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ASHURAA complete hausa lecture written by Jamil Alhassan Kabo

ASHURAA complete hausa lecture written by Jamil Alhassan Kabo


You are proceeding to download a love and romantic ASHURAA complete hausa lecture written by Jamil Alhassan Kabo released on 2022 just proceed with your download by following the below instruction.

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All praise and thanks are due to Allah Almighty. May peace and safety be assured to the leader of creation, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with his Companions.

As I started this book with His permission, I hope to finish it with His (Allah the Almighty) approval.



I dedicate this entire book to All Muslim.

The copy right of this novel Ashuraa hadith compilation , belong to only me Jamil Alhassan Kabo, I don’t agree to any one by any means to change, rewrite or manipulated this book in any way, let alone upload it on youtube without my permission. Doing so is a big mistake because it can cause a person trouble so be careful.

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The book title ,is compile by Mr HausaEbooks


This novel is a fiction and not real. Therefore, I don’t allow anyone to rewrite or change anything in this novel. Anyone who removes my name or adds anything without my permission *Allah ya isa ban yafe ba.


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