nan tahana kowa yabada labarinsa, duk wadda zaka tambaya a gidan nan bazai gaya maka ba, dazakabi shawarata danace maka kadaina tambayar kowa labarin yarima mubarak, domin zaifi maka sauki, kaga tafiyata " tana gama fada tajuya tabar dakin, faisal ya tsahi kamar zai bita yana kiran ta amma taki juyowa, Bayan tafita yasauke ajiyar zuciya a hankali ya furta "ya Allah" sai kuma yafara zancen zuci " yau naga ikon Allah mutum yana raye sannan za'a rika kiransa da margayi, kodai mafarki nakeyi ba photonsa nagani bane, to idanma majnoon ba yaronsu bane, to to to.... sai kuma yakasa karasa maganar, Shidaikam zaiso yaji labarin nan, to inama zai samu labarin kuma a gurin wa, Prince adnan yatuna, yace "yes gurinsa zanje nafada masa gaskiya akan cewa nasan yarima Mubarak kodan yafadamun labarinsa.... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:51 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 95 and 96 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Cikin sand'a yafita daga dakin, leke leke yake ta ina zaiga hanya fita, nan yaji an tabashi tabaya ya juyo da karfi cike da faduwa gaba, Edo hudu sukayi da wanda yatabashi, faisal yayi yake yana sosar kai kamar marar gaskiya, Ganin fuskar bodyguard din babu ko fara'a, yasa faisal yace " ina nen dakin prince adnan" "Uhimmm" kawai bodyguard din yace masa tare da kida kansa, sannan yace "muje" yana gama fada yayi shiru, Nan yafara tafiya faisal yabi bayansa, har suka karasa bakin kofar dakin prince adnan, Bodyguard din ya dube faisal yace "nan ne dakin" yana gama fada yajuya yabar gurin, Faisal yayi tsaye a gurin yakusan minti biyar kafin ya tura kofar dakin yashiga, Zaune yasamesa akan gado ya hada kai da gwuiwa, jikinsa yayi wani suku-suku, Dago edonsa yayi ya kalli Faisal, a daidai lokacin faisal yasakar masa murmishi tare da cewa "yallabai gurinka nazo" yana magana yana noke kai ganin yadda prince adnan ke kallonsa, Kamar bazaiyi magana sai kuma yace "shigo zonan kazauna" ya nunawa faisal gefen gado kusa dashi, Bayan faisal yazauna sai kuma yayi shiru, adnan ya dubesa yace " meke tafe dakai, Faisal yayi ajiyar zuciya yanakallon adnan yace " magana cee akan dan uwanka da akace yamutu, ni ina ganin kamar yana raye" Tsorata sosai adnan yayi, da sauri ya dube Faisal cike da firgita yace "yana ina, kasansane ?" Faisal yace " indai har hasashena yazamo gaskiya , to tabbas nasansa, ina son insan taya akayi dan uwanka ya mutu" Gaban adnan yayi mummunan faduwa, baya son tuna lamarin domin yana kara kunar masa da zuciya, edonsa sukayi ja sosai yadube faisal yace " kai dan wane garine" Faisal yace "abuja" Gaban adnan yakara faduwa, tabbas anan yayi karo da Mubarak, indai kuwa hakane to tabbas Mubarak yana raye, nan yafar zancen zuci, Faisal ya katse masa tunani dacewa " taya akayi dan uwank ya mutu" Cike da firgita adnan yace "hatsarin mota yayi akan hanyarsa tazuwa garin kaduna, labari kawai mukasamu nacewa ya mutu acikin motar kuma motar ta kone kumur ta yadda ko gawarsa baza a iya samuba" Faisal yayi ajiyar zuciya yanzu kam shakkun zuciyarsa yakauyagane cewa ba majnoon bane Mubarak, domin yaji labarin cewa wannan a mota ya kone kurmus, Kara duban adnan yayi wadda tun tuni yajima dakara tsundumawa cikin duniyar tunani, yana tunanin taya zai bullowa lamarin, ta yadda faisal bazai ganeba, Faisal yace "to ita waccen matar fa da bata magana ta wajen falo" Saida adnan ya zabura lokacin da faisal yayi masa wannan tambayar, bakinsa na rawa yace "mahaifiyarsa ce, tun lokacin da muka samu labarin ya kone a cikin mota, lamarin ya gigitata sosai, tun a lokaci batakara yin magana, yanzu kuwa kusan shekara byu, Faisal ya girgiza kai matar tabashi tausayi, to mezai hana yatai maka mata, indai har ganin Mubarak zaisa tasamu lafiya, mezai hana yahadata majnoon ko Allah zaisa tasamu lafiya ta sanadiyarsa, tunda kaman nunsu daya da Mubarak dinta, duk azuci yake wannan zance a fili kuwa dago kansa ya dube faisal "ina dai taimakon dazamuyi mahaifiyar Mubarak amma fa saida tai makonka" Dasauri Adnan yace "menene inajinka" Faisal yace "mezai hana mudauko, mai kamannun Mubarak wanda yake abuja, mukawosa gidan nan a matsayin Yarima Mubarak" Mamaki yayi sosai taya akayi faisal yasan kudirin daya yanke acikin zuciyarsa, shima hakan ne plan dinsa, Jiyake yasamu hanya mafi sauki ta yadda zai kawar da majnoon, Murmushi yayi yana kallon faisal "kamar kuwa kashiga zuciya nima hakan natsara a cikin tawa zuciyar domin muwarkar da umman Mubarak" adnan yayi shiru sai kuma ya mike tsaye yace "ina zuwa" yana gama fada yanufi hanyar fita, Faisal yayi saurin cewa "akwai fa matsala daya" Ko juyosa adnan baiba balle yatsaya yaji mezai fada, janyo kofar yayi da karfi yafita da gudu...... Ina kuma zaije..πŸ™„ Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:51 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 97 and 98 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Da gudu yashigo dakin haj zainab, tana zaune ta rafka uban tagumi, tana tunanin yadda zata bullowa lamarin, Taji shigowarsa saida tatsora data ganshi, tun bai zaunaba yake fadan umma nasan inda yaya Mubarak yake" yana kokarin zaunawa Cike da Firgita haj zainab ta riko hannusa tazaunar dashi tana kallonsa edo cikin edo "yana ina ne adnan" Prince adnan yana hawaye farin ciki yace " umma bakon nan dayazo yasanar dani cewa yasan inda yaya Mubarak yake, amma ban nuna masa alamar akwai wani abu dayake faruwa tsakanina dashiba, yace yanason atai makawa umman Mubarak domin tafita daga halin datake ciki" Haj zainab ta ya mutse fuska tana hararar adnan tace "lallai wannan bakon yazo da sabon labari a gidan nan, yaushe yazo gidan kuma yaushe zuciyarsa tafara ganin umman Mubarak dahar zaice yaji tausayinta, toh idan sammakon taimako yake, mu a hanya muka kwana, kafin ya tai maka mata mukuwa munsamu munyi awon gaba da Mubarak, yaushe zakaje abuja ?" Adnan ya dube haj zainab fuskarsa a murtuke "idan yauma kikace naje, yanzun nan zan tashi natafi" Haj zainab tayi saurin cewa "a a ba yanzu ba, domin yanzu nasan dacewa mai martaba bazai barka kaje ko inaba saboda raunin dake jikinka, mubar wannan maganar sai na da sati daya, amma inason kahanawa bakon nan fadawa kowa wannan magnr, kasan duk yadda zakayi kamasa dabara, kafin nan zuwa sati daya" Cike da inda2 adnan yace "umma ni bansan mezan masaba" Haj zainab ta ja tsaki "kai matsalta dakai kenan, komai baka iyaba sai an koya maka, to kawo kunnen ka kaji" Adnan yayi murmusshi sannan ya tura kunnensa kusa da bakin haj zainab, nan tashiga rada masa magana" Sundan jima suna maganar kafin adnan yajane kunnensa yana murmushi yace "hakan za'ayi umma" Haj zainan ta girgiza kai "haba kokaifa, Sai kuma sukadanyi shiru, suna nazari wani abu , haj zainab tace "yanzu tashi kaje dakin ka kwanta, domin kasamu karfin jikinka" "Toh" kawai yace mata ya mike tsaye yafice yabar dakin, Koda yakoma dakinsa bai tarar da faisal ba , a hankali bakinsa ke furta "shikuwa wannan ina yayafi" tabi baki yayi bayan yagamaa maganar, yakarasa bakin gado yakwanta, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Faisal kuwa bayan fitar adnan, yaga yajima bai dawoba, zuciyarsa ta yanke masa shawara kawai yaje yafada umman mubarak cewa yaga yaronta, Haka kuwa akayi kawai yatashi yafita, yana dube2 ta wacce hanyace suka tarar da umman Mubarak, yajima yana yawo a cikin gidan kafin yagano hanyar.. Tafiya yakeyi cikin natsuwa da kamala, harya karasa tangamemen falon da umman Mubarak ce kadai a ciki tana kallo photon dake manne a ginin dakin" Karasawa yayi kusa da ita, yana kallonta yayi murmishi, yaga ita ko motsa edonta batayiba, Tausayinta yakeji har cikin zuciyarsa, durkusawa yayi kusa da ita ya rike keken guragun datake zaune yayi gyaran murya sannan yace "inada labari akan yaronki Mubarak" yana gama fada sai kuma yayi shiru yana kallonta, Duk inda jijiwowin jikinta suke saida suka motsa, bugun zuciyarta yakara karfi, yana rike da keken yaji keken yafara rawa a hankali yadago kasan yana kallonta , a daidai lokacin hawaye suka soma fita acikin edonta, a hankali take dago kanta tana kokarin furta magana sai kuma takasa, Makwogaronta yasoma zafi, tari tasoma yi babu kakkatawa, kamar ranta zai fita, faisal ya mike tsaye cike da tsoro, yana fadan " lafiya kuwa meke faruwane" Itakam tari taci gaba dayi da karfi sosai harsaida ta fado daga kan keken datake zaune, faisal yace " oh shet" nanfa yaji tafiyar mutanen suna kokarin shigowa gurin..... Facebook page:- Abdul-mr, smiles novel's [10/20, 10:52 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 99 and 100 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Dasauri ya gudu yasami guri ya labe bayan kofar falon suna shigowa shi kuwa yafita da karfi, da gudu yakarsa dakin da aka saukesa, Yana shiga dakin yafada kan gado yana sauke nunfashi, Gabansa sai faduwa yake, Allah2 yake kardai ace shine silar tashin ciwon umman Mubarak, tunani barkatai suka rinka zomasa, Ma'aikatan nashiga gurin sukaga halin datake ciki dasauri suka je suka sanar da mai martaba, Cikin firgita ya iso falon ganin halin datake ciki yasa yayi saurin kiran dr bukar domin shine family doctor nashi, Bada jima wataba kuwa dr bukar yakaraso, yadubata sannan yayi mata allurar bacci, saida ya tabbatar data samu sauki sannan yabar gidan, Bayan fitar dr bukar, Mai martaba ya dube ma'aikatan cikin bacin rai yace "waya shiga sashenta" ma'aikatan sukace su wlh basuga kowa yashiga ba, Ajiyar zuciya kawai mai martaba yayi sannan yace su fice subashi guri, haka kowa ya watse akabar mai martaba shikadai yayi tsaye yana kallon umman Mubarak, yajima yana kallonta kafin shima yafita yabar dakin... *BAYAN KWANA BIYU* ABUJA Majnoon yasamu sauki sosai, sun saka masa suna *kabir* haka suke kiransa, shikuwa yana amsawa, Suna bashi kulawa sosai, A duk lokacin da akayi masa maganar aurensa da rumaisa, toh komai farin cikin dayake nan take farin cikin zai gushe, Hakan yasa aka daina masa maganar auren, saidai kullum rumaisa tana tare dashi , abubawa kawai take koya masa, tasamu farin ciki sosai atare dashi, Yauma kabir yana zaune akan gadonsa na jinya, rumaisa tana zaune kusa dashi, tana masa bayanin yadda ake alwala, har suka kammala, kuma yana fahimta sosai, Rumaisa tayi murmushi tace "Yanzu dai kasan yadda akeyin alwala saura sallah, tayi gyaran murya, a lokacin suka hada edo tayi masa murmushi shima yamata, sannan tace "ita kuwa sallah idan zaka farata, zaka fuskanci alkibla, tadago kanta ta kallesa tace " kasan meye alkibla" kai kawai ya girgiza mata alamar baisaniba yana murmushi, tace "gabas itace alkibla, tanuna gabas da yatsanta,sannan taci gaba cewa "bayan ka fuskanci alkibla sai kuma kayi ikama...." tana batun fara karanto masa ikama Sukaji a turo kofar dakin anshigo, suka tsayar da karatunsu, suna kallon mai shigowa, abba ne yashigo da takarda a hannunsa, ya dubesu yayi murmushi yace "saiku tashi kushirya muwuce gida domin likita ya sallamemu" yakarasa maganar yana dariya, Rumaisa tajidadi sosai, ta dube majnoon tace "kabir zakaje gidanmu" Girgiza mata kai yayi "eh zanje mana, ai gidanku gidan mune" Murmushi tayi sannan tace "toh shikenan, tashi kashirya mutafi" Nan fa suka shiga hada kayansu, umma da haj luba suka tayasu aka hada kayan sannan suka fita, bayan sun fita suka saka kayan a mota, sannan kuma kowa yashiga motar, Abba yaja motar suka nufi gida, Bayan sunkarasa gida, abba yabawa kabir daki daya daga cikin dakunan dake gidan, tare da nunnuna masa komai na gidan, Haka dai suka wuni cike da farin ciki da walwala, Bayan sallar isha, suka taru a falo suna fira cikin nishadi da kwanciyar hankali, Abba yakatse musu fira dacewa "munsaka ranar auren rumaisa da kabir nanda sati daya, me kukace?" Haj luba tayi saurin karbe maganar cike dajindadi tace " hakan yayi, domin ni na matsu babbar garin nanba, banaso natafi banga auren 'yar jikan tawaba, Allah yatabbatar mana da alkhairi" Duka falon suka amsa da ameen, Rumaisa tana kwance akan cinyar umma, ta rufe fuskarta saboda kunya, Kabir kuwa yana zaune akan kujera, tunda abba yayi maganar aurensu, yaji kansa na sarawa, kwakwalwarsa nai masa zafi, da sauri ya mike tsaye yabar falon, suduka suka bishi da kallo, sun kasa fahimtar lamarinsa, a duk lokacin da aka dauko zancen aurensu, sai kawai suga ya canza yanayi, wani lokaci kuwa saiya tashi yabasu guri, Babu wanda ya furta ko uffan, domin inda sabo sunsaba da wannan halin nasan, Sundan taba fira kadan sai kuma suka watse kowa ya nufi dakinsa... Washe