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YAR GADARA complete hausa novel written by Maomounath

YAR GADARA complete hausa novel written by Maomounath


You are proceeding to download a love and romantic hausa novel YAR GADARA complete hausa novel written by Maomounath released on 2022 just proceed with your download by following the below instruction.

Book Internal Info


In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, the Merciful. This book title yar gadara is not a true life story.

Praise be to Allah, the Almighty, the Creator of all the worlds, who has given me so much power, and given me so much time to write this short book of LOVE with name yar gadara, to enlighten and entertain my fans.


This book is by Maimounath Og better known as Maimounath Og i do not create it to offend anyone, or even on the basis of anyone else’s life, this book of life is a fabrication out of nothing. Its my idea. Also the book is romantic hausa novel

If you see or experience something that interferes with your life or your life, then you have to be patience to me because all human beings are imperfect.

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I, Maimounath Og the author of this book, YAR GADARA complete hausa novel written by Maomounath send thousands of greetings to all my fans, followers and reviewers of my books. Thank you so much for your courage and love for God.


From the beginning to the end of this book, all is dedicated to my parenthajiya Halima Adamu and Alhaji Adamu idris.

Writer Group

yar gadara is written in none group

Book compiler

The book title ,is compile by Mr Hausa ebooks


Please and please do not, copy,change or rewrite my book by any means without my permission.


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