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LULLUBIN BIRI complete hausa novel written by Halima

LULLUBIN BIRI complete hausa novel written by Halima


You are proceeding to download a love and romantic LULLUBIN BIRI complete hausa novel written by Halima released on 2022 just proceed with your download by following the below instruction.

Book Internal Info


In the name of Allah, most glorious, most merciful.

their God pls give me the ability to write correctly, and prevent me from writing the opposite


This book is written by Halima H.Z better known as Halima H.Z I do not create it to offend anyone, or even on the basis of anyone else’s life, this book is a fabrication out of nothing. Its my idea. Also the book is romantic hausa novel

If you see or experience something that interferes with your life or your life, then you have to be patience to me because all human beings are imperfect.


I Halima H.Z the author of this book, LULLUBIN BIRI complete hausa novel written by Halima send thousands of greetings to all my fans, followers and reviewers of my books. Thank you so much for your courage and love for God.

Author’s word

Alhamdulillah thanks be to god on this date 07/10/2022 i finished this book may Allah granted us all the good that i wrote, and escaped and forgive me from the bad that i wote. May Allah forgive me with you all.

Thank you so much to my writing fans everywhere, those I know and those I don’t know, especially those who God gives the power to follow me always, it really means a lot to me, God let love between me and you, May God make you happy in this world and the hereafter.

_ then I will give you more patience and comfort for the loss of Maama and Fulani that we have done. There is no way we can, the number of ways that the Lord has taken the life of a servant, when the time is up, it has to be gone, all the love we give to a person is not enough for the Lord to love his servant, but only to the extent that we follow a person with a good prayer._

so those who are not happy that the secret of Fulani Azuma has not been revealed, I want you to remember that even in our lives, the secret of the weaked is not always revealed, there is another case except in the afterlife!

Then we will meet you again in my new book, may God take us safe and sound.
Those who are asking about the name of the new book, please contact me on my status because I have not yet decided the name of the story, but one thing I know is that it will be paid for ₦300 naira, and maybe I will upload it only at Arewabooks but I am not done yet not deciding, just those who don’t have an account in ArewaBooks, try to own one and follow me there._

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!

your’s all the time.
Halima H.z
(Miss Anyway)

Greetings to

Many thanks and regards to:-
1-Muhammad Kareem
2-Abbas Harun
4-Nazifi Yareema
5- Abubakar Saleh
6- Abubakar Saraki
7-Anty Nice
8-Maryam Jamare
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You have so many people that if I stopped counting you, we would have to start a new chapter, but you should know that I despise each of you, and I have nothing to thank for each of you except to pray for Jannah.
For correction or advice, I am available at the number below

You people are like family to me,You are the one’s start supporting me in anything i came with . God forsakes fellowship and love and affection


The copy right of this novel Lullubin biri hausa novel, belong to only me Halima , I don’t agree to any one by any means to change, rewrite or manipulated my novel any way, let alone upload it on youtube without my permission. Doing so is a big mistake because it can cause a person trouble so be careful.

Book Introduction

Fictional Story

Book compiler

The book title ,is compile by Mr HausaEbooks


This is copyright of Bily! I don’t want it to be changed in any way, if you hear it…..

This novel is a fiction and not real. Therefore, I don’t allow anyone to rewrite or change anything in this novel. Anyone who removes my name or adds anything without my permission.


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Author’s Contact

  • Name : Halima HZ
  • Wattpad Handle : @
  • Nick Name : HZ
  • Whatsapp Number : 08145146915
  • Nationality : Nigeria
  • Email :
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