gari Abba yasa akafara gyaran daya daga cikin gida jensa, inda rumaisa da kabir zasusha amarcinsu, Komai na auren abba yayi, Suna bawa kabir kulawa sosai, duk ya sake jiki dasu, kamar daman cen sunsan juna.... □□□□■□□□□□●□□□●□ KOGI Umman mubarak tasamu sauki sosai amma dai haryanzu ba abinda ya chanza akan rashin lafiyarta , mai martaba yasa aka maidata falon da take ciki, Taci gaba dazamanta domin tafison zama cen fiye da ko ina, acikin gidan Faisal da adnan sun shaku sosai, kullum sai adnan ya fita yawo tare da faisal, domin yasamu ya gusar masa da tunanin fadawa wani labari akan Majnoon, Kullum suna waje, idan kaga sundawo gida to sai dare idan sunzo bacci, Kwanan faisal biyu a dakin da mai martaba yabashi, A rana ta ukku, prince adnan ya umurcesa akan cewa yadawo dakinsa da kwana, Duk dai sunyi hakanne dandai kawai su gusarwa faisal da tunaninsa daga fadawa wani labarin Majnoon, Dominsu sunaji a jikinsu cewa shine Mubarak, ba wani mai kamadashi, Yau dadare bayan sundawo daga yawonsu, dakin adnan suka dire, Faisal yazaune kan gado yana nishi "waii wlh yau dukna gaji, kasala nakeji" yafada yana kokarin kwantawa, Adnan yayi murmushi yace " hmm nima wlh nagaji, amma dai bazan kwantaba sainayi wanka" Tabe baki kawai faisal yayi "uhim kaika sani nikam wanka saida safe, Allah bazan iya tashi ba yanzu" Adnan yayi shiru yana murmushi, sai da yagama cire kayan dake jikinsa, dagashi sai singlet da boxer, ya juyi ya kalli faisal yace "yawwa daman mantawa nayi ban fadamaba " Faisal yadago kansa "eh menene " Adnan yace " daman umma ce tace, sati mai zuwa muje abuja muzo da wancen mutumen maikama da yaya Mubarak, " Faisal ya koma kwance yana cewa "tohm shikenan Allah yakaima, sai kuma yadago kansa ya dube faisal yace "saidai kuma akwai matsala" Dasauri adnan yace "matsalarme fa" Faisal yace " daman naso nasanar dakai cewa shifa waccen mutumen, yanada matsala domin ya manta da komai daya taba faruwa dashi a baya, ma'ana yakamu da cutar amnesia" Gaban Adnan yayi mummunan faduwa, awani bangare kuwa dadi yaji, domin ayanzu yanada damar dazai tunkare majnoon babu fargana tunda yamanta komai, Ajiyar zuciya yayi, zuciyarsa cike da farin ciki sannan yace " ba cutarsa bane damuwarmu, damuwarmu shine munemawa umman Mubarak lafiya, domin na tabbatar dacewa tana ganinsa zata samu lafiya, bayan tasamu lafiya daga baya mayi mata bayani, wlh ni matar tausayi take bani" yakarasa maganar cike da makirci, Faisal yace "toh shikenan nima ina goyon bayanku dari bisa dari, kuma zan baku duk wani taimako, daya dace, Allah yakaima sati mai zuwa" Adnan yace "ameen, nidai na zanshiga wanka saina fito" Yana gama fada yanufi toilet, Faisal yayi yaja nunfashi sannan yajanyo filo yagyara kwanciyarsa, Zuciyarsa cike da tausayin umman Mubarak, Tun kwanan baya daya shiga sashen umma Mubarak yatayar mata da ciwo, tun daga ranar bai kara shiga sashen ba tsoronma zuwa gurin yake domin baya sonma taganshi.... [10/20, 10:52 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 101 and 102 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ *Bayan kwana hudu* Ranar takama ranar juma'a bayan abban rumaisa yadawo daga masallaci, Yazauna falo yana fira shida Momy, suna cikin firarsu abba yace "ina rumaisa takene" Umma tace "tana cikin dakinta, ita da kabir, nashiga dazu nagansu suna karatu" Murmushi abba yayi sannan yace "bari inje insame, zamuyi magana dasu" yana maganar yana kokarin tashi harya mike, sannan ya wuce dakin rumaisa, Suna zaune rumaisa ce ke ja masa karatun shikuwa yana zaune kusa da ita yayi jugum, Yafada duniyar tunani, idan suna tare da rumaisa, sai yarikajin yanason kamar ya iya tuna wani, amma sai kuma yakasa, Abba yaturo kofar dakin yashigo, hakan yayi sanadiyar juyowarsu gabaki daya suna kallon kofar, Murmushi abba yamusu, suma sukai masa, yakaraso kusa dasu yayi tsaye a kansa yace "karatu kawai kukuyi" Rumaisa tace "wlh kuwa ai mumma kusa gamawa" Abba yayi murmushi yace "yawwa hakan yanada kyau" sai kuma yadanyi shiru kafin yace "amm daman maganar auren kune gobene, kuma ni banason yawan taron jama'ar nan, nasa angayyatomin malamai sannan kuma abban faisal shizai wakilci kabir a gurin daurin auren, sannan kuma cikin harabar gidan nan nakeson adaura auren, dan haka idan kinadawa wasu kawaye dazaki gayyato saiki sanar dasu, amma fa bada yawaba" Farin ciki gabaki daya ya lullube rumaisa, tana murmushi race "ni abba banida wasu kawaye da yawa, yan skull dinmune kadai, kuma bazasu wuce mutum biyarba, sannan kuma suduka nasanar dasu" Abba yace "yawwa hakan ma yayi" Kabir ya dube abba yace "abba ni ina nawa abokanai" Murmushi abba yayi sannan yace "gamu! ! ai mune abokananka, kuma danginka, kakwantar da hankalinka, kaji?" Abba yakarasa maganar yana kallonsa yana dariya, Kabir ya girgiza kai, Sannan abba yafita yabar dakin, yabarsu sukaci gaba da karatunsu, Rumaisa sai farin ciki takeji a cikin xuciyarta, Burinta ya kusa cika, Majnoon zai zamo mijinta... *Washe gari* ranar aure, Tunsa sassafe abba ya yasa aka share harabar gidan tasss, sannan yadauko wayarsa yakira daddy faisal yasanar dashi cewa kafin 10:00 yakirawo malaman gabaki daya su hallara a harabar gidansa, zuwa karfe 11:00 a daura aure, "Toh" kawai daddy yace sannan suka kashe wayar, Suna kashe wayar daddy yakira faisal, Yana kwance a cikin blanket yana bacci mai dadi, yaji wayarsa tadau kara, a hankali ya zuro hannunas yadauki wayar yakara a kunnesa, batare daya duba wayake kiraba, Hello son" shine sautin daya daki kunnensa, sai lokacin yasan da cewa daddy ne kekira, cikin muryar bacci yace "daddy antashi lafiya" Daddy yace "lafiya lau, amm daman tun jiya naso nakiraka nasanar dakai cewa yaune daurin auren rumaisa ita da wanna marar lafiyan" Wani irin mummunan faduwar gata ya ziyarci faisal, da karfi yace " what! !!, da sauri yaye blanket dinda ke jikinsa, daddy yace " lafiya kuwa meke faruwane " Cikin gaggawa faisal yace "daddy ina zuwa ..." da sauri ya tsinke wayar, yace "ohh shet" Juyawa yayi gefen adnan, dake bacci sai kwasar minshari yake yasamesa yana bacci, da karfi faisal yake bubuga kafarshi yana kirana sunansa, "kai tashi akwai matsala" A hankali yake bude edonsa ya dube faisal yace " lafiya kuwa ?" Faisal yace " ina kuwa lafiya, yanzun nan daddy ya kirani wai yaune za'a daura auren, mutumen abuja mai kama da yayanka Mubarak," Da karfi adnan yamike cike da tashin hankali yace "ehhh, nashiga ukku" cikin gaggawa faisal yace " yadace ace mun isa garin abuja kafin a daura auren nan, domin kasan idan aka daura auren nan baza a barmu muzo dashiba" Adnan yace "hakan za'ayi maza jeka dakinka kayi wanka nima yanzu zanshiga nayi wanka anan " dasauri adnan, yafada toilet, Shima Faisal yakoma dakinsa yashiga wnka, bawani wankan kirki adnan yayiba domin duk ya tsorata, yana fitowa cikin gaggawa yasaka kayansa, yana gamawa yanfi dakin ummansa, Yana shiga dakin yatarar da ita zaune akan sallaya, nan yashiga fada komai dake faruwa, bakaramar firgita tayiba, cike da tashin hankali tace " bazakuje a mota ba, jirgi zaku hau yanzu yasaukeku abuja, kushirya maza kuje airport kafin mai martaba yatashi daga bacci" Haka kuwa akayi bayan sun gama shirya duk yadda abin zai kasance, Atare suka fito shida umma, Koda suka fita suka tarar da faisal tsaye a bakin kofar dakin adnan, shima haryazo bai gansa cikin dakinba shine yatsyawa waje yana jiransa, Nan suka wuce zuwa harabar gidan, driver yadaukesu a moto ya lula dasu zuwa airport.... Aha muje zuwa....πŸ˜ƒ [10/20, 10:52 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 103 and 104 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Suna karasawa airport sukayi sa'a kuwa jirgir safe bai tashiba, nan suka shiga.... suka lula zuwa abuja.. □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Rumaisa tana zaune a daki, tare dawasu kawayenta su biyu, leemart da kuma maryam, suna fira, amma ita sam zuciyarta bata gurin, tunani takeyi ashe daman burinta zai cika akan MAJNOON, yau za'a daura mata aure tare da kabir (Majnoon) tazamo mallakinsa shima yazamo nata, daman hausawa sunce komai yayi farko zaiyi karshe Maryam ta dafata, ta baya, saida ta zabura "waike tunanin me kike ne, tun dazu muke miki magana amma kinyi shiru" Rumaisa ta sosa kanta, cike da jin kunya tace "amm bakomai, me kikace ?" Maryam tace " cewa mukayi kitashi kije kiyi wanka kingafa lokaci yana tafiya" Murmushi rumaisa tayi sannan tace "Tohm shikenan kujirani yanzu zanfito" tana gama fada tamike tafada toilet, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Abba kuwa tuni yayi wankansa cikin farara shadda, sai fara,a yake, anata shirye-shirye fara daura aure, umma ma tasha ado, ita da haj luba sunyi kyau abinsu, yau farin ciki ya yawaita a gidan abba, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Kabir kuwa tunda yatashi a safiyar yau yakejin gabansa nafaduwa, Duk yakasa sakin jikinsa, musan mamma dayaji labarin cewa yaune aurensa, Tun jiya abba yakai masa nasa kayan dazai saka, yayi wanka yafito yazo yayi tsaye a tsakiyar daki, shifa yanzu komai yadaure masa kai, a duk lokacin dayaji anyi maganar auren nan sai gabansa yafadi, yarasa dalilin yin hakan, Yayi tsaye a bakin mirror yana kallon kasan, bansan meya tunaba sai kuma naga yayi murmushi, sannan yafara shafa mai, bayana yagama, Sannan ya shirya shima cikin farar shadda tasha aiki, tana kalli, yasaka hula baka, takalmi bakake, abinka da farin mutum saifa yafito tas dashi, yayi kyau sosai... □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ 9:30 Motoci sai parking sukeyi a kofar gidan abba, yafito waje yana tabar baki cike da fara'a, duk da auren na boyene amma saida mutane suka taru sosai, domin abba mutumen mutanene, harabar gidan abba tacika sosai, saura mintuna kadan a fara daura aure, koshi dan daddy baya nan ne yatafi airport dauko faisal ... □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□ *Airport* Jirgi yadira a airport dake abuja, cikin gaggawa su faisal suka fito, daman daddy yakaraso shima su yake jira duk ya kagu suzo, domin yaga lokaci yana tafiya, Tundaga nesa faisal ya hangi daddy, da sauri suka karaso gurinsa, faisal yayi hug dinsa cike da fara, "you're wll com my son" faisal yayi murmushi yace " thanks daddy, faisal ya nuna adnan dake tsaye a bayansa yace "daddy wannan aboki nane sunansa adnan" Cikin gaggawa daddy yace " oya let's go, daga baya idan an gama dauren auren mayi magana a gida, kushiga muje lokaci na tafiya" Nan suka shiga mota, daddy yajasu suka nufi gidan abba.. □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□ Mutane sai kara taruwa suke, Abba yashiga cikin gida yafito da kabir ango, domin lokacin daure aure yakusa, Su daddy kawai ake jira, Rumaisa kuwa bayan fitowarta daga wanka, kawayenta suka fara shiryata, suka tsara mata kwalliya mai kyaun gaske, Sannan akaje ga sutura ananfa akasha rigima domin ko wacce aka dauko sai rumaisa tace ita bata yimata ba, itadai tafison a yau dinnan tafi kyau fiye da kowace rana, Da kyar dai aka samu tazabo kala daya, sannan tasaka, tabbas tayi kyau sosai kamar ba itaba, leemart tayi dariya tace " amarya ansha kamshi, kinyi kyau abinki" murmushi kawai rumaisa tayi, suka kwashe dadari, maryam tace " nimadai baza'a barni a bayaba, saina tsokano magana, amarya bakya laifi kokin kashe dan masu gida" su duka suka kwashi dariya harda rumaisa, haka dai sukaci gaba da zolayarta ita kuwa sai faman murmushi take musu.. (amaryar Majnoon😜 ) □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Motar daddy ta ja parking a bakin kofar gidan abba, tun a lokacin adnan yakejin gabansa na faduwa, Daddy da faisal suka fito suka barshi a cikin motar yana tunani, harsun fara tafiya faisal yaduba yaga babu adnan da sauri yadawo bakin motar ya leka, yaganshi zaune yayi jugum, faisal yace "fito muje mana" Saida adnan ya dan zabura yace "" sannan yafito suka nufi kofar shiga gidan, a lokacin har daddy yashige ciki, gaban adnan sai faduwa yake, Suka tura kofar gidan suka shigo, nan suka tarar da mutane zazzaune, sukayi tsaye suna kallonsu, faisal ya dube adnan yasauke murya yace "cab di jan, to yanzu taya za'ayi mufita da shi" Adnan yayi ajiyar zuciya yace " hmm nima ina nasani, niko ganinsama banyiba" Faisal yashiga leka taron yana fadin " bari na duboshi" nan ya d'aga yashiga neman Majnoon, yabar adnan tsaye a gurin, zuciyarsa sai saka masa take taya zai kashe majnoon batare da faisal yasaniba, haka dai yayita sake-sake.. yana neman mafita □□□□ □□□□□ □□□□ Kabir yana zaune akan