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Firefly Lane novel review by Kristina Hanna

Firefly lane The Book of Truly friendship written by American author Kristin Hannah, published by St Martins Press in 5 february 2008 with a total of 475 pages.

Book Infomation

Name: Firefly Lane

Author: Kristin Hannah

Published by : St Martins Press

Published date : 2008

ISBN : 9780312364083

Category : Historical Fiction novel

Language : English

Format : Hardcover, paperback, audiobook and e-book


During the scorching summer of 1974, Kate mularkey accepted her position as lower part of the eighth-grade social evolved way of life. At that point, shockingly, the “coolest young lady on the planet” moves in across the road and needs to be her companion.

Tully is a beautiful, talented and bright future, while Kate is in a state of unhappiness, despite her family’s love for her, Tully and Kate have agreed that they will be forever friends.

Tully is urgent to demonstrate her value to the world. Deserted by her mom at an early age, she aches to be cherished unequivocally. In the sparkling, large hair time of the eighties, she looks to men to make up for the shortcoming in her spirit. In any case, in the fastened down nineties, it is TV news that charms her. She will follow her own blind wish to New York and all throughout the planet, discovering distinction and achievement… and depression.

Kate realizes from the beginning that her life will be not much. All through school, she professes to be driven by a requirement for progress, however all she truly needs is to begin to love,married and have kids and carry on with a normal life. In her own tranquil manner, Kate is just about as driven as Tully. What she doesn’t know is the manner by which being a spouse and mother will change her . . . how she’ll dismiss who she used to be, and what she once needed. What’s more, the amount she’ll begrudge her acclaimed dearest companion…

For a very long time, Tully and Kate float each other through life, enduring the hardships of fellowship—desire, outrage, hurt, disdain. They think they’ve endure everything until a solitary demonstration of double-crossing destroys them… and puts their mental fortitude and relationship to a definitive test.


fire flane is a book written by the famous American author Kristin hana, who wrote more than 20 novels. The story of the book dates back to the 1970s, and contains the story of two friends who have been friends for 30 years. theirs becomes a lifeline for them. Firefly Lane’s book is about two friends, Tully and Kate. Their story dates back to the eighth grade, when they became friends for 30 years.

Tully and her mother cloud moved back to Firefly Lane to live. Tully mother cloud used to be separated from Tully, but now it has become a burden for Tully to take care of her mother, which has caused Tully problems at school as a result of not attending some activities of the school. one of tully’s school friends raped her at the party, kate Mularkey was Tully’s only friend, she was sitting with her grandmother near where Tully and her grandmother had moved to firefly lane. Although they have been friends since school, they often send each other text messages and phone calls. After Tully’s grandmother died, Tully packed up her things and returned to Kate’s house to become part of their family.

Tully and Kate joined the College together, where Tully focused on becoming a journalist, including taking private lessons. Kate has a passion for journalism, her heart needs to write, and she got a job at a TV station where Tully works there. Kate and Tully fall in love with their boss John Ryan, but their boss loves Tully because Kate has never told him her heartfelt message.

One day, Tully was on her way to work as a journalist when she was shot by robbers. Kate reveals to their Master, John, how much she loves him, and asks him to marry her.

After Kate and John got married and had children, both friends realized that something was missing in their life.

Tully started looking for her mother Cloud, where she released a film on Youtube, but despite her popularity, her film became very popular on youtube.

Then Tully starts planning her show, where John will her producer. Tully did this to get closer to Kate even though their 30-year friendship had returned.

However, Kate accuses Tully of trying to seduce John. Tully invites Kate to another show.

However, this show is not as planned as Tully’s, and this show strengthens their friendship, but on the contrary. it led to the breakdown of their 30-year friendship. From that day on, John quit Tully producer.

After Kate found out she was having breast cancer, she started looking for Tully by all means but could not find her. Tully is in Antarctica working on a story. After returning to America, she learned of Kate’s illness and immediately went to the hospital where she found Kate.

Tully takes care of Kate, and calms her down all the time, until Kate’s pain doesn’t go away and Kate finally dies while Tully is beside her, after Kate’s death Tully realizes her relationship with Kate.

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