kujera, kwata- Kwata yau bayajin nishadi, baisan komeye dalilin hakan ba, jin anfara adu'ar daurin aurensa, yasa yaji kansa yafara sarawa, nan take edonsa suka chanza launi zuwa ja, duk jikinsa yadau gumi, tashi yayi dasaurin yana kokarin komawa cikin gida, A daidai lokacin faisal ya hangesa, da sauri ya kad'a hannu yace " yes!! Nagansa" sannu yafada, sannan yakarasa gurinsa, Assslamu alaikum" ya tsayar da kabir tare da mika masa hannu sukayi masubaha, sannan kabir ya amsa masa, Yana murmushi yace " sunana faisal, amm munzo ne nida abokina domin mutayaka murnan aurenka, mubakine daga kogi state" Da karfi kabir ya zare edo, kwakwalwarsa tarika juyawa kamar zai iya tuna sunan, kamar yasan sunan, amma sai kuma yakasa tuna komai, Faisal yariko hannunsa yace" muje koh, Kabir yabishi da kallo, suka nufi kofar fita, Adnan dake tsaye a bakin kofa, tun daga nesa yake hangosu, Kallo daya yamasa yazare edo, duk jikinsa yadau rawa tabbas yaya Mubarak yana raye, mummunan tashin hankali ya ziyarci zuciyarsa, duk ya fita hayyacinsa, gumi yasoma karyo masa, Tafiya suke suna Magana ammashi bayajin abinda suke fada, tun daga nesa Faisal ya nunawa kabir, gurin da adnan yake yace " ga abokinan ce sunansa adnan" Da karfi kabir ya dago kansa ya dube gurin da faisal ke nuna masa , Tunda edon kabir suka fada kan adnan, yaji wani irin zirr kwakwalwarsa ta dauka; daga hannu yayi yadafe kansa saboda mummunan cewon dayake masa, yana kokarin nuna adnan, jiri yasoma dibarsa saboda zafin da kwakwalwarsa take masa, kad'an yayi ihu, a hanakali yake sulalewa kasa yafadi wanwar, Daddy dake zaune acikin taro, yana kallon duk abinda suke, amma shi bai lura da adnan ba,sulalewar Kabir kawai yagani, da karfi yace " innalillahi wa inna ilaihin raju un" nanfa kaga kallon kowa yadawo kansa ana tambayarsa lafiya, dasauri yamike yanufi gurin su kabir, mutane suka bishi da kallo, kabir yana kwance a kasa a some, faisal ya durkusa kusa dashi, yana girgiza shi, duk ya tsorata, yarasa meke faruwa, Daddy ya karasa kusa da faisal, Ganin halin da ake ciki yasa mutane suka yo kansu, sai salati ake, hakalin kowa yatashi, Cike da firgita adnan ya juya da gudu yafita yabar gidan, domin yasan dacewa yanzu kam komai yachabe, duk ya fita hayyacinsa, yana fita yayi daidai da wani mai napep yashigo layin da sauri yataresa , tare da umurtarsa daya kaisa airport, ba musu mai napep din ya tada napep suka wuce airport □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Koda faisal yajuyo gefe adnan yaga wayam, babu adnan babu labarin, abin yakara daure masa kai, waishin meke faruwane, kodai hakan yana nufin cewa wannan shine yayan adnan, kansa yake tambaya, Daddy yasa aka kwashi Kabir akayi asibiti dashi, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Rumaisa tana cikin daki ita dasu leemart, suna tsokanarta, umma tazo tasanar da ita mummunan labari, bakaramar firgita tayiba, taso taje asibitin amma umma ta hanata domin tasan idan taje bayan kuka babu abinda zata musu, haka ta hakura tazauna gida... □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Bayan ankarasa dashi asibiti likitoci suka karbesa suka bashi taimakon gaggawa, Cikin kakkanen lokaci suka gano matsalarsa, sun gano cewa babu abinda ke damunsa, sock ne kawai yadibesa, nan bada jimawaba insha Allah zai farka... □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Yana karasa airport cike da firgita ya sallami mai napep ko chanji bai tsaya karb'a ba, yakara shiga jirgi, yakoman kogi, tun suna cikin jirgin yake kuka duk ya tsorata, Yau kam asirinsa ya tono, ya matsu bai karasa kogi ba yasanar da ummansa cewa tabbas Mubarak yana raye bada jimawaba kuwa suka karasa kogi.... Waya ganemun edon umma taji lbrn Mubarak yana raye😜 [10/20, 10:52 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 105 and 106 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Ana ajiyesa filin jirgi, Bai tsaya akazo daukar saba, taxi yashiga yakaraso gidan da shigowarsa cikin gidan yanufi sashen haj zainab cike da tashin hankali, Tun bai karasaba yake kiran sunanta, dasauri tafito daga dakinta tana murna a tunaninta sunyi nasarane akan Mubarak, Sunacin karo dashi taga yana kuka cike da firgita tace "adnan lafiya kuwa" Adnan yakara fashewa da kuka, yana fadan "umma yau zamu mutu, wlh yaya Mubarak yana raye kuma yana ganina yaganeni" Haj zainab ta toshe baki nta tana kokarin yin kuka tace "nashiga ukku" taja hannun adnan suka karasa cikin daki, tazaunar dashi kan gado, "kafadamun meke faruwane, garin yaya hakan tafaru" haj zainab tafada, takarasa maganar cikin hargowa Adnan yana kuka yafara labarta mata komai akan abinda yafaruwa, Cike da tashin hankali ta mike tsaye "karyane wlh bai isa ya hakana abinda kajima tana hasasheba, shidin banzaci uwarsama bazata iya daniba, matukar bokana yana raye, ai kamar yadda yabar gidan nan harna tsayon shekara biyu, haka zaibarka kayi mulkin wannan sa sarauta, ta juyo ta kalli adnan sannan tace " jirani naje yanzu nasanar da boka abnda ke faruwa, kazauna a daki karka fita saina dawo" Tana gama fada sannan ta juya ta janyo mayafinta tayafa, tafita, tabar adnan nan zaune cike daki yana kuka, Da sauri sauri take tafiya kamar ta had'a da gudu, daidai kofar falo fita sukaci karo da mai martaba saida gabanta yafadi damm, Sannan tadan daidai kanta tana ta gaidashi, ya amsa mata ya dube yace "ina zakije" Nan take jikinta yadau rawa, cike da inda-inda tace "zanje, amm...amm...." Mai martaba ya dakatar da ita dacewa "komadai inane, bazaki jeba domin yau inaji a jikina, kamar akwai wani abun da zai faru a gidan nan, don haka yau kowa bazai fitaba, tundaga kan 'yan aikin gidan nan harzuwa 'yan gidan nan, babu wanda zaije ko ina" Dasauri haj zainab tace "amma ...." Mai martaba yadaga mata hannu "banason gardama kikoma kawai bazaki jeba, yayi shiru yana kallon yadda jikin ke rawa, kamar zai tafi sai kuma yafasa yajuyo ya kalleta yace "ina adnan" Cike da rashin gaskiya ta share gumin dake karyo mata sannan tace "yana cikin dakina" tana gama fada mai martaba yafice yabar gurin, Tsaye tayi cike da tashin hankali, duk edonta sunfinfito, yaudai ko dubun suce tacika, take tambayar kanta, Juyawa tayi takoma dakinta, adnan yana zaune yana kuka ya mike da saurin " harkin dawone" Cikin sanyin jiki takai zaune kan gado " mai martaba ya hanani fita, yanzu bansan ya zanyiba, nashiga ukku" tadafe kanta tana kuka, adnan ya zauna kusa da ita shima kukan yakee... □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ *Abuja* _Bayan awa biyu_ Duk taron daurin aure kowa ya watse tsirarun mutane suka raka su daddy asibiti, suma basu jimaba suka wuce basu jira yafarkaba, _Bayan wasu yan mintuna_ Abban rumaisa, daddy, dakuma Faisal, sune kadai a cikin dakin da Kabir yake kwance, A hankali yasoma bude edonsa, yana nishi, hakan yasa su daddy suka karaso gurinsa, edonsa suka bude wanwar, dakarfi yazabura yana fadan "innalillahi wa'inna ilaihin raju'un" zai mike, daddy yamayar dashi zaune, Cike dajin dadi abban rumaisa yace "bari naje nakira likita" yana gama fada yafita yabar dakin, Kabir yadubesu duk bai sansuba, a hankali yake kallon jikinsa kafin yadago kansa ya kalli daddy yace "menakeyi anan" Daddy yayi murmushi yace "bakada lafiya ne, ana daf da daura maka aure mukaga kazube akasa" Gaban kabir yafadi, cike da mamaki yace "aure kuma ni, bayan wanda nakeda, yaushe nayi auren na fari, dahar za'a ace za'amun nabiyu" Daddy yadubesa da mamaki, yaji kalamansa na masu hankaline kodau yasamu hankaline, yana murmushi yace "kabir kodai kasamu lafiya ne" yafada yana kallonsa, Maimaita sunan yayi cike da rashin fahimta, waye kuma kabir, sai kuma yadube daddy yace " waye kuma kabir anan, ni sunan Mubarak" Gaban faisal yayi mummunan faduwa, tabbas hasashensa yayi gaskiya, to meyasa akace ya mutu, tabbas akwai wani mummunan alamari akasa, a hankali ya furta sunan a bakinsa kamar yadda yaji adnan yana fada "yaya Mubarak" Faisal yayi saurin cewa "kaine yarima Mubarak koh? Kanada kani adnan, sannan kuma mahaifinka mata biyune dashi, kadai sarkine" Da sauri Mubarak yace "eh nine, suna inane" Daddy yana mamaki ya dube faisal yace "ina kasan wannan" Faisal yayi ajiyar zuciya yace "zuwana kogi duk nasan wannan, ko a tarihin hikaya bantaba ganin lamari irin wannan ba, acen garin kogi kowa yadauka Mubarak ya mutu, a tarihinsa dana samu cewa akayi mota ta konesa kurmus tayadda ko gawarsa ba'a samuba, saka makon hakan yasa mahaifiyarsa takamu da wani ciwo na rashinsa, saidai ni abinda yadaure mun kai shine, a labarinsa dana samu, banji ance yanada aureba, wai meke faruwa ne haka" Kuka sosai Mubarak keyi akan wannan labarin dayaji, cikin tashin hankali yake cewa "meya faru da mahaifiyata" Faisal yana hawaye yace "nima bansaniba, kawaidai adnan yacemun mutuwarkace ta maidata yadda take a yanzu" yace " ina adnan?" Faisal yace "tunda yaga kazube kasa, ya gudu, bansan inda yajeba" A daidai lokacin abban rumaisa da likiti suka shigo dakin, jikin abba yayi sanyi sosai domin tun daga cen likita yasanar dashi cewa kabir yanasamu lafiya, likita nashigowa yakarasa gurin kabir ya dubesa yace "alhamdulillah tabbas lafiya tasamu" Dubansa yayi cike da mamaki yace "likita wai meke faruwane nifa bangane kuba" Likita yai ajiyar zuciya sannna yace "kayi mahaukane a shekarun baya amm..." Dasauri Mubarak yace "hauka kuma likita? garin yaya" Nan likita ya labarta masa komai akan abinda yasani, akan haukarsa da kuma losing memory kansa dayayi harda aurensa da Rumaisa, Hawaye Mubarak yakeyi yana fadan "innalillahi wa inna ilaihin raju un" Duk jikinsa yayi sanyi, jinyadda labarinsa yakasance, ya tausawa kansa, Likita yadube Mubarak yace " kai dan wane garine, kuma meye labarinka" Mubarak yana kuka yatsayar da kukan yace "sunana Mubarak nidan kogi state ne, inada aure mata daya dakuma yaro daya mai suna Khalid, ni bansan meye faru daniba, sai yanzu dana farka daga mummunan bacci danayi" Abba yayi saurin cewa "yanzu kai kanada aure" Mubarak yace "tabbas inada aure harda yaro daya" Abba yayi ajiyar zuciya yace "tabbas nayi babban kuskure, dana hada aurenka da 'yata Rumaisa" Mubarak yadube abbq da mamaki yace "wacece kuka Rumaisa"... [10/20, 10:53 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 107 and 108 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Dakin kowa yayi shiru, faisal mamakin yake to meyasa baiji labari a gurin kowaba cewa yarima Mubarak yanada mata, hard yaro, kuma meyasa adnan ya gudu, kansa yake tambaya, Jin kowa yayi shiru yasa Mubarak yayi yunkurin tashi yana fadan "yanzu gida zankoma, zanje naga mahaifiyata da matata" Gaban Abba yafadi, sai yanzu yatuna da maganar da haj luba take fada masa, kar wata rana yaron nan yasamu lafiya yazo ya gujemu, yan idan yatafi wane hali 'yarsa rumaisa zata kasance, Abba yana hawaye yace " dan Allah karka tafi wlh idan katafi zan iya rasa 'yata, 'yata tafada sonka so marar misaltuwa, dan Allah kataima kamun ka aureta, karna rasata ita kadai nakeda" Dakin kowa saida yaji tausayin abba, Mubarak yadube abba yace "bazan iya auren kowace macce ba a yanzu, nidai dan Allah kubarni na naje gida" Faisal yayi saurin cewa "tare zamu tafi, domin inason nasan gaskiya labarinka, kuma nizan maka jagora harzuwa gurin mahaifiyarka" Mubarak yamike tsaye yana gyara tufafin dake jikinsa yace "yanzu zamu tafi, bazan iya kara awa daya a garin nanba" Yayi yunkurin barin dakin abba ya rike masa riga, cike da muryar magiya yace "dan Allah kafin katafi, inason kaje kaga 'yata koda sau dayane domin nasan zatafi kowa farin cikin ganin kasamu lafiya" Ransa baisoba, sai dai kuma abba yabashi tausayi, Mubarak yace "toh muje" Daddy da faisal duk jikinsu yayi sanyi, sun zamo 'yan kallo, Su duka suka fita suka shiga motar daddy, suka wuce gidan abba, ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ A falo umma da haj luba ne zaune, sai rumaisa datake kwance a cinyar umma tana kuka, sai kuma kawayenta su biyu da sukayi jugum, falon yayi tsit, shanshekar kukan rumaisa kawai kakeji, suna jiran dawowar su abba, Ji sukayi anturo kofar falon anshigo, dasauri suka maki ganin su abba sunshigo, Haj luba tayi saurin kallon abba tace " ina fatandai komai lafiya" abba jiki a sanyaye yace " kuzauna zan muku bayani" tunda suka shigo, edon rumaisa yana kan Mubarak, taga yanayinsa ya chanza, kuma sannan ko kallonta baiba, Bayan sun zazzauna abba yace "lamari ya lalace, domin abinda kowa yayiwa gudu yafaru, kabir yatuna da waye shi" Umma, haj luba, rumaisa duk saida gabasu yafadi, Cike da fargaba haj luba tace "abinda najima ina tsoro kenan yanzu gashi yafaru, to meya sanar daku" Abba yace "yace mana sunansa Mubarak kuma shi dan sarkin kogi ne sannan kuma yace yanada mata harda yaro daya" Ihu kad'an rumaisa tayi saida tasoma ganin jiri, zuciyarta ta harba da karfi, tafashe da kuka, Haj luba ta tabe baki tace " ahaf ai saida nagaya muku, amma kukaki saurarona, kaidai burinka 'yarka tasamu lafiya, wlh usman kacika sonkai dayawa" tafada tana nuna abba, Daddy yayi saurin cewa "hajiya ayi hakuri yanzu dai komai yafaru yariga ya wuce, maganar auren Rumaisa yanzu babu ta, da kyar ma muka samu yazo gidan nan domin yayi bankwana da ita, yamatsa akan cewa dole yanzu zai koma gida" Kuka sosai rumaisa takeyi, ta dago kanta muryata na sharkewa ta dube majnoon dinta wanda yanzu yazamo cikakkan mutum kuma ayanzu zata rasashi tace "nice silar duk wannan, daya faru kaka, kidaina ganin laifin abbana, nataka SO a gefe mai tsini tayadda edanuna suka rufe akan cewa saina aure Kabir, ninasan dacewa wannan bakomai bane face KADDARA TACE, kuma.ban isa na guje mataba...." kuka ya hanata karasa maganar, Sai a lokacin Mubarak yadubeta, tayi matukar bashi tausayi, shima hawayen yake yace "bazan iya auren ko wace 'ya macceba a yanzu, kiyi hkuri, koda ace an daura auren nan ne kafin nasamu lafiya to tabbas idan na warke zan tarwatsa auren, ki godewa Allah ba' a daura auren nanba" Kuka sosai rumaisa takeyi, dasauri tatashi tanufi dakinta da gudu, kawayenta sukabi bayanta, Mubarak ya dube abba yace "nagode da karamcin da kuka yimun, Allah yasaka muku da khairan" Duk falon suka amsa da ameen, Mubarak ya mike tsaye sannan yace " nizan wuce, sai Allah yasake sadamu da alkhairinsa" sannan yajuyo yadube faisal yace "muje koh" Faisal ya mike cike da farinciki, jiyakeyi kamar, burinsa nadaf da ciki, na auren rumaisa, Suka fita tare suduka, daddy yabasu motarshi, suka shiga, sannan sukayi sallama dasu Rumaisa tana tsaye ta Window tana kallon lokacin da Mubarak yashiga motar, jiri taji yafara dibanta, edonta suka fara lunshewa, daidai lokacin da su Faisal suka fita daga harabar gidan, a daidai lokacin rumaisa ta zube kasa somammiya.. Kawayenta sukayo kanta suna jinjigata amma ina, bata mosti, dasauri leemart tafita taje takira abba, yana shigowa dakin yakira doctor, Bayan sun yayyafa mata ruwa ta farka tana kuka, Umma tana rike da ita tana hawaye, ta dube ta "yanzu shikenan umma an rabani da majnoon, wlh umma zan mutu, majnoon shine burina, dan umma kuce yadawo" Hawaye umma takeyi, tace "kintaba ganin anmutu an dawo, to hakama Mubarak bazai taba dawowa garekiba, kedai kawai kiyita rokin Allah yabaki wanda yafishi" Rumaisa takara fashewara da kuka tana fadan "babu shi umma babu wanda yafimun majnoon a cikin zuciyata,,, kutai makamun kuce yadawo,. Wlh zan mutu 😭.." nan dai taci gaba da sabbato sai kace wata zararriya, Likita nazowa ya burma mata allurar bacci, sannan yasamu yaduba, sannan ya tabbatarwa su abba dacewa, jininta yana gaf da hayewa dan haka ayi gaggawar nema mata farin ciki, yana gama basu bayani sannan yafice yabar gidan, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Su faisal kuwa sai tsala uban gudu sukeyi akan titi kamar zasu bar duniya , amma duk da haka shi Mubarak gani yake kamar ba gudu ne Faisal keyiba , Anan daf da kiran sallar la'asar suka karasa garin kogi, faisal ya zarce sai gidan mai martaba, Bayan sun karasa Mubarak kallon gidan yake duk yaga gidan yasauya masa, a harabar gidan faisal yaja birki, babu kowa a gurin, duk suna wurin sallah, Cike da kasaita da faduwar gaba, Mubarak yafito daga cikin motar, yana kallon harabar giadan ba kowa da saurin yake tafiya yanufi cikin gidan batare dawata ko wani yaganshiba, faisal yana bayansa harya karasa falon da ummansa take ciki, yana bude kofar yaji gabnsa yafadi, Kallo daya yamata saiga hawaye, cikin kuka bakinsa ya furta Umma!!!" Saida kanta yasara a lokacin dataji muryasa, duk ila hirin jikinta yadau rawa, jitakeyi kamar almarane, bada gaske bane muryasa, a hankali kanta ke juyawa gurin dataji sautin muryar nafitowa, Caraf edonta yafada kan Mubarak, a lokacin mubarak ya zuro da gudu ( kusa masa slow gurin karatun, yanayin gudun sa😫) Kukan farin ciki take duk dacewa har yanzu bata gasgata lamarinaba, yunkurin tashi tayi sai kuma takasa hannu ta nuna masa bakinta na rawa tasoma furta mu..baa..rakkk" bata karasaba ta sulale kasa somammiya, Da gudu yakaraso gurinta ya tallabo kanta yana kuka, yana kiran sunanta "ummaaaaaa.... [10/20, 10:53 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 109 and 110 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Faisal dake tsaye a gefe abin tausayi yabasa sosai harda su hawaye, Motsin mutane faisal yaji suna shirin shigowa gurin, Dasauri yakarasa gurin, Mubarak cike da tsro yake cewa " mutanefa suna zuwa, kazo mubar gurinnann" Ko kallonsa Mubarak baiba, kukansa kawai yaci gaba dayi, Bodyguard ne su biyu suka shigo wurin, ganin mutane aciki, yasa sukayi saurin karasa cikin cike da zafin rai, Faisal tuni jikinsa yadaurawa, Mubarak ya juya musu baya, tayadda bazasuga fuskarsa saba, bayan sun karasa kusa da mubarak daya daga cikin bodyguard din yadaka masa tsawa " waye kai!!" Mubarak yayi shiru, yaci gaba da kukansa, bodyguard din yakara daka masa tsawa yana kokarin kai masa duka, Cikin zafin zuciya Mubarak ya juyo da karfi, Sukayi edo hudu da bodyguard din saida yaja da baya saboda tsoro, cikin rawar murya bakinsa ke furta "prince Mubarak! !" Da gudu yajuya yafita waje, dayanma yabi bayansa suka fita, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Daidai lokacin mai martaba yafito daga masallaci, yana kokarin saka takalmansa, bodyguard din suka karaso gurin suna hucin gajiya, da gudun da sukayi, d'ayan yana nuna kofar shiga cikin gidan bakinsa na kokarin furta " prince Mubarak a dakin ummansa" Gaban mai martaba yafadi, cike da razana yace " yarima Mubarak a ina" Saida bodyguard din yasamu natsuwa sannan yace "dakin ummansa " Mai martaba ya daukesa da wawan mari cikin zafin rai yace "kaba ganin wanda yamutu yadawo, d'ana Mubarak ya mutu, tsawon shekara biyu, shine yanzu zakacemun kaganshi" Bodyguard din yana dafe da kumatunsa yace "wlh idan karya nake karka barni nakara nunfashi a duniya, prince Mubarak yana cikin gidan nan" Jin rantsuwarsa yasa gaban mai martaba yakara faduwan, kasa saka takalmin yayi, saboda zumudi, yanufi cikin gidan, kamar zai hada da gudu wurin saurin tafiya, Harya karasa bakin kofar falon, a daidai lokacin Mubarak yatashi yana kokarin fitowa , sukayi kicibus da mai martaba, Saranda mai martaba yayi yana kallonsa, ayya kuwa wannan ba mafarki nakeyi bane, ko kumadai fatalwarsace, Kafin zuciyarsa tagama saka2, Mubarak ya zo da gudu ya rungumesa yana kaka, har a lokacin mai martaba yakasa gazgata lamarin, A hankali yake hade hannayensa, yana tabo jikin Mubarak, sai a lokacin mai martaba yaji tabbas mutum nea, Wasu irin hawaye suka gangaro masa akan kumatu, na farin ciki, a hankali bakinsa ke furta "Mubarak" Mubarak yafito daga daga jikin mai martaba yana kallonsa yace " eh nine baba, wlh nine" yakarasa maganar yana kuka, Dariyar farin cikin mai martaba yayi yakara rungumo Mubarak jikinsa, sun jima a haka suna kukan farin ciki, kafin Mubarak yafito daga jikinsa, ya nuna masa ummansa yace " meya faru da ummata, meya sameta" Sai a lokacin hankalin mai martaba yadawo kanta da sauri ya furta "subhanallah, meke faruwa ne" sannan ya juyo yadube bodyguard yace "maza kudau keta kutai dakinta, yanzu zan kira doctor" Suna kakori karasawa gurinta, prince mubarak yadaka musu tsawa "karkowa yatabamun umma kumabarni nadauke abata nakaita daki, kumatsa daga gurin" nan kaga kowa yaja da baya, prince Mubarak yakarasa gurinta, ya tallabota, yanufi hanyar dakinta, Mai martaba yana kallonsa yana murmushi, girgiza kainsa yayi tabbas farin cikin gidan sa yadawo, hakan dayayi yakara tabbatar masa dacewa tabbas yaron sane, Faisal duk jikinsa yayi sanyi, al'amarin sai mamaki yake bashi, taya za'a ce mubarak yamutu kuma yanzu daga ganin wannan sai ace kuma shine Mubarak, shidai haryanzu zuciyarsa takasa samun wannan amsar, Mai martaba yabi bayansu bayan yagama waya da dr bukar, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Prince Adnan da ummasa suna zaune a cikin daki sai faman kuka suke, nan sukaji gida yadau hayaniya, sai guda kakeji, Prince adnan yakara rosa kuka ya dube ummansa yace "munshiga ukku umma, wlh yaya Mubarak ne yadawo bakiji yadda gidan nan yadau ihu ba, ni wlh bazan zauna na mutuba, na yafe komai na farin ciki, domin inason rayuwata, guduwa kawai zanyi" Haj zaine ta watsa masa harara cikin bacin rai tace "toh shikenan kagudu, nisai kabarni a kasheni, komai nayi halan badanka nayib, wlh baka isa ka gudu kabarni ba" Cikin gaggawa adnan yace "to kitashi mutafi, nifa bazan zauna a gidan nanba" yana gama maganar yamike tsaye yana kuka, Haj zainab ta janyo mayafinta ta rufe jikinta, har fuskarta ta yadda wani bazai iya gane taba, Sannan ta janyo dayan mayafi ta mikawa adnan tace " kaima ka rufe fuskarka" cike da tsoro yadauka ya nade fuskarsa sai kace buzu, Sannan suka fita, tafiya sukeyi cikin sauri, kamar zasu tashi sama, Dai kofar fita daga sashensu, sukaji ana kiran kaii, kaii, kutsaya a nan" Tsoro da firgita suka kara ziyarar zukatansu, cak suka tsaya guri daya, bodyguard din yakaraso gurinsu, fuskarsa a murtuke yace "suwaye ku" sukayi shiru, suka kasa furta komai, suna sauraronsa, Jin sunyi shiru yasa yakara daka musu tsawa yace " magana nake muku suwaye ku" Cikin bacin rai haj zainab ya yaye mayafinta, tana hararansa, da sauri ya durku kasa yana nonnoken kai " tuba nake sarauniya, Allah huci zuciyarki" uffa batace dashiba takara mayar da mayafinta, sannan taja hannun adnan sukaci gaba da tafiya cikin sauri, Mamaki yacika bodyguard, toh sukuwa wad'an nan ina zasu je, a murna cikin gida amma su kokari suke zasubar gidan, Girgiza kai yayi yace "tabbas akawai abinda ke faruwa wanda yakamata mai martaba yasani, bari naje nasanar dashi" da sauri ya mike yanufi gurin mai martaba, Koda yakarasa dakin, dr bukar yana kan umman Mubarak yana dubata, Mubarak yana zaune a kusa da ita, faisal kuwa yana tsaye bayan mai martaba, Bodyguard din yakaraso kusa da mai martaba, cikin sanyin murya yace "my chief, labari nazo dashi" Mai martaba yajuyo ya dube sa yace " banason jin kowane labari a yanzu, kajirani zuwa anjima" Bodyguard din yace "my chief wannan labarin bana wasa bane, wani abin mamaki nagani" Mai martaba yace " uhim ina jinka menene" Bodyguard yace "hajiya zainab tare da yaronta prince adnan suna kan haryar barin gidan nan" Cike da mamaki mai martaba yace " what! Da gaske kake wannan maganar" "da gaske nake fada maka wannan maganar, domin yanzu nahadu dasu kuma harsun rufe fuskokinsu, ga dukkan alamu ba lafiya ba" Cikin sauri mai martana yace "jeka zomin dasu, maza kaje ka danna kararrawar gidan nan kar a bar kowa yafita" Dasauri bodyguard yafita yana fadan "angama my chief" Yana fita yaje ya danna kararrawar, nan kaji gida yada sauti, Babu tsaiko aka fara rufe kofofin gidan, Haj zainab da adnan, daidai kofarsu, ta fita harabar gidan aka tsayar dasu... [10/20, 10:54 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 111 and 112 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Bude mayafinta tayi bodyguard dinda ke gurin gabaki dayansu suka durkusa akasa, cikin tsawa tace " kubudemun kofa nawuce" D'ayan bodyguard din yace "angama ranki shidade" Dasaurin yatashi yana kokarin Bude mata kofar, saida ya wangale kofar baki daya, sannan tamayar da mayafinta, ta dora kafarta daya a waje daya acikin falon, A daidai lokacin, bodyguard dinda mai martaba yacewa yazo dasu yakaraso gurin cikin gudun masifa, tun daga nesa yake cewa sauran bodyguard din da ke gurin "kutsayar dasu karku barsu sufita, umarnine daga mai martaba" Ai kuwa kamar daga sama sukaji a chafkosu, haj zainab ta juyo cike da bacin rai, domin bataji abinda ake fadaba, tace "kankuwasan kowa kakama" bodyguard din yace "nasani mana, matar mai martaba, amma kuma ai mai martaba ne yabada umarnin cewa kar' a barki kifita" Gabanta yayi mummunan faduwa, cike da tsoro, take kallon mutanen gurin, ba musu tajuya ta koma ciki, jikinta na kyarma, aka sasu gaba ita da adnan, suka nufi gurin mai martaba, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Yana tsaye akashigo dasu, yasa aka yaye masu lullubin da sukayi, adnan kuka yake sosai, haj zainab tarika kafar mai martaba tana kuka tace " dan Allah kayimun rai, ka gafarceni" Cike da Mamaki mai martaba yace "mekikayimun ne, aini bakimun komaiba, tambaya daya kawai zan miki, ina zakije keda adnan" Tana kuka tace "guduwa zamuyi saboda tsoron abinda zai samemu" Cike da mamaki mai martaba yake kallonta ya maimaita kalmar "guduwa zakuyi, me kukayine" Haj zainab tace " komai yafaru a gidan nan mune silar, sanadiyar wannan mulkin naka, naso ace d'ana adnan shine zai gajeka amma hakan bata kasanceba, shekaru biyu dasuka wuce, naje gurin boka nasa akayiwa Mubarak magana akan inason yahaukace ko kuwa ya akashesa, bokan yake cemun shibazai iya kisaba amma zaibamu maganin dazan sakawa Mubarak idan akayi amfani dashi zai haukace, inyaso da yadda zan iyayi acikin haukar nakashesa toh shikenan, haka na karbi maganin nadawo gidan, a ranar dana dawo gida nasamu labarin cewa Mubarak zaiyi tafiya zuwa abuja, To ta wannan hanyar nasamu damar saka masa maganain a cikin motarsa, Toshine bayan yatafi muka samu labarin cewa yayi hatsari a mota kuma motar ta kone kurmus, tana kuka takarasa maganar dacewa " wannan shine gaskiyar abinda yafaru akansa, tasanadiyar hakan ne yasa mahaifiyarsa takamu da wannan ciwon, kuma matarsa da yaronsa..." sai kuma tayi shiru tana kuka, Edon mai martaba sukayi ja sosai, ransa yabace Mubarak dake zaunr akusa da ummansa, yamike cike da bacin rai yana huci yace "ina kuka kaimun matata, da yarona, wlh idan kuka kashesu, kuma zan kasheku, kunkuwasan yadda nake sonsu,... suna inaneeee " yakarasa maganar yana kuka, ya durkusa kasa, sannan yakara dago edonsa yana hawaye yasauke murya abin tausayi yace "umman adnan dan Allah ina matata da yarona" Umman adnan tayi shiru kuka kawai take, Mubarak yajuya gurin adnan yace "dan uwana adnan ina matata da yarona" Cike da tashin hankali adnan yasoma magana, yana fadan "kaicona da wannan sonkai danayi, na cutawa rayuwar dan uwana akan mulki, a yanzu ina mai nadamar abinda zan fada masa" Mubarak yayi saurin cewa "fadamun menene, meyasa faru dasu, adnan kafadamun ina matata da da d'ana" Adnan yana sosai kuka yace "nina kashesu yaya mubarak, wlh nina kashesu da hannuna...." Wani irin gunji Mubarak yayi yakara fashe da wani irn masifaffan kuka, edonsa sunyi ja sosai, Faisal ma haka kuka yake, a zuci yake yafan tabbas har yanzu duniya akwai iblis, Mai martaba, kasa furta komai yayi banda Hawaye babu abinda yake, Sauran mutane dake cikin dakin wasu duk kuka suke wasu kuwa jikinsu yayi sanyi, ( nima dai komawa gefe nayi nashare hawayena sannan nadawo naci gaba da rubutu😭) Mubarak duk ya fita hayyacinsa, harda sambatu yasomayi "sun mutu, gabaki dayansu sun mutu, matata yarona,..." yakara fashewa da kuka, A daidak lokacin sukaji motsin gadon da umman Mubarak take kwance, A hankali mai martaba yake kai edonsa a gurin, yaga farkawa take kokarinyi, A hankali edonta suke kokarin budewa tana kallon dakin, mutanen dake cikin dakin tasoma kallo, har edonta yafada kan Mubarak dake durkushe yana kuka, habar bakinta narawa take furta " Mubarak".... [10/20, 10:54 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 113 and 114 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Da karfi Mubarak yad'ago kansa ya dubeta, da sauri yakaraso gurinta ya rungumeta suka fashe da kuka, cikin kukan yake fadan "umma sun kashemun matata da yarona, taya akayi hakan tafaru, kina ina kikabarsu suka aika wannan mummunan kudurinsu akansu.." yakarasa maganar yana kuka sosai Muryata na rawa tasoma magana "nasan komai Mubarak, komai akan edona akayi, KISAN GILLA sukayi musu" Mubarak yafito daga jikin ummansa yace "umma mesukayi musu" Umma tashare hawayenta sannan tace "babu abinda sukayi musu Mubarak, ranar dakayi tafiya zuwa abuja, a ranar suka kashesu, bayan tafiyarka, naje sashenka zanje na dauko khalid daga gurin mamansa domin nai musa wasa, ina karasa sashen, natarar da adnan menan kashe matarka, ina sauri nakarasa gurinsu, amma ina kafin nakarasa ya soka mata wuka a ciki, anan nayi saranda nakasa zuwa ko ina, akan edona bayan yagama da matar taka, ya dauko yaron shima yayakashi, tashin hankali nagani karara, ihu nasa haka yayi sanadiyar adnan ya biyoni da gudu, nima da niyar zai kasheni, da gudu nafita ina ihu, neman taimako, harna karasa shigowa sashena, ina shigowa anan kuma natarar da mutane ana kuka, koda na tambaya akancemun kaine ka mutu..." kuka ya kubuce mata ya hata karasa mganar, Zuciyar Mubarak tayi zafi sosai, huci yasomayi duk hankalinsa yatshi mikewa tsaye yayi yana huci, yakarsa kusa da adnan ya shaki wuyansa, yana fadan "kaima saina kasheka irin kisan da kayiwa ahalina" ya shaki yuwansa, shakar dabazai iya furta komaiba, Bodyguard sukayo kansa suna kokarin hanashi, basu karasa gurinba, mai martaba ya daga musu hannu, alamar karkowa ya hanashi, dole sukaja da baya, A haka Mubarak yaci gaba shakar wuyan adnan cikin zafin rai, saida ya dauke nunfashi, tun yana shure har yazo yadaina, (Wannan shi ake kira da KISAN GILLA my next novel ) Saida yadaina motsi Sannan yasakesa, yana huci, Rashin imani karara umman adnan tagani, a hankali take kai hannunta ta riko hannun adnan anan taji hannu yayi nauhi, tana sakin hannun kuma taga ya sulala kasa, Wata irin kara tayi tana kuka tace " ya mutu, adnan karka mutu, dan Allah karka mutu kabarni, wayyyyyoo, takara saka ihu, ta dora kanta kan kirjij gawar adnan, tana kuka, Mubarak yana gurfane agurin, duk ya fita hayyacinsa, zuciyarsa sai zogi take masa, har yanzu bai huce yakaicin rashin matar saba da yaronsa, Kamar daga sama umma adnan tatsayar da kuka ta dago kanta ta dube Mubarak, edonta sunyi ja sosai, tayi ihu ta cafki wuyan Mubarak tana sunbatu "kaima saina kasheka kamar yadda kakesemun yarona" mugun shaka tamasa Mubarak yakasa kwabar kansa, Bodyguard sukayo kanta, da kyar suka iya babbare hannunta akan wuyansa, Mubarak ya galabaita sosai, tana sakinsa ya sulale yafadi kasa somamme, Ita kuwa ihu ta saka, tana kuka take fadan "sunkashe, wlh banyafe mukuba, mugaye azzalumai, maciya amana" tana cikin magana saikuma tasaka dariya, Bodyguard suna rike da ita tasoma, kuce kuce tana ihu da karfi, tamkar zautanciya, sambatu kawai takeyi, Mai martaba yana tsaye, tunda aka fara maganganun yakasa iya furta komai, tunanin yadda abin yakasance kawai yake, Ihun umman adnan ne yadamesa, da karfi ya juyo, cike da hargowa yace " kufitarmun da ita daga cikin dakin nan, kukaita cen cikin dakin bayan gida kujefata a ciki kurufeta" Haka kuwa akayi, suka fita da umman adnan aka kaita cen dakin bayan gida aka rufeta, Suka dawo aka kwashi gawar Adnan akaje a kayi mata salla, harda mai martab, dakuma faisal, sannan aka kaishi makwancinsa, anyi masa hukunci daidai irin wanda ya aikata, kuma wanda shari'ar musulunci tatanada, wannan shine gaskiya □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ _Bayan wasu awanni_ Mubarak yafarfado, duk ya jigata, hankalinsa, baya kansa sai sabbatu yake, yakasa natsuwa Daman dr bukar yana gidan, yacewa mai martaba, kawai yabari amasa allurar bacci, idan yasamu bacci kona wuni daya ne to tabbas idan yatashi kwakwalwarsa zata samu relax, Mai martaba ya amince da maganar dr bukar, aka narkawa Mubarak allurar bacci, nan yashiga sharara baccinsa, Bawani zaman makoki da akayi, kowa ya watse yakama gabansa, A daren ranar mai martaba yasa aka kira masa faisal yace yanason faisal yasanar dashi komai daya sani akan Mubarak, kafin suzo dashi nan.. [10/20, 10:54 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 115 and 116 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Faisal yayi shiru, yana nazarin mema zai fada nan, sai ce dai yafara fadowa mai martaba komai daya sani akan lamarin majnoon, tun daga mahaukansa, har zuwa cutar daya samu sannan kuma da maganar aurensa da Rumaisa, wanda ya tarwatse ana daf da daurasa, Mai martaba ya girgiza akan lamari, kuma yaji dadin taimakon da abban rumaisa yayi akan Mubarak, Tausayawa 'yar tasa yayi kamar yadda yaji faisal yafada, tana matukar sob Mubarak sosai, lokaci daya yaji son, yarinyar yashigo ransa, saboda shi yanason duk wani maison Mubarak, ajiyar zuciya Mai martaba yayi sannan ya dube Faisal yace " kabani number mahaifin rumaisa zamuyi magana dashi" Cike da rawar murya faisal yace "banada numbansa, amma zanbaka ta daddyna atare suke komai, duk maganar da kukayi zaije yafada masa yanzu" Mai marta yace " bani number abban naka" Nan Faisal yashiga karanto masa yana yasakawa, Saida yagama sannan mai martaba yakira number, cikin sa'a kuwa wayar tashiga, Mai marta yayi sallama, daddy ya amsa, sannna mai martaba yace "mahaifin Mubarak ke magana, daga kogi" Muryar daddy na rawa yace "eh nagane.." Mai martaba yace "yawwa, nasamu labarin kunason kuhada aurensa da 'yarku" daddy ya tsora sosai,har lokacin muryarsa bata daina rawa ba "Eh hakane yallabai" sai kuma yayi shiru, Mai martaba yayi murmushi yace "karka samu damuwa, daman nakirakane inaso nasanar dakai cewa, karku fasa daurin auren nan, inason a daura auren nan a yau bayan angama sallar isha, sannann kuma kai kaneson kawakilci yarona Mubarak, daga baya koda zuwa jibine zaizo yadauki matarsa" Bakaramin dadi daddy yajiba , yayiwa sarki godiya soaai sannan suka katse wayar, Faisal dake zaune jigum, yayi tagumi, azuci yake fadan "nikam dai banda sa'a, a kullum sainaga samu saikuma naga rashi, shikenan na rasa rumaisa, 😰) □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Cike dajindadi daddy yashiga mota yaje gidan abba yasanar dashi komai da mai martaba yace asanar masa, shima yayi na'am da wannan abin, kuma ya amince da a daura auren rumaisa da Mubarak bayan sallar isha, Goron da suka saya kawai sukaje suka dauka, sukayi alwala suka nufi masallaci, Sukayi salla isha bayan angama, tun ba'a fara fitaba, abba yakarasa gurin liman, yasanar dashi cewa yanason ayi daurin auren 'yarsa a yanzu, lamarin ya girguza liman dakuma mutane dake cikin masallacin, sunyi mamakin yin daurin aure cikin dare, Haka dai aka rabawa mutane goro bayan angama daura auren yarima Mubarak da Rumaisa, ( saidai kawai muyi musu fatan Allah yabasu zaman lafiya) Sannan kowa ya watse, abba yakoma gida cike da farin ciki, yagawa umma da haj luba, komai dake faruwa suma sunyi farinciki soaai, abba yanemi alfarma a gurinsu cewa karsu fadawa rumaisa komai dake faruwa, subarta kawai ayi mata AUREN BAZATA,, Rumaisa na dakinsa sai faman kuka take, jitakeyi kamarma yau dinnance ranar mutuwarta, saboda ita yanzu jitayi kamar batada sauran wani amfani a duniya yanzu tunda aka rabata da Majnoon dinta.. ( amarya rumaisa ansha kuka ) Wazai iya zuwa yafadawa rumaisa cewa, tafa zama amarya yakamata yadaina kuka😜😜 [10/20, 10:54 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 117 and 118 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ _Bayan kwana biyu_ *KOGI* Umman Mubarak tasamu lfy sosai, domin yanzu dakowama zata iyi yin fira, ta warke sumul tadawo kan karagarta ta sarauniyar kogi, Mubarak mahaka shima yasamu sauki, amma haryanzu zuciyarsa tana cike da zogi da radadin rashin matarsa da kuma yaronsa, Yan kwana biyun nan duk ya kauracewa mutane, bayason zama cikin mutane yafison zama shikadai, Yauma kamar kullum yana zaune ciki dakinsa yayi jugum yana tunani ya game hannayensa akan kirkijinsa yana kallon saman dakin, shima bashida labarin aurensa da rumaisa, Mai martaba da ummansa suka turo kofar dakin suka shigo, suna murmushi, Mubarak yabisu da kallo har suka karaso kusa dashi suka zauna, Mai martaba yadafashi yana kallonsa yace "Mubarak komai daya faru dakai mukaddarine daga Allah, mutum bai isa ya gujewa kaddarar saba, yakamata ace kayi imani da kaddara, anason kowanne musulmi yayi imani da kaddara ta alkhairi ce kota shairi, karfa kakasacin jarabawar da Allah yake maka" Hawaye suka soma sauka kan kumatun Mubarak, zaiyi magana kuka yakubuce masa yasoke kansa cikin kirjin mai martaba yana kuka yace "kashe sufa akayi, kuma KISAN GILLA, kisan rashin imani, mesukayi masa, meyarona yamasa, yaro karami dan shekara daya, haba wannan rashin imanin yayi yawa ..." yakarasa maganar yana kuka, Mai martaba yarika shafar Bayansa a hankali, sannan yasauke nunfashi yace "kayi hakuri komai mai wucewa ne, kadaina kuka" Umma tayi ajiyar zuciya sannan tace "kadaina kukan nan mana Mubarak, mamaci adu'a yakeso ba kukaba" Sai lokacin aka samu yadan sassauta kukansa yafitar dakansa daga cikin kirjin mai martaba yashare hawayesa sannan yace " insha Allah umma daga yau nadaina kukan nan zanci gaba da rayuwa kamar yadda kowa yakeyi" Murmushi mai martaba yayi "haba kokaifa, ai hakan yafi" Suduka sukayi murmushi, sannan mai martaba yayi gyaran murya kafin yace " amm daman munzone musanar dakai, cewa yakamata kaje Abuja kazo da matarka, domun azo nan asha Biki" Gaban Mubarak yafadi cike da mamaki yake cewa "mata kuma abba yaushe akayi auren banace afasaba, nifa bana sonta" Umma tayi saurin cewa "to mudai ko baka sonta mun riga mun daura muku aure saidai kayi hkr, domin mu bazamu zamo butuluba, a yadda naji labari, yarinyar nan tayi maka taimako sosai a rayuwarka" Mubarak yafara gunguni, mai martaba yace "katashi kaje kayi wanka, kafin kafito zansa ashirya maka motoci, kaje kazo da matarka" Amma abba, nifa bana sont..." mai martaba yadaga masa hannu yadakatar dashi dacewa "indai kanason farin cikinmu, to katashi katafi, ta wannan hanyarne kadai zamu sakawa yarinyar nan aka abinda tamana akanka" yana gama maganar yamike yanufi hanyar fita, umma ta mara masa baya, atare suka fita, sukabar Mubarak zaune akan gado zuciyarsa cike da sake2, Har suka fita Mubarak kallon kofar yake, bayan sun fita yaja tsaki, sannan yatashi akasale "wannan wane irin AUREN BAZATA ne, aure babu ko soyayya" yafada yana kokarin shiga toilet yayi wanka, Bayan yafito yazo bakin mirrio yashafa mai, sannan yaje yadauko wasu hadandin kayan sarauta yasaka, bakaramin kyau yayiba, yafito yarimansa sak, yazo bakin mirror yana kallon kansan, sai kuma yayi murmushi, Wani irin farin ciki yakeje a yanzu bayan fitowarsa daga toilet wanda shikansa baisan da zuwansa ba, Tun a lokacin daya samu labarin matarsa da yaronsa sun mutu, baikara tsintar kansa cikin farin cikiba kamarna yanzu ba, Saida yafeshe jikinsa kaf da turare sannan yafita, koda yakarasa harabar gidan, Mai martaba yasa anjera masa motoci a kalla zasukai guda biyar, Yana zuwa yashiga mota ta tsakiya nan suka fita daga hatabar gidan suka hau hanya, mai martaba yayi musu fatan Allah yakai lafiya yadawo dasu lfy, Suna barin gidan, mai martaba yakira abban Rumaisa yasanar dashi cewa gasu Mubarak nan kanhanya, Abba rumaisa yayi farin ciki sosai, bayan sun katse wayar Sannan yaje yasanar da umma da haj luba, nan fa suka shiga gyaran gidan, rumaisa tana dakinta, cikin bakin ciki batasan irin wainar da ake toyawaba, Sai bayan sungama shirya gidan tsaf sannan umma taje dakin rumaisa, a kudundune tasameta gefen gado, kamar shege a gurin rabon gado, Umma tazauna kusa da ita, tafara yimata 'yan nasihohi akan tadauki kaddara akan abinda yafaru da ita, Nasihohin sun ratsa jikinta sosai, daga kashe dai umma tace "yanzu dai kitashi kije kiyi wanka domin zamuyi baki a gidan nan, kuma dan Allah karki nuna masu alamar kina cikin damuwa, kisaka fuskarki a murmushi kinji" Murmushi karfin hali Rumaisa tayi " tohm umma insha Allah zanyi kokarin yin hakan" Umma ta mike tana murmushi "tohm shikenan idan kin gama wanka kikirani nazo zabama miki irin kalar tufafin da zaki saka" Rumaisa tace " tohm" tana gama fada, umma tajuya tana kokarin barin dakin, Rumaisa ta kwalla mata kira , ta juyo , Rumaisa tace "umma halam bakin waye zasuzo" takarasa maganar tana Murmushi, itama dai fada mata din nan da akayi baki na nan zuwa, harta soma jin farin ciki, wanda batasan meye dalilin yinsaba, Umma tayi murmushi tace "bakin abban kine " tana gama fada ta fice tabar dakina, Rumaisa tatabe baki "bakin abba, daga ina kuma? " itaka kadai take magana, Murmushi kawai tayi sannan tafada toilet, Wanka tayi sosai domin tana wankan tanajin nishadi, kamar bata cikin wata damuwa, karasa wannan tafito, Bayan tafito harta zauna tana shirin fara mekup tatuna da umma tace takirata idan tafito, Tashi tayi ta janyo hijab tasaka, tana kokarin bude kofar, a daidai lokacin umma taturo kofar tashigo, tayi turus tana kallonta tana sosa kanta " amm daman yanzu nake batun zuwa kiranki saikuma gashi kinzu" Umma tayi murnushi tace "gani nayi baki fitoba shine nace bari ninazo, kin fitone?" Rumaisa tace "eh nafito" "Tohm jmuje" Bakin mirrio suka fara zuwa umma ta taimaka mata tayi kwalliya mai kyau, Sannan umma taje tadauko mata wasu sabanbin kaya daga cikin kayan aurenta da kabir, rumaisa ta karba tasaka bakaramin kyau tayiba, sai faman murmushi take, Sai da umma ta tabbatar data shirya rumaisa tsaf sannan tabar dakin, tabarta a tsaye tana tubanin wai suwaye zasuzo haka, dahar za'ace sai umma ta shiryata, saikace wata small girl... [10/20, 10:54 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 119 and 120 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Da yamma ana batun suka sauka garin abuja, Basu dire ko inaba sai kofar gidan su rumaisa, mai gadi ya wangale musu kofa, suka fara jiro motocinsu a cikin gidan, Abba yafito cike da fa'a yatar besu, yakarasa dasu dakin baki, Rumaisa tana zaune a cikin dakinta sai kukan motaci takeji suna direwa a harabar gidansu, taso tatashi ta leka ta Window domin tagani amma sai kuma kawai tafasa, Tana zaune umma tashigo fuskarta dauke da fara'a, ganin umma tashigo yasa ta mike tana fadan "umma sunzo koh" Umma tayi saurin cewa "eh sunzo, kaje dakin baki, sunacen saiku gaisa" Tohm " kawai tacewa umma kanta soke akasa tafita tabar umma tsaye acikin dakin, tanufi dakin baki, Cike da faduwa gaba tatura kofar dakin baki, wani irin kamshi ya doki hancinta, dasauri ta sauke nunfashi, sannan ta taka kafarta a cikin dakin, tare dayin sallama, Yana zaune kan kujera yayi wani irin zama kasaita, yajuyo sallamarta, a hankali ya dube inda take tare da karba sallamar, a lokacin hartashigo dakin kanta a kasa tayi tsaye guri daya, takasa zuwa ko ina, Yabita da kallo zuciyarsa sai duka takeyi da karfi, a hankali take jiyo sautin Muryar sa yana fadan "shigo mana" tunda tajiyo sautin muryar takejin gabanta na faduwa, Taso ta dago kanta domin ta gazgata sautin da kunnuwanta kejiyo mata, amma kuma saita tsinci kanta da kasa yin hakan, Bata dago kantaba a haka take tafiya kanta a kasa harta karasa bakin kujera tazauna, Yanayin yadda tazauna yabashi dariya, yayi d'an murmushi kadan yana kallonta yace "amm fuskar taki tsadane da ita dahar bakyason d'agota mutane sugani" Gaban rumaisa yakara faduwa itadai jitakeyi kamar tasan mai muryar, kuma akace mata baki sunzo, ita da taji saukar ambaliyan motoci a harabar gidansu, ai yakamata taga mutane a dakin akalla sukai su goma amma saita rika jin muryar mutum daya, kodai sauran bazasuyi magana bane saita dago kanta, duk a zuci take wannan zancen, A hankali take dago kanta sukayi edo hudu da majnoon dinta, saida taja da baya saboda razana, ayya kuwa edanuwanta gaskiya suke nuna mata cewa Majnoon ne a kusa da ita, Suka kafe juna da edo suna kallon juna cike da jindadi da nishadi, Sun jima a haka kafin bakinta yasoma rawa tanason ta furta wani abu, Mubarak yadaga mata hannu "basai kinyi maganaba ninidai mubarak, ba mafarki kikeba, domin nasan zuciyarki zata saka miki hakan" Murmushi rumaisa tayi jitakeyi kamar ta burma ihu, dariyar haure daya tayi tana kallonsa tace "mekazoyi gidanmu" Nunfashi Mubarak yasauke yana kallonta yace "ummm nazone natafi da matata" Rumaisa tadan zare edo cike da mamaki tace "wacece kuma matar taka, kuka ina take" Sai da yayi murmushi Sannan yace "a yanzu haka ina tare da matata, wacca tadawomin da rayuwata daidai kamar a baya, natashi daga Majnoon nakoma Mubarak" Dariya maganar tabata, tare da mamakin ta ina yasan dacewa shi Majnoon ne, Takara kafe edonta akan nashi tana murmushi tace "wacece?" Shima yayi murmushi yace " RUMAISAN MUBARAK" Gabanta yasake yafaduwa tana cike da mamakin yaushe aka daura mata aure da Mubarak, bayan tasan dacewa ana daf da fara daurin musu aura komai ya yatarwatse, Dakatar mata da tunaninta yayi daceewa "karkiyi mamaki, domin nasan dacewa yanzu haka shikikeyi akan ya akayi aka dauramun aure dashi, nima a bazata abun yazomin, bayan nakoma gida abinda yafaru shine mummunan labari yasamnin akan cewa kanine ya kashemun iyali matata da yarona KISAN GILLA, wannan shine dalili dayasa mai martaba yasa aka daura aurena dake batare da saninaba, acewarsa ta wannan hanyarce kadai zamu saka miki akan taimakon dakikayi akaina, lokacin da mai martaba yasanar dani cewa andaura min aure dake, banjidadiba, amma kafin nazo nan sainaji kamar kece silar dawowa da farin cikina, kuma danazo sainaji kwata-kwata bana kunyarki, jinakeyi a jikina kamar munyi shekara goma atare, lallai wannan ba komai bane illa alakar zukata biyu, ma'ana zuciyata da taki, rumaisa yanzu nadawo gareki.." Hawaye suka sauko kan kumatunta wanda itama batasan dalilin zuwan suba, shin na tausayin labarin Mubarak ne kona farin ciki ne, hawayenta tashare sannan tace "Allah yajikansu da rahama" Murmishi Mubarak yayi sannan yace "ameen,yana murmushi yace "yanzu saurake ki haifomin wani yaron" Kunya rumaisa taji ta rufe fuskarta tana murmushi, tasowa yayi daga inda yazo kusa da ita, ya kura mata edo wani irin sonta nakara shiga zuciyarsa, yarasa dalili dayasa sonta yashiga zuciyarsa lokaci daya, kafin yazo abuja babu sonta ko kadan a cikin zuciyarsa amma yanzu sonta gabaki daya ya mamaye zuciyarsa, nan take ta meye masa gurbin margayiya matarsa, Cike da fargaba yariko hannunta, saida taji jikinta yadau wata irin sock, da karfi tasauke nunfashi tare da lumshe edo, A hankali yake murza hannu, yana murmushi cikin wata sanyanyiyar murya yace "I LOVE YOU RUMAISA" yakarasa maganar yana kallonta, Wani irin farin ciki takeji har cikin zuciyarta, da karfi ta kanne edonta, saboda wata irin kunyarsa dataji, da sauri ta mike ta janye hannunta daga nashi, tana murmushi ta kauda edonta daga kallonsa cikin b'arin murya tasoma furta "mee..t.." takasa karasa maganar saboda wata irin kunya takeji, da gudu tafita tabar dakin, Prince Mubarak yayi dariya yana kara jin sonta a cikin zuciyarsa, Tana fita ta zarce dakin umma, da gudu tashigo dakin, umma tana zaune akan sallaya taga sallar laa'sar, tafado jikinta cike da farinciki, umma tace "lalala rumaisa karyani zakiyi, wannan irin fadowar haka" Rumaisa tadago kai ta harari umma cikin wasa sannan tace "wato umma shine kukayimun AUREN BAZATA koh, yaushene akayi auren daba a sanar daniba" Umma tayi murmushi tace "karkiga laifina, laifin abban kine shiyace kar'a sanar dake, jiya bayan sallar isha aka daura muku aure a masallaci" Farin ciki kam a gurin rumaisa adaina magana, domin bazai iya misaltuwaba, yau dinnan jinta takeyi kamar ba itaba, Umma tadago daga jikinta tace "kitashi kije kishirya masa ruwan wanka, idan yafito kikaisa dinner yaci abinci koh" Rumaisa ta zare edo "umma nikuma, nifa kunyarsa nake, shibazai iya hadawa kansa ruwan bane" Umma tabe baki "au sai yanzu kika fara kunyasa bayan yazama mijinki, adacen ai bakya kunyarsa, nidan Allah tashi kije banason maganar banza" Rumaisa ta mike tana dariya tafice tabar dakin, Dakin baki takoma, tana shiga tasame zaune kan kujera ya tayar da kansa sama yana tunani, sallamar taace ta katse masa tunani, ya juyo yana kallonta, murmushi ya mata, kanta a sunkuye takaraso gurin, cike dajin kunya tace "zakayi wankane nashirya maka ruwan wanka" Murmushi yayi sannan yace "eh zanyi mana, amma tare dake zamuyi koh?" Dasauri tace "nikuma" tare da nuna kanta, Kai ya kida mata " eh mana kedin, keba matata bace" Cikin rawar murya Tace "" yana murmushi ya katseta dacewa "kwantar da hankali, kije kawai nizanyi wanka dakaina, kije ki huta saina fito" Kai kawai ta girgiza masa sannan tafice tabar dakin, Yana kallonta harta fita sannan yayi murmushi, ya mike yafada toilet, wanka yayi sosai sannan yafito, yasake saka wasu sabanbin kaya, sannan yafita, A falo sukasha fira sosai shida su umma da haj luba, har aka kira sallar magriba, sannan ya mike yaje yayi alwala yatafi masallaci, bai dawoba saida aka gama isha, Koda yashigo gidan, anjera masa abinci kala2 akan diner table, rumaisa ce tamasa jagora har suka karasa bakin diner, suka zaune , bayan sunzauna tayi serve dinsa, Yana cin abincin suna fira duk da ba wata mata sosai take masaba, tarasa dalilin dayasa yanzu yake mata kwarjini, Hakadai yaci abinci yayi nak, Sannan sukayi saida safe, yatashi ya wuce sashen baki, ita kuwa ta wuce dakin umma.. Tana shiga tazauna gefen gadon da umma take kwance, ta sauke nunfashi tana kallon umma, Umma tace "a ina kikabar mijinnaki" Rumaisa tayi murmushi tace "umm yatafi dakinsa wai bacci yakeji" Umma ta harareta cikin wasa "to shine bazaki tayashi bacci ba, kefa nalura dake Allah yanzu kinaso kizamo wata huhulahu, idan kikayi wasa da mijiki wata zata kwace mikishi kina zaune kinyi sakaci, shifa namiji kulawa yakeso da tarairaiya tamkar kwai, kikula da mijinki fiye da yadda zaki kula da kanki, kibashi farin ciki fiye da yadda zaki bawa kanki, ki rike abinki hannu bibbiyu, karkiyi wasa dashi" Jikin rumaisa yayi sanyi, tare dajin wani irin kishi, akan umma tace wata zata iya kwace mata shi, murya a sanyaye tace "yanzu umma yazanyi" Murmushi umma tayi sannan ta dafata tace "kije kitayashi bacci, karkisa komai a ranki, kinji Rumaisa" Girgiza kai tayi jiki a sanyaye "toh umma" sannan ta mike tafita, Kafin taje dakin saida ta wuce dakinta ta sanya katon hijab, sannan takarasa dakinsa, Yana kwance akan gado yana wasa da wayarsa, taturo kofar dakin tashigo, suna hada edo yasaka mata murmushi, dukar da kanta tayi harta karaso kusa da gadon tazauna a bakin gadon, Uffan baice da itaba, yaci gaba da dannar wayarsa, shima miskilin karshene, Ta jima a zaune batayimai maganaba shima baimataba, Dadai taga bayada imanin yimata magana, sannan ta sauke nunfashi cike da kunya tace "zowa nayi natayaka bacci" Murmushi yayi sannan yace "uhim ga gurinan ki kwanta nibanajin bacci yanzu" Bata kara furta uffanba, ta juya tagefe daya ta kwanta, batare data cire hijab dintaba, a hakan ta kudunne cen karshen gado ta juya masa baya, Yanayin kwanciyarta yabashi dariya, yayi murmushi tare da girgiza kai, Yajima yana game din kafin ya ajiye wayarsa sannan yatashi yacire rigarsa, yakoma dagashi sai singlet da dogon wando rigar daya cire, Sannan yadawo kan gadon yakwanta, tanajin kwanciwarsa ta kanne edonta, duk jikinta yayi sanyi, Bayan ya kwanta yakurawa bayanta edo, sannan ya ja jikinsa yakarasa kusa da ita, hannunsa yasa ya sarkafota ta baya, Yajuyo da fuskarta daidai gurinsa, yasa hannu yana shafa fuskar, Nan take jikinta yadau kyarma, ya lura da irin yadda jikinta yake rawa, hakan ya tabbatar masa dacewa batayi bacci ba, murmushi yasaka sannan yasauke muryarsa yace "kunyata kikeji ne, dabazaki bude edonba" Ta girgiza masa kai, Yayi murmushi yace "toh shikenan, kisha kwanciyarki lafiya saida safe" yana gama fada ya manna mata kiss a goshi, sannan ya juya ya janyo blanket ya rufe jikinsa, Tajima a yadda yabarta, bata motsaba domin takasa yin komai duk jikinta yayi sanyi, Saida ta dainajin motsinsa sannan ta bude edonta, koda tajuya taganshi har yayi bacci, A sannu tatashi ta kura masa edo tana kallonsa, sai kara shige masa rai yake, taja jikinta takarasa kusa dashi, jikinta narawa ta kwanta akan kirjinsa, saida tayi wani sauke nunfashi, Ashe shima ba bacci yakeba, a hankali yake sauke hannayensa akan bayanta, yakara manneta kam a jikinsa, A hakadai har sukayi bacci, ko wannensu zuciyarsa cike da kaunar juna.... [10/20, 10:54 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 121 and 122 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ _Washe gari_ Tu da sassafe aka shiga hada musu kayansu, komai anshirya musu na zuwa kogi, Karyawa kawai sukayi, sannan suka shiga motaci, rumaisa da Mubarak, a mota daya, abban rumaisa da umma a mota daya, haj luba kuwa motarta ita kadai, sai sauran bodyguard din suka shiga sauran motocin Haka dai suka kwashe gidan gabaki daya suka wuce kogi, Daga baya daddy yakira abba yasanar dashi cewa shima zaizo amma sai zuwa gobe a motarsa zaizo, yau dinma yanada aiki daya tsayar dashine, abba yamasa fatan Allah yakawosa lafiya, ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ *KOGI* Kusan azahar suka karasa kogi, sunga karamci iya karamci, Umma Mubarak kuwa tunda akazo take neman surukarta, tana ganinta kuwa ta rungumeta cike da farin ciki, Faisal yana dakinsa cikin bakin ciki, tun jiya dadare yaci kukansa mai isarsa, tare da bawa zuciayrsa hakuri, domin a yanzu yasan dacewa rumaisa tasha gabansa, saboda a yanzu ita matar wanice, kumako wani D'in yarima dan sarki, ya karbi gaddara kuma yayarda dacewa daman dai tunchan Allah yayi rumaisa ba matar sa bace, zaiyi kokarin cire sonta a zuciyarsa, Hakadai yazaune cikin daki sai saka-sake yake, daya gaji da zaman yatashi yashiga toilet, bayan yayi wanka yafito, Yayi kokarin boye damuwarsa sannan yafito yatayasu farin ciki, Umma da abba aka kaisu masaukinsu, Haka kuma haj luba itama aka kaita nata masauki, Umman Mubarak kuwa cewa tayi itakam bata tashi kai 'yarta daki mijintaba, sai bayan angama shagalin baki, sannan za'a kai rumaisa dakinta, Haka kuwa akayi, saida aka kara gyara sashen Mubarak aka cire masa duk wani abu dazai sashi yatuna da margayiya matar aka saka sama sabo, Da dadare suka taru a falo sukasha firarasu harda mai martaba, ko wannensu cike da farinciki, anan suka tsara yadda bikin zai kasance, kwana ukku za'ayi anashan biki kafin akai amarya dakinta, Mai martaba yasa angayyato manya2 mawaka, harda 'yan fim, and, ( nima saida nayi tawa gayyatar, na gayyato, rankatakaf OHW, da kuma my members yan hausa book) kowa yazo, Gida yacika da mutane, hatta yan aikin dake gidan suna farin cikin da wannan auren, *Day 1* Aka shirya wani katon hell awani babban hotel dake cikin garin kogi, acen akaje akasha biki, manyan mutane, da manyan sarakuna duk sun hallara, an watsa naira iya naira, Amarya da ango sunyi kyau abinsu, daka gansu zaka tabbatar da cewa suna cikin farin ciki, Tuni su daddy suka karaso shida momy, komai a gaban edonsa akayi, faisal yayi farin ciki sosai da zuwansu, ansha biki iya biki, har zuwa yamma sannan kowa ya watse, *Day2* Wani gurin hutawa babba, aka kama, amma wannan ba wata gayyata akayiba, wannan bakin family, shimadai anci kuma ansha, an baje an chase, *Day3* A rana ta uku kam malamai aka kira aka gabatar da walima, mai martaba ya gayyaci manyan malamai, dakuma alaranmominsu, ansha wa'azi sosai, abinsa sai wanda yagani, A daren ranar umman Mubarak tasa aka tsarawa rumaisa wata irin kwalliya tagani da fada, ga hannayenta sunsha lalle, dawasu irin turararuka masu kamshi, Aka shirya rumaisa cikin wani sari (Indian dress) mai ruwan orange mai haske, hade yake da wani siket maii ratsin baki, aka barbazo mata gashinta agabanta, gashin shima yasha gyara, sannnan aka yafa mata gyale akai, hakadai tafito 'yar india sak, tayi kyau sosai, A bagaren Mubarak kuwa shima yashirya sosai, sakamakon yau walima aka yasa yanada rawani, shima yayi kyau abinsa, yafito kamar sarki, Misalin karfe 10:30 na dare, aka gama walimar, sannan kuma aka kai amarya Rumaisa dakinta, saida umma tamata nasihohi sosai, haka ita haj luba takara tofa albarkacin bakinta, Saida rumaisa tayi hawaye, saboda sunyi mata nashisa mai ratsa jiki, Dakin yasha kamshi iya kamshi, komai nadaki white ne dakin yayi haske sosai, umma da haj luba sukakai rumaisa dakinta sannan suka fito sukabarta ita kadai, Mubarak kuwa saida yasake sabon shiri, sannan yasa Faisal yarakashi dakin amarya, ba karamar rigima sukayiba akanshi bazai jeba dakyardai Mubarak yasamu faisal yaje, koshi yana zuwa ba wani surutu yatsaya yiba, ya bar dakin, saboda zafin da zuciyarsa ke masa, Yana komawa daki, yasauke nunfashi yana Hawaye, lokaci daya yaji son aure yashigo masa rai, tambayar kansa yake "toshi wama zai aura bayan shidai rumaisa yakeso" Zarah ta fado masa a rai, tunani yayi irin wulakanci daya rika mata, kaf guda yaji tausayinta yakamashi, (hahha faisal yakamu)... [10/20, 10:54 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 125 and 126 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Dakarfi tazabura tana kokarin tashi, faisal yasakar mata wani irin lallausan murmushinsa, Harara ta dalla masa tare dajan wani irin wawan tsaki, ta kwashi jakarta tabar gurin, dasauri yabita a baya yana kirar sunanta, amma ko juyowmsa bata yiba, Dayaga bata imanin tsayawa yayi saurin riko mayafinta tare da shiga gabanta, ai kuwa nanta daga hannu ta wankesa da wani irin wawan mari, saida yaga wata wuta, Saukar hannunta akan kuncensa yasa ta kanne edonta, saboda wani irin zafi dataji acikin zuciyarta, kafin ta bud'e edon tuni hawaye sun sauko mata, takasa maida hannu a jikinta, Faisal yana dafe da kumatunsa edonsa sunyi ja sosai kamar zaiyi kuka yace "lokacin kine, kiyimun duk abinda yadace, domin yanzu a shirye nake dana dauke duk wani wulakancin dazaki mun, idan mari daya bai mikiba kiramun daya, ya nuna mata gefen kumatun sa daya, sannan yace " amma kisani sabon sonkine a cikin zuciyata kuma a yanzu zan fara rainonsa" Tana tsaye sai hawaye take, itama marin data masa har cikin zuciyarta taji, duk sai taji ta tsani hannu jitake kamar tasa wuka ta gutsure sa, yau wai ace itace tadaga hannu ta mari faisal dinta farin cikin, muradin ta, tabbas tayi babban kuskure da bazata taba mantawa dashiba, Dakarfi kuka ya kube mata da gudu ta kauce masa ta nufi cikin motarta, tana shiga motar tafashe da wani irin masifaffen kuka, cike da tsanar kanta meyasa tayi hakan, meyasa sai bayan yadawo gareta zata wulakantashi, tana kuka bakinta ke furta " ina sonka faisal, wlh ina sonka..." Da karfi takara bude kofar motar tafito da gudu ( kusa mata slow a gurin gudun nan nata😜) Takarasa gurinsa,bayansa ya juya yana hawaye bai masan da zuwan taba, jiyayi kawai tatabashi ta baya, Yanajuyo sukayi edo hudu, murmushi yasakar mata, itama cikin kuka tayi karfin hali yin murmushi tare da mika masa hankicif, yakarba ya share hawayensa, sannan shima ya mika mata hankacif din yasauke murya yace "kema kishare hawayenki, domin ni banason ganin HAWAYEN MASOYA" Karbar hankacif din tayi tana murmushi tashare Hawaye, tasaukar dakai tace "kayi hakuri da abinda namaka, idanma zaka ramane toka rama" murmushi yayi sannan yace "aiko a mafarki bana fatan Allah yanunamin namareki, kefa wani sashece ta jikina" Dariya tayi tace "nagode" Hannusa yasa cikin aljihu sannan yace "muje muci abinci koh" Ba musu tace "toh shikenan" tana Murmushi Tana gaba yana bayanta har suka karasa bakin kujerun suka zazzauna, cike da farin ciki suke fira har suka gama cin abinci, Kafin surabu saida zarah tabawa faisal adress dinta, shikuma yayi mata alkawarin cewa yana komawa gida, insha Allah zai sanar da mahaifinsa domin suzo akan maganar aurensu, Hakai suka rabu cike da kewar juna, sannan kowa ya wuce gida, Bayan faisal ya isa gida, yana karasawa cikin falon yatarar da momy da daddy zaune suna kallo, yayi sallama yashigo cike da farin ciki, yakarasa bakin kujera yazauna, momy ta dubesa, taga sai washe baki yake, tace "son yau wannan washe bakin haka, ayya kuwa lafiya" noke kai yayi yana murmushi yace "amm lafiy lau momy, abinda kuke jirane nasamo muku" Daddy yayi saurin cewa " menene?" Faisal yayi murmushi yace " suruka nasamo muku sunanta zarah gama address dinta" ya mikawa daddy card dinda data bashi, Farinciki sosai sukaji, momy tace " lallai wannan itace zarah, domin ta zare mana zuciyar yaronmu" duka falon suka kwashi dariya, daddy harda su dafe ciki saboda farin ciki, babu abinda yafiso a duniya irin yaga faisal cikin farin ciki, da kyar yasamu ya tsayar da dariyarsa yace "insha Allah gobe zanje nasamu iyayenta" Faisal yayi farin ciki da maganar daddy, nan dai suka yi 'yar fira zuwa ana fara kiran magriba, sannan suka tashi shida daddy sukayi alwala sukayi masallaci.... □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Zarah ma haka tana komawa gida tasanar da ummanta cewa gobe za'ayi baki, Umma tayi murna sosai, abbanta nadawo aka sanar dashi shima yayi murna sosai, Da dare Tana zaune a dakinta tana waya da faisal firar soyayya suke, feena tashigo tazo tazauna kusa da ita, zarah ta sarkafata sannan taci gaba da wayarta, Feena tabita da kallo taganta sai washe baki take, takasa hakura saida tace "anty zarah meya sakaki farin ciki" zarah tadan kauda wayar daga kunnenta tace "faisal ne" Feena ta zare edo "faisal kuma anty zarah, halam yadaina sakaki kuka ne" Zarah tayi murmushi takara kauda wayar daga kunnenta tace "eh barima nabakishi kugaisa" tana gama maganar ta mayar da wayar a kunneta sannan tace "ga wata kanwata mai masifar surutu, sunanta feena, zaku gaisa" Faisal yace "toh shikenan" cike da farin ciki, Ta mikawa feena wayar, feena ta karbi wayar suka gaisa cikeda girmamawa, daga karshe dai take tambayarsa meyasa yake saka antynta kuka a kwanan baya, Zarah tayi saurin karbe wayar tana dariya tace " manta da ita kawai" Haka dai sukci ga da wayarsu cike da farin ciki, kusan kare daren sukayi suna waya, sai kusan 3 snnan suka katse wayar suka samu suka kwanta... [10/20, 10:54 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ 127 and 128 Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ _Washe gari_ Daddy yaje yasami abban zarah suka daidaita komai, damacen ashe sunsan juna abokanan junane, nan dai suka tsayar da maganar auren nanda wata daya, haka dai suka rabu kowa yana cike da farin ciki, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ _Bayan wata daya_ *KOGI* Yaune su Rumaisa zasu dawo daga honeymoon dinsu, tunda safe mai martaba ya turo motoci airport, Suna sauka aka daukosu suka dawo gidan, Rumaisa takara kyau da haske tayi bul2, Suna shigowa falon suka tarar da umma da mai martaba, rumaisa ta rungume umma, suna hada jiki da umma, kamshin turaren umma yadaki hancinta, nan take zuciyarta tatashi, yankuri tayi zatayi amai, dasauri tabar falon tafada toilet, ai kuwa NAN tafara kwararo amai, Hankali kowa saida yatashi, da sauri mai martaba yakira dr bukar akan yazo yadiba, Bada jima waba kuwa yakarsa gidan, yaje ya dubata, Bayan ya dubata ya tabbatar da musu dacewa tanada juna biyu, Bakaramin farin ciki sukayiba, Mubarak saida yayi hawayen farin ciki, akan dadi, Mai martaba yayiwa dr bukar kyauta ta musanman sannan yabar gidan, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ *ABUJA* bikin Faisal da zarah saura kwana biyu, har an fara hidimar biki, domin har ansaka zarah a lalle, Yauma walimar mata ake, sun kira malamai mata dayawa sunzo sunyi nasiha sosai akan abinda yashafi zaman aure, Soyayyar faisal da zarah kuwa kullum kara yaduwa take acikin zukatansu, _Bayan kwana biyu_ A yaune aka daura auren faisal da zarah, bayan shafe fatiha, kowa fatan zaman lafiya yake musu, Babu yadda faisal baiba da Mubarak yabari rumaisa tazo aurensa amma yaki, acewarsa bayason ta wahala, saboda juna biyun dake jikinta, yace shidai zaizo ya wakilceta, Haka dindai akayi shiyazo bayan an gama daurin aure yakoma kogi, Da dare aka kai amarya zarah dakin angonta faisal, burinta yacika ta mallaki faisal, farin cikinta, muradinta, sannan kuma burinta, Abokanan ango suka kawo ango, sannan kuma kowa ya watse abarsu subiyu, daga ango sai amarya, Faisal ya umurceta data tashi suyi sallah, sukayi alwala atare suka dawo suka yi sallah, Sunkwararo adu'a sosai akan Allah yabasu zaman lafiya, Bayan sun gama suka tashi, zarah kam bawata kunya a gurin Faisal, duk abinda ya buka tabashi, kuma sun raya auren su cikin farin ciki da kaunar juna, □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ _*BAYAN SHEKARA HUDU*_ *KOGI* Rumaisa ce a tsaye tana gyarawa Mubarak saka hularsa, saida ta tabbatar da hular ta zauna A kansa daram, sannan ta janye hannunta tana murmushi, shima murmushin yakemata, sannan tace "amma fa kayi kyau" Ya lakuci hancinta yace "ai duk wannan kyau sanadinkine, domin badan keba da yanzu ina nan a matsayina na MAJNOON" suka kwashe dadariya suduka, rumaisa tace "uhh wayaga MAJNOON da Rumaisa" suka kara kwashewa dadariya, Rumaisa tadan tsayar da dariyarta sannan tace "tunjiya fa nake magana akan inaso naje naga su umma amma kayimun shiru, kusanfa shekara kenan banjeba, dan Allah kabarni naje sati daya zanyi indawo" Ajiyar zuciya Mubarak yayi yana kallonta tabashi tausayi yace "toh shikenan kishirya zuwa jibi saiki wuce, amma fa karki wuce sati dayan nan fa domin ayanzu ke wani bamgarece na jikina idan bakya a kusa dani, bana samun farin ciki" yakarasa maganar tare da kifta mata edo, Murmushi tayi masa tana kallonsa tace "toh MAJNOON dina" ta saka dariya, tana ja da baya, Mubarak ya nunata da dantsa cikin wasa yace "bazaki daina bako" Tana dariya tatoshe bakinta tace "to nadaina shikenan, bazan karaba rabin raina" Tana cikin dariya aka banko kofar dakin da karfi, aka shigo wani dan kyankywana yarone, kamannin sak dana MAJNOON wai Mubarak nakeson nace shiya yadauko, Da gudu yakarasa gurin rumaisa ya rungumeta yana dariya yana fadan "ammi kice karka grandma ta dakeni" Rumaisa tafitar dashi daga jikinta tana murmushi ta kallesa tace "AREEF meka mata ne, ai nasan bazata dakeka abanza ba" Yajuya yana kallon kofar kafin yace "nifa ba abinda namata da wasa nake mata, cije mata kunneta kawai nayi shine wai saita dakeni" Mubarak yayi murmushi yace "zonan areef" da gudu yakarasa gurin Mubarak, mubarak ya tallabesa sama yana masa wasa yace "karka kara cizarmun umma, idannkuwa kakara nima zan cije amminka" suduka suka kwashi dariya, areef yace "papa! Zaka kaini insha Ice cream yau" Mubarak yace "zan kaika yanzuma kuwa, je ammin ka tamaka wanka ta shiryaka kazo muje" yana kokarin saukesa kasa, Rumaisa tace "nima wlh bazaku barniba tare zamuje" Haka kuwa akayi suka shirya suduka suka fita sayen ice cream, haka rayuwar gidan yarima Mubarak take kasancewa cike da farin ciki da kaunar juna, Sai kusan azahar suka dawo Bayan sundawo suka tarar da mai martaba ba lafiya, Dasauri suka isa sashensa, suna shiga suka gansa kwance kan gado, umman Mubarak tana zaune a kusa dashi, areef yaje ya fada jikinta, Tayi murmushi tace "bamunyi fadaba" Areef yace "toh kiyi hakuri bazan sakeba" murmushi kawai tamasa, sannan Mubarak yace "umma wai meke damu abba ne" Umma tace "ai kasani ciwon sane yatashi, kuna fita, wannan ciwon yaki sakinsa, kusan shekara biyu kenan, kullum saiya kwata, sai.kuma ya kara tashi" takarasa maganar cike da nuna damuwa, A daidai lokacin mai martaba yadago hannusa ya kira Mubarak, yaje zauna kusa dashi, mai marta ya rike hannusa yace "Mubarak nifa tsufa yazomin, babu yadda zanyi dole saina sauka kan mulkinnan, bazan iya jira saina mutuba, domin inason insamu farin ciki kafin hakan, dan haka zanyi murabus kai kahau kujerar" Gaban Mubarak ya fadi, harga Allah shidai bayason mulkin nan, domin bayason abinda zai tauyesa ya hanashi farin ciki da iyalinsa, amma babu yadda zaiyi, domin shine magajinsa, Cikin rawar murya yace "nikuma" Mai martaba yace "eh kaidin, kuma banason nadin sarautarnan ya wuce nan da sati biyu, dan haka kaje kishirya duk abinda zaka shirya kafin zuwan wannan lokaci" Ba'a son ransaba ya amsa tayin mai martaba, akan sai karbi sarautar kogi, sannan yabar dakin, Rumaisa kam dadi taji har cikin zuciyata, zata zamo matar sarki, arika kiranta da princess rumaisa □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Jibi aka hadawa Rumaisa kayanta ita da areef suka wuce abuja, Bayan sunkarasa abuja, umma tayi matukar farin cikin ganinsu, haj luba ma tana gidan, domin abba yahanata komawa sokoto, ba a son rantaba tazauna abuja, Sunyi farin ciki sosai da ganin jinikansu ya girma yayi wayo, yaro mai kyau da shiga rai, Yau kwanan su biyu a abuja, areef ya aza masifa akan shi ala dole sai ankaisa yasai ice cream, Rumaisa ta shiryashi sannan suka fita tare, bayan sun karasa gurin mai ice cream, suka siyo sannan suka juya suka nufi gurin mota, Tana kokarin bude kofar motar, tajiyo sautin wata murya a kusa da ita ana fadan "Aina gaya miki zan dawo, bazaki taba gujemunba"... dam, dam gabanta yafadi, domin tasoma gane mai muryar, a hankali take dago kanta, caraf sukayi edo hudu da FAHAD.... [10/20, 10:55 PM] +234 905 395 7618: _Title:-_ *MAJNOON*😴 _The mad man_ _Author_:- *MR, SMILES*πŸ˜ƒ *Last episode* Via *OHW* _A love story_πŸ’ Firgita karara ta bayyana a fuskar Rumaisa saida taja da baya saboda tsoro, ya kura mata edo, kamar ya cinyeta, Da kyardai tasamu tayi controling kanta ta dago kanta ta dube cike da bacin rai ta tsuke fuska tace "karka kara mun magana, ni matar aure ce.... " bata karasa maganarba taga wata yar karamar yarinya ta nufi inda suke da gudu tana fadan "daddyyy" rumaisa ta tsureta da kallo, Yarinyar ta zuwa ta fada jikin fahad cikin shagwaba tace "daddy shine kazonan koh, nida momy munacen muna jiranka" Fahad yayi murmushi ya tallabo yarinyar sannan yace "sorry my little RUMY, ina nan gurin mamanki" Rumy tace " wacece mamana,? Momy fa tana cikin mota" Fahad ya nuna rumaisa yace "gatanan" Rumy ta juyo ta dube rumaisa tace "daddy wacece kuma wannan" Fahad yayi murmushi yace "sunanku daya keda ita, ta sanadiyarta kika samu wannan" Rumaisa duk mamaki yacikata, a hankali tana murmushi ta dube fahad tace " kayi aurene?" Fahad ya ajiye rumy kasa, yana jiyeta tazura da gudu tana fadan "bari naje nakira momy" Sannan Fahad yace "ga alama nan kingani, bayan rabuwarmu nasamu shiryuwa sosai, nazamo cikakken mutum, sannan kuma nayi tunanin bakomai mutum ke nema a rayuwarsa yasamuba, daman tun cen Allah yayi keba mamata bace, nayi nadama sosai akan abinda namiki, najima ina nemanki akan nabaki hakuri, sai yau Allah yahadamu, dan Allah rumaisa kiyafemun" Rumaisa tayi murmushi, yabata tausayi sosai "nayafe maka fahad, nidaman ban rikeka a rainaba, ina matar taka take" Yajuya yana nuna mata mota, a daidai lokacin wata farar mata tass tafito daga cikin motar tana rike hannu rumy, suka nufo inda su Fahad, Rumaisa tace wow!! Beauty ce, Allah yabarku tare" murmushi kawai yamata tare da cewa "ameen" Suna kara sowa suka gaisa ita da rumaisa, Matar tace "rumaisa koh?" Takarasa maganar tana kallon rumaisa Rumaisa tayi yake tace "eh nice kefa ya sunanki" Matar tace "sunana Sadeeya, amma anfi kirana da ummi" Rumaisa tace " to fa, sannu ummi, ya gida" Ummi tace " lafiya lau, amm my husband yajima yana bani labarinki, yacemun kece silar gyara masa rayuwasa, gaskiya ngode miki sosai, domin ni kika taimakawa, yanzu jinake kamar nafi kowacce macce sa'ar miji aduniya, kinga yana bani kulawa, tufafi..." Fahad yayi saurin katseta dacewa "toh bbc yanzu zata fara ruba miki surutu, idan kika biye ta wannan saimu kwana anan Allah" sukayi dariya su duka, Fahad yasha kan areef yace " wannan yaronkine, ya sunansa" Rumaisa tace "sunansa Areef" Fahad ya dube areef yace " sannunka malam areef mugaisa koh" Areef ya mika masa hannu suka gaisa, rumy ma ta mikawa areef hannu "mugaisa areef" saboda yarinyar akwai kaudi, da surutu saikace mamanta, areef shima yabata hannu suka gaisa, Nan dai suka kulla zumunci, sannan fahad yaja iyalinsa suka wuce, ta glass din motar rumy take yiwa areef hannu har suka bar gurin, Rumaisa tayi tsaye tana kallon titi, tafada duniyar tunani, tunani take ashe haryanzu fahad bai manta da itaba, Areef ya tabota tadan zabura Sannan tadawo hayyacinta sannan suka shiga mota suma suka koma gidan, □□□□ □□□□ □□□■ _Bayan sati biyu_ *KOGI* Mai martaba yayi murabus aka dora Mubarak aka karagar mulki, A ranar da aka nad'a Mubarak akan karagar mulki, a ranar haj zainab rai yayi halinsa, ta mutu, sakamakon bakin ciki daya saka zuciyarta har bawa lokaci daya ta gaggara zuea lahira, Mai martaba yasa aka kaita gidanta, na har abada wato(kushewa) _BAYA WANI LOKACI_ Hakadai rayuwarsu tayita tafiya cikin Farin ciki da kumwa kwanciyar hankali, Mubarak yana kwance saman gado, yayi shiru kamar bacci yake, rumaisa taturo kofar dakin tashigo, karasawa tayi bakin gado, tana kallon mijinta, tayi murmushi sannan tajuya masa baya itama ta kwanta, Sai yadaina jin motsinta sannan ya bude edonsa ya juyo ya kalleta yaga tajuya baya tana bacci, A hakali ya yaye blanket dinda ke jikinsa yakarasa kusa da ita yasa hannu ya juyo da ita daidai kirjinsa, yahauro ta kanta, yadora goshinsa akan nata, Suna shakar nunfashin juna, a hankali take bude edonta sukayi edo hudu, murmushi yasakar mata itama tayi masa a hankali yake furta "yau fa MAJNOON yanason yanema areef kane" kanne edonta tayi tana murmushi, Shima yayi dariya sannan yafara gudanar da aikinsa,.......😜 _BAYAN SHEKARU DARI UKKU DA HAMSHIN_ Kowa ya mutu, tun daga kan makaranta har zuwa marubucinπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ KURUNKUS, ALLAH YASA MUCIKA DA IMANI ALHAMDULILLA Anan nakawo karshen wannan d'an takai tancen labari nawa wanda nayiwa take da suna MAJNOON( the mad man, become a prince), abinda nayi kuskure a cikinsa Allah yayafemun, domin duk dan Adam ajizine, Ina miki sakon gaisuwata ga dukkanin ilahirin masoyana wadanda suka nuna kaunarsu akan wannan novel nawa, dafatar ya nishadartar daku kuma ya ilmantar daku, Allah yasa sakon dana keson isarwa agareku yasamu karbuwa, ina kara gode muku sosai Allah yabar zumunci.. Ameen Jinjina gareku yan uwana marubuta na Group din ONLINE HAUSA WRITER'S dakuma duk sauran marubuta na duniya baki daya, nagode sosai da goyon bayan da kuka bani, Allah yacika mana burinmu na Alkhairi, Kunfi kowa son novel dinna Hausa books group, especially ummun ikram, jitakeyi kamar tabini jega tayiwon typing, dole na muki godiya nagode sosai, KUJIRANI a sabon novel dina mai suna AUREN BAZATA (marriage without love) Sannan kuma akwai wasu novels dazanyi nida wasu kamar su, HAR A ZUCIYA, BAYA DA KURA, sannan kuma da HAWAYEN MASOYA, duk kujira zuwansu, suma suna dauke da darussa kala-kal